Fairbanks North Star County Alaska
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County Information
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LocationFairbanks North Star County
Alaska (AK)
Number of Zip Codes in this County16
Total Registered Aircraft Count1,227
Individual Registered Count744
Partnership Registered Count11
Corporation Registered Count266
Co-Owned Registered Count197
Government Registered Count9
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N375FJames Hamilton * 03/20/2012CESSNA U206G198005/09/1980
N3741ZJames Hamilton * 10/21/1993PIPER PA-18-150196307/25/1996
N180SHJames Haselberger * 09/03/2002CESSNA 180H196809/13/2002
N1704FJames Houtchens * 11/17/2011HOUTCHENS JAMES E III KIT FOX IV199304/08/1994
N3382SJames Jordan * 07/14/2007CESSNA A185F197310/03/1973
N86879James Jordan * 07/14/2007BELLANCA 7GCBC197507/01/1987
N88452James Kelly * 01/09/2014BELLANCA 7GCBC197410/17/1974
N1907AJames Knopke * 09/06/2007PIPER PA-18AS-125195208/06/1956
N82566James Low * 12/08/2000PIPER PA-18-150197810/13/1978
N504JMJames Madonna * 09/10/1997AVIAT INC A-1----
N5233UJames Madonna * 10/03/1989CESSNA 206196408/07/1964
N4643BJames Magoffin * 05/22/2012CESSNA 180195503/17/1956
N3PNJames Miller * 05/30/2008NEUFFER PAUL C AVID FLYER198710/21/1987
N9308KJames Moore * 03/24/1998UNIVERSAL STINSON 108-2194707/14/1956
N49MQJames Nelson * 02/07/2014CESSNA 414197303/20/2006
N61372James Nelson * 09/09/2014CESSNA A185F198011/10/1980
N2201DJames Poage * 10/06/2005CESSNA 170B195212/02/1959
N29694James Poage * 08/20/1991TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194104/02/1957
N33MDJames Sears * 07/28/2010BELLANCA 17-30A197111/06/1971
N9667PJames Sears * 06/19/2014PIPER PA-18-150197408/01/1979
N7191WJames Trizzino * 03/11/2009RAHZ WARREN A KIT FOX III200712/14/2007
N4242ZJames Wagar * 05/10/2011PIPER PA-18-150196709/18/1967
N3546CJames Watson * 08/04/1998CESSNA 170B195406/19/1957
N999JVJames Watson * 05/03/2006PIPER PA-18-150198901/10/1989
N4549CJames Watsons * 08/06/1996CESSNA 170B195303/28/1956
N5454EJames Webster * 05/14/1981CESSNA A185F198004/28/1994
N4166MJames Woolace * 10/14/2010PIPER PA-12194703/07/2003
N258AKJames Youngblood * 06/08/2004AVIAT INC A-1199407/09/2004
N5364TJanet Halvarson * 08/07/1975CESSNA 172E196402/21/1964
N178TTJason Caikoski * 07/19/2011BELLANCA 8GCBC197803/28/1983
N4468ZJason Rogers * 07/20/2012PIPER PA-18-150196907/19/1994
N8284CJason Rogers * 08/23/2012PIPER PA-18-135195408/15/1955
N53907Jason Sakalaskas * 02/04/2014BELLANCA 7GCBC197603/12/1976
N6037NJason Weiner * 09/29/2006AIRBORNE AIRBORNE 2000 EDGE X200010/10/2006
N5326HJason Wenger * 06/25/2013PIPER PA-16194904/18/1956
N46298Jay Hodges * 04/06/1976CESSNA 180J197408/30/2011
N4229HJay Wattenbarger * 10/17/2011PIPER PA-14194808/10/1955
N7402QJeff Barney * 07/26/2012CESSNA U206F197306/26/1992
N9885DJeff Barney * 12/27/2012PIPER PA-18A 150195907/11/1967
N2702TJeff Humphries * 08/29/2007HUMPHRIES JEFF CHALLENGER II199209/22/2007
N55WEJeff Kruse * 12/23/2013DEHAVILLAND BEAVER DHC-2 MK.1195205/05/1989
N6410WJeff Kruse * 06/28/2013PIPER PA-18-150196405/04/2006
N3672MJeff Meierotto * 08/19/2014PIPER PA-12194707/16/1956
N153BCJeff Meierotto * 07/29/2011JEFF MEIEROTTO BOSS CUB201108/29/2011
