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LocationBranch County
Michigan (MI)
Number of Zip Codes in this County6
Total Registered Aircraft Count36
Individual Registered Count18
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count16
Co-Owned Registered Count2
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N5683TAircraft & Aviation Professionals Llc * 01/09/2015CESSNA 172E----
N51KMAircraft & Aviation Professionals Llc * 06/24/2005PIPER PA-31-350197301/31/1973
N6371LAircraft & Aviation Professionals Llc * 01/09/2015AMERICAN AVIATION AA-1A197203/06/1972
N727AVAircraft & Aviation Professionals Llc * 01/31/2012BEECH G18S196011/22/1960
N32134Aircraft & Aviation Professionals Llc * 04/07/2014WACO UPF-7194108/09/1982
N9073TAircraft & Aviation Professionals Llc * 07/10/2014CESSNA 182C196009/12/1960
N2112DAircraft & Aviation Professionals Llc * 05/29/2013BEECH D35195305/10/1956
N2866QAircraft & Aviation Professionals Llc * 12/19/2012CESSNA 172L197107/01/1971
N9481BAnthony Salvaggio * 07/28/1994CESSNA 175195804/18/1958
N7133FAnthony Salvaggio * 06/20/1990CESSNA 150F196604/08/1966
N80092Bronco Flying Service * 09/13/1985CESSNA 172M197512/12/1975
N267TMColdwater Sport Aviation Inc * 08/16/2001COLDWATER SPORT AVIA QUICKSLVR SPT IIS200108/16/2001
N626CVCvi Aircraft Leasing Llc * 11/16/2006CESSNA 525200609/26/2006
N5007YDaniel Hall * 09/14/2005HALL DANIEL M QCKSLVR MXL II SPORT200210/09/2005
N8369JDtm Enterprises Inc * 01/09/1990CESSNA 150G196702/11/1967
N1352FDtm Enterprises Inc * 06/01/2000CESSNA 172G196607/08/1966
N336TCHoward Wharton * 09/28/2005BEECH A36TC198108/14/1987
N473TTJack Shaw * 09/12/2007BELL 47G-3B-1196803/22/1984
N84485Jerry Nelson * 05/14/1975AERONCA 7AC194610/26/1955
N5167HJoseph Best * 02/03/1989CESSNA 172M197505/21/1975
N772RAKehmeyer Aviation Llc * 11/25/2009CESSNA 172N197712/08/1977
N127MPMichael Kelly * 02/08/2011FAIRCHILD M-62A194307/22/1983
N48488Michael Kelly * 01/17/2008FAIRCHILD M-62A194304/08/1957
N2167YMichael Ridenour * 11/07/2005CESSNA 172D196209/29/1962
N5517EMichael Tappenden * 11/20/1995CESSNA 150195810/21/1958
N312SHOdren Aviation Llc * 01/04/2000BELL 47G-2195504/14/1978
N57662Randall Miller * 12/14/2005BELLANCA 7GCBC1973--
N7696DRegistration Pending * --PIPER PA-18A195704/08/1965
N586FRichard Obeshaw * 09/14/2000BURNETT FORREST H KITFOX III199209/28/1998
N9955Robert Murfin * 09/23/1969ROBERT MURFIN B-8M196901/28/1980
N3896LRobert Welke * 07/21/1994CESSNA 172G196512/22/1965
N761YDScott Lewandowski * 01/26/2011CESSNA T210M197804/27/1978
N371MWSport Truck Llc * 01/27/2014AERONCA 7AC----
N5077MThomas Fellabaum * 06/02/1992TAYLORCRAFT BC194602/20/1958
N2518ZThomas Fellabaum * 05/16/2014BELLANCA 7KCAB197709/09/1977
N51461Thomas Rose * --TAYLORCRAFT DC-651943--