Americus, Georgia
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LocationAmericus, GA
Number of Zip Codes in this City3
Total Registered Aircraft Count58
Individual Registered Count14
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count41
Co-Owned Registered Count1
Government Registered Count2
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N4806GAmericus Flying Club * 11/05/2008CESSNA 172N197910/03/1979
N6608DAmericus Flying Club Inc * 04/07/1986CESSNA 172N197908/15/1979
N670CCB&B Aviation Services Inc * 06/13/2012CESSNA 401196809/07/1968
N90966David Dickens * 01/28/2015BELLANCA 7ECA197212/06/1972
N81485David Dickens * 07/18/2013AERONCA 7AC194508/30/1955
N45911Edd Anthony * 08/24/2012LUSCOMBE 8E194603/31/1956
N4824PErik Beck * 12/16/2003CESSNA 152198001/09/1981
N65638Greg Austin * 02/29/2008CESSNA 182T200411/30/2004
N527JFJames Filbey * 02/22/2007PIPER PA-22-160----
N7326EMichael Cochran * 08/19/2011CESSNA 172N--02/23/1979
N7635VMichael Laroy * 04/18/1968AERO COMMANDER CALLAIR A-9B1968--
N117RARaven Aircraft Corporation * 08/20/1992PZL WARSZAWA-OKECIE PZL 106-BR198810/19/1992
N338RBRichard Ballard * 07/09/1999BALLARD RICHARD J STEWART 51199108/03/2000
N2844ARichard Ballard * 10/26/2000CESSNA 180195304/13/1955
N99238Richard Urash * 08/20/2001ERCOUPE 415-C194607/16/1956
N77986Richard Urash * 09/21/1974LUSCOMBE 8A194603/19/1956
N3149VRichard Willis * 01/10/2007BEECH 35194711/20/1956
N1836FSkipper Group Llc * 10/19/2011BEECH A36198312/09/1983
N94709South Georgia Technical College * 10/09/2002CESSNA 182Q197806/29/1978
N6500RSouth Georgia Technical College * 02/27/2012BEECH B24R197404/30/1974
N9496GSouther Field Aviation Inc * 04/04/2012CESSNA A188B197402/18/1974
N9942PSouther Field Aviation Inc * 03/27/2014PIPER PA-36-2851975--
N9837GSouther Field Aviation Inc * 05/21/2009CESSNA A188B197404/15/1974
N9062HSouther Field Aviation Inc * 02/06/2013CESSNA 172M197509/23/1975
N8999GSouther Field Aviation Inc * 05/21/2009CESSNA A188B197308/06/1973
N9176RSouther Field Aviation Inc * 11/13/2008CESSNA A188B----
N8473QSouther Field Aviation Inc * 01/08/2014PIPER PA-32R-301T--11/30/1981
N6169JSouther Field Aviation Inc * 07/16/2012PIPER PA-28-181197605/27/1976
N68534Souther Field Aviation Inc * 01/28/2014BELLANCA 7GCBC197208/24/1972
N708ERSouther Field Aviation Inc * 03/28/2014PIPER PA-28R-201200202/08/2002
N53319Souther Field Aviation Inc * 03/27/1998CESSNA A188B--07/22/1974
N53348Souther Field Aviation Inc * 09/20/2011CESSNA A188B197408/19/1974
N54023Souther Field Aviation Inc * 12/06/2011CESSNA 172P198104/01/1981
N502PBSouther Field Aviation Inc * 05/15/2013AIR TRACTOR INC AT-502B199805/13/1998
N5890HSouther Field Aviation Inc * 11/24/2014PIPER PA-16194910/01/1955
N57865Souther Field Aviation Inc * 03/15/2012PIPER PA-36-300197703/23/1977
N59661Souther Field Aviation Inc * 11/14/2001PIPER PA-36-300197705/19/1977
N5664JSouther Field Aviation Inc * 09/20/2011CESSNA 188A196901/06/1970
N7329ZSouther Field Aviation Inc * 07/10/2013PIPER PA-25-235196503/22/1965
N731ENSouther Field Aviation Inc * 11/30/2009CESSNA A188B197601/05/1977
N82656Souther Field Aviation Inc * 05/21/2009PIPER PA-36-300197709/19/1977
N116CMSouther Field Aviation Inc * 08/04/2011BEECH E-55197405/02/1974
N11088Souther Field Aviation Inc * 12/31/2013CHAMPION 7GCAA--08/28/1985
N10757Souther Field Aviation Inc * 08/19/2014CESSNA 150L197308/07/1973
N102VVSouther Field Aviation Inc * 12/31/2012PIPER PA-34-200T197903/19/1979
N1293WSouther Field Aviation Inc * 06/22/2009WEATHERLY 201B197511/12/1975
N21898Souther Field Aviation Inc * 11/25/2008CESSNA A188B----
N3087ESouther Field Aviation Inc * 10/13/2009CESSNA 172N197808/28/1978
N3044XSouther Field Aviation Inc * 10/29/2013THRUSH AIRCRAFT INC S2R-H80201307/24/2013
N3422ESouther Field Aviation Inc * 05/08/2012CESSNA 172N--09/26/1978
N3557QSouther Field Aviation Inc * 11/13/2012CESSNA A188196911/01/1973
N4840RSouther Field Aviation Inc * 05/18/2012CESSNA A188B--10/10/1975
N4915RSouther Field Aviation Inc * 12/31/2012CESSNA A188B197501/24/1976
N4422SSouther Field Aviation Inc * 02/20/2009AIR TRACTOR INC AT-301--06/01/1977
N3922XSouther Field Aviation Inc * 12/16/2013PIPER PA-34-200T197507/25/1975
N3982QSouther Field Aviation Inc * 03/16/1996CESSNA 172L197109/15/1971
N736MTWallace Mays * 11/09/2010CESSNA R172K197705/16/1977
N9659HWalter Joiner * 12/14/1979CESSNA 172M197511/19/1975