Circleville, OH 43113
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LocationCircleville, OH 43113
Total Registered Aircraft Count28
Individual Registered Count22
Partnership Registered Count1
Corporation Registered Count2
Co-Owned Registered Count3
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N2020EAsa Elsea * 03/05/2012AERONCA 7AC194601/05/1956
N9428FBruce Cook * 05/30/2006HUGHES 269B196506/07/1977
N4698EBruce Cook * 08/15/1989CHAMPION 7EC195010/15/1955
N10GJBruce Hall * 12/02/2014PIPER PA-28-180197202/27/1972
N42EFCasey Hildenbrand * 08/20/2014JONES PAUL R DAVIS DA-2A--05/29/1987
N96406Daniel Kurtz * 08/06/1999TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194609/18/1955
N428Daniel Kurtz * 10/05/2011TAYLORCRAFT BL-65194007/14/1956
N26538Daniel Kurtz * 06/23/1983TAYLORCRAFT BC-651940--
N37JDonald Ray * 12/08/1981PITTS SPECIAL P1-3195910/03/1979
N2851LEdward Hoffner * 12/09/2013CESSNA 172H196704/26/1967
N2369VElsea Inc * 05/02/1994PIPER PA-31T1198004/24/1980
N5145SElsea Inc * 08/21/2014PIPER PA-28R-200197106/29/1971
N6040VFrederick Hoover * 05/28/2014AERONCA 7BCM--03/21/2006
N2404LGerald Farington * 09/29/2009CESSNA 172H196601/10/1967
N8797KGerald Farinton * 11/01/2007STINSON 108-1194701/01/1956
N41542Jeffrey Bigam * 10/17/2008PIPER PA-28-151197402/20/1974
N5297MJohn Allard * 09/07/2006CESSNA 152198005/20/1980
N6009AJohn Stevenson * 10/13/2006STEVENSON JOHN A VANS ACFT RV9A200907/23/2009
N750BYJohn Stevenson * 10/11/2012YAHNER WILLIAM R STOL CH 750----
N55NMichael Faunsnaugh * 01/30/1990PIPER PA-22-135195301/27/1956
N4215LRobert Norpoth * 05/01/2002CESSNA 172G196602/25/1966
N263CRobert Norpoth * 12/22/1998BEECH 70----
N26058Ronald Clifton * 10/28/2014PIPER J3L-65194110/04/2013
N1382FRonald Clifton * 09/23/2008CESSNA 172G196608/12/1966
N5181LRonald O'conner * 05/05/2005SIMANDL PAUL L FISHER CLASSIC199810/09/1998
N35327Sale Reported * --PIPER J3F-65194104/24/1972
N5666ASteven Ronshausen * 08/31/1987CESSNA 172195601/20/1956
N5766BThomas Hill * 06/05/2007CESSNA 1821956--