N9524BJeff Meierotto * 01/11/2006CESSNA 180A195705/22/1957
N3576ZJeff Raymond * 07/24/2008PIPER PA-18196004/19/1960
N129DRJeffrey Brooks * 08/13/1993NORTH AMERICAN T-28A----
N2038LJeffrey Brooks * 08/30/2006NOORDUYN UC-64A----
N1864GJeffrey Coe * 08/31/2009CHAMPION 7KCAB196804/25/1968
N1695DJeffrey Gilbert * 10/04/2012CESSNA 170B195206/18/1956
N5560TJeffrey Martin * 12/28/2012CESSNA 172E196404/01/1964
N31SCJeffrey Obryant * 07/18/2000CHAMPION 7GCBC196705/24/1967
N44404Jeffrey Obryant * 08/16/2013TAYLORCRAFT BC12D-85194602/27/1956
N332DGJeffrey Raymond * 05/01/2014CESSNA A185F197605/18/1976
N7572HJeffrey Stark * 11/03/2008PIPER PA-121946--
N92763Jennifer Bump * 10/16/2008PIPER PA-12194611/20/1955
N14621Jennifer Holmes * 08/09/2005CESSNA L-19A195107/17/1969
N587PAJerald Stansel * 11/08/2004PIPER PA-18-150198903/26/1999
N8293NJeremiah Johnson * 07/30/2014PIPER PA-28-140196910/09/1973
N5103HJeremy Amstrup * 03/22/2013PIPER PA-14194803/17/1956
N51572Jerry Garner * 10/27/2003MAULE M-5-235C197403/23/1998
N5582YJerry Garner * 09/12/2003FISHER CARL R JR STEEN SKYBOLT198003/26/1980
N8099CJerry Goodman * --PIPER PA-22-1351954--
N2485AJerry Lees * 04/22/1992PIPER PA-18-150195204/15/2008
N5371RJessica Cherry * 02/12/2010CESSNA 172F196505/01/1965
N32788Jim Gower * 01/06/2012PIPER J5A194003/12/1957
N3914MJim Haselberger * 06/12/1997PIPER PA-12194709/02/1998
N1417FJim Kubanyi * 06/10/2011CESSNA 172H196609/20/1966
N1441HJimmy Holder * 10/04/2012AERONCA 15AC--05/20/1956
N1089AJoel Merriman * 04/01/2009PIPER PA-18195107/15/1956
N6191RJoel Merriman * 02/25/2010RUFLI THEODORE J RUFLI199210/13/1994
N86293Joel Westerlund * 08/11/1977AERONCA 11AC1946--
N97098John Berglin * 06/29/1976STINSON 108-11946--
N2577ZJohn Binkley * 12/10/1992CESSNA 185B196406/24/1963
N2985CJohn Braham * 11/14/1986CESSNA 180195404/20/1956
N52083John Coady * 06/04/1984CESSNA 180J197409/23/1974
N9371TJohn Duffey * 03/07/1974CESSNA 180C1960--
N1071DJohn Fitzgerald * 10/23/2012CESSNA 195A195105/22/1956
N3395DJohn Fitzgerald * 12/17/2012CESSNA 180195508/29/1988
N75387John Fullerton * 06/27/2011PIPER PA-32R-300197605/20/1976
N6276PJohn Gregor * 12/12/2011CESSNA 152198103/12/1981
N86633John Gregor * 12/12/2011BELLANCA 7GCBC197403/06/1974
N5490CJohn Hammett * 04/28/2014CESSNA 170A--02/23/1956
N8479MJohn Hilgenbrink * 02/14/1995CESSNA 182P197603/04/1976
N1097QJohn Lounsbury * 08/16/2011CESSNA E310H--09/18/1970
N2423UJohn Lounsbury * 05/21/2014CESSNA 172D196301/12/1963
N2953RJohn Lounsbury * 10/16/2002CESSNA 310G196210/02/1962
N2797JJohn Lounsbury * 07/26/2011CESSNA A185E196908/01/1969
N8556EJohn Mcdermott * 07/29/2013CHAMPION 7HC195908/14/1959
N4146EJohn Miller * 04/05/1989PIPER PA-18-150197805/06/1995
N1011HJohn Morack * 08/09/2000AERONCA 15AC194804/03/1956
N9150DJohn Morack * 01/10/2013PIPER PA-18A 150195806/10/1958
N3442DJohn Owczarczak * 06/09/2011CESSNA 170B1955--
N1731EJohn Schaake * 10/08/2010AERONCA 7AC194608/27/1955
N7176AJohn Tousignant * 09/11/2003CESSNA 172195605/26/2000
N181TAJohn Wilkerson * 03/11/2008MAULE MX-7-180C----
N76BJJohn Zarling * 06/10/2003PIPER PA-18-150197509/24/2003
N733KEJohn Zarling * 12/15/1995CESSNA 172N197707/30/1996
N95984John Zarling * 08/31/2009TAYLORCRAFT BCS12D-4-85195604/07/1956
N35952Johnson Services Llc * 08/23/2001CESSNA U206F197406/20/2002