Fairbanks, Alaska
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LocationFairbanks, AK
Number of Zip Codes in this City10
Total Registered Aircraft Count1,007
Individual Registered Count584
Partnership Registered Count12
Corporation Registered Count257
Co-Owned Registered Count144
Government Registered Count10
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N7624MMax Cole * 05/16/1991CESSNA 175195902/25/1959
N175SMMelissa Lyon * 06/23/2011CESSNA 175195803/26/1958
N2916AMetro Service Air Inc * 02/03/2003CESSNA 180195305/03/1957
N43720Metro Service Air Inc * 07/25/2013RUFLI THEODORE J RA002200604/03/2007
N434FHMetro Service Air Inc * 08/21/2007FAIRCHILD HILLER FH-1100196806/11/1974
N2347CMichael Allen * 07/22/2014CESSNA 180195312/27/1955
N2588PMichael Allen * 09/28/2005PIPER PA-18-150195505/19/1999
N2559HMichael Armstrong * 04/18/2007STINSON SR-9F----
N49413Michael Armstrong * 12/16/2013BOEING A75N1(PT17)194302/07/1979
N22563Michael Davis * 12/05/2006CESSNA 150H196802/13/1968
N75445Michael Gavin * 09/11/1996GAVIN MICHAEL DANIEL GA-18----
N3874MMichael Gott * 08/29/1996PIPER PA-12194710/17/1955
N1199EMichael Helmbrecht * 03/17/1997BELLANCA 8GCBC197807/13/2001
N9944VMichael Hinkes * 06/13/2013CESSNA 180H196612/12/1966
N91290Michael Kelly * 11/28/1995CESSNA 180H196909/05/2006
N163TMichael Kloes * 10/15/2008PIPER PA-181953--
N3536EMichael Kramer * 07/29/2013AERONCA 11AC194706/13/1956
N82714Michael Lee * 11/15/2005PIPER PA-18-150197707/20/2007
N3282AMichael Maher * 06/13/2011CESSNA 170B195309/21/1955
N8310QMichael Maher * 06/22/1998CESSNA A185F197807/11/1995
N11FBMichael Poteet * 04/04/2011CESSNA T210N198108/21/1981
N50371Michael Potter * 11/05/2007BELLANCA 8GCBC197811/03/1978
N87047Michael Potter * 11/04/1974BELLANCA 8GCBC197406/14/1974
N43217Michael Silva * 08/16/1988TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194607/15/1956
N2457DMichael Spindler * 06/14/1990CESSNA 170B195201/10/1956
N8074DMichael Van Hatten * 02/07/2005PIPER PA-18A195705/29/1975
N977VMMichael Van Hatten * 05/20/2014PIPER PA-18-135195306/08/1956
N8175AMike Foster * 10/16/2008CESSNA 170B195207/23/1956
N98650Morton Berry * --PIPER J3C-651946--
N906JSN906Js Llc * 10/30/2008DEHAVILLAND DHC-2196608/22/1984
N2444ANathan Howard * 05/15/1998PIPER PA-18-135195205/15/1957
N2064UNathan Howard * 03/06/2009MAULE M-4-180C197012/18/1970
N40344Nathan Howard * 04/30/2011MAULE M-4-220C1972--
N40304Nathan Howard * 04/30/2011MAULE M-4-220C1971--
N4052ZNathan Howard * 09/02/1997PIPER PA-18-1501963--
N8526BNathan Howard * 10/03/2011CESSNA 172195711/08/1957
N185TBNathan Johnson * 12/19/2003CESSNA A185F198002/25/1980
N55RFNational Aircraft Leasing Llc 2 * 10/28/2003BRITISH AEROSPACE BAE 125 SERIES 800A--10/24/1986
N81045Nickey Awbrey * 12/18/1995CESSNA 140194604/25/1956
N7156KNona Attwood * 08/20/2004PIPER PA-18-105 SPECIAL--01/06/1986
N1326YNorm Amstrup * 11/13/2007CESSNA 172C196111/06/1961
N4743BNorm Amstrup * 07/14/2007CESSNA 180195505/15/1956
N5999ZNorm Amstrup * 08/03/2000PIPER PA-18-150196504/27/1965
N4187ZNorman Pickus * 06/26/1973PIPER PA-18-150196606/20/1972
N2265DNorman Piispanen * 10/27/2003CESSNA 170B195204/05/1956
N24MKNorman Piispanen * 01/21/2009CHAMPION 7GCBC196905/15/1992
N95497North Star Industries * --BEECH AT-111942--
N30543Northstar Aero Llc * 04/04/2005MAULE MX-7-180A199403/16/1994
N9206KNorthstar Aero Llc * 07/01/2014UNIVERSAL STINSON 108-11947--
N72BWOliver Chapman * 09/16/1989PIPER PA-18-150195003/29/1956
N5519MOra Little * 12/18/2002AERO COMMANDER 100196609/23/1966
N2420DPat Thomas * 09/19/1990CESSNA 170B195202/26/1957
N86571Patrick Driscoll * 07/30/1993BELLANCA 7GCBC197311/16/1973
N89511Patrick Hrubes * 11/05/1992CESSNA 140194610/27/1955
N5205Patrick Kohls * 10/31/2003KOHLS PATRICK GLASTAR200406/09/2004
N3411DPatrick Raapana * 06/27/2012CESSNA 170B195504/18/1956
N1087APatrick Valkenburg * 09/29/2004PIPER PA-18195109/16/2004
N8857CPatrick Valkenburg * 07/14/2007PIPER PA-18-135195303/31/1956
N76805Paul Baldridge * 01/29/1979CESSNA 140194603/18/1956
N92211Paul Hoisington * 04/12/1975PIPER J3C-651946--
N419APaul Keech * 09/09/2004CESSNA 170B1953--
N7637DPaul Keech * 06/22/2012PIPER PA-22-150195706/03/1994
N5946TPaul Sanders * 09/11/2008CESSNA 150D196406/06/1964
N9359EPaul Sanders * 12/23/2003AERONCA 11AC194607/12/1956
N337WBPelican Pear Traders Llc * 04/19/2013CESSNA T337B196703/23/1987
N85EFPelican Pear Traders Llc * 04/19/2013CESSNA 182P197406/08/1999
N2334HPerry Skow * 10/01/2003PIPER PA-18-150197907/20/1979
N7560KPerry Skow * 12/19/2011CESSNA 180J197603/17/1976
N75072Peter Knoke * 09/28/1976PIPER PA-28-140197604/23/1976
N4507FPeter Merry * 02/02/1970CESSNA A185E196601/15/1966
N5037DPhilip Cannon * 09/16/2013CESSNA 182A195804/07/1958
N9217EPhilip Granberry * 07/11/1998MAULE M-5-235C197709/12/1977
N922EJPhilip Granberry * 08/08/1989CESSNA T337C196808/01/1968
N9641EPhilip Loudon * 05/21/2013AERONCA 11AC194605/27/1956
N85489Philip Mulvihill * 12/21/1976AERONCA 7AC1946--
N3839ZPhilip Prax * 04/22/1986PIPER PA-18A 150196102/27/1961
N6680EPhilip Prax * 08/12/1999CESSNA 175195907/02/1979
N88264Philip Summers * 05/10/2012BELLANCA 8GCBC197409/11/1974
N200DMPhillip Loudon * 08/04/2000MC MANUS JACK WAGAERO SPTSMAN 2+2198604/15/1986
N32521Proflite Of Alaska Llc * 05/17/2013PIPER PA-28R-200--11/13/1974
N6988SProflite Of Alaska Llc * 05/09/2012CESSNA 150H196710/21/1967
N131ALQuicksilver Air Inc * 08/05/2009HUGHES 369D197704/07/2008
N145ALQuicksilver Air Inc * 02/15/2008HUGHES 369D198007/20/2007
N144AKQuicksilver Air Inc * 01/21/2004ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200402/26/2004
N322KBQuicksilver Air Inc * 05/18/2011HUGHES 369D197812/19/1978
N3771PQuicksilver Air Inc * 11/20/2002PIPER PA-18A 150195504/19/1957
N344AKQuicksilver Air Inc * 02/20/2008ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200802/14/2008
N500LWQuicksilver Air Inc * 04/11/2005HUGHES 369D----
N58424Quicksilver Air Inc * 11/19/2008HUGHES 369D197910/13/1979
N544AKQuicksilver Air Inc * 05/24/2010ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II201005/28/2010
N644AKQuicksilver Air Inc * 05/06/2004ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200405/06/2004
N7529MQuicksilver Air Inc * 02/19/2004ROBINSON HELICOPTER R44200206/14/2002
N744AKQuicksilver Air Inc * 02/05/2003ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200301/24/2003
N74713Quicksilver Air Inc * 07/19/2012ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200604/27/2006
N7345ZQuicksilver Air Inc * 05/31/2001PIPER PA-18-150196505/14/2001
N8221UQuicksilver Air Inc * 09/21/2007CESSNA 172F196410/24/1964
N844AKQuicksilver Air Inc * 08/28/2013ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II201308/16/2013
N944AKQuicksilver Air Inc * 03/22/2005ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200504/04/2005
N721CRaeann Edwards * 08/18/1992STINSON 108-3194702/04/1955
N96GHRalph Glasgow * 03/26/1986GLASGOW/HAKALA AVID FLYER198604/25/1986