New Castle County Delaware
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LocationNew Castle County
Delaware (DE)
Number of Zip Codes in this County54
Total Registered Aircraft Count10,406
Individual Registered Count321
Partnership Registered Count17
Corporation Registered Count9,849
Co-Owned Registered Count89
Government Registered Count1
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count127
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count2
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N8176BCent Co Inc * 08/19/2004ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA199401/27/1994
N61599Center Line Aviation * 05/20/2013CESSNA U206F197405/12/1993
N98513Center Line Aviation * 05/20/2013PIPER J3C-65194606/14/1956
N5667NCenterline Aviation * 07/19/2010MAULE MX-7-235----
N415GKCentral Clinton County Flying Club Inc * 12/17/2001PIPER PA-28-181198205/24/1982
N425DRCentral Value Inc * 12/19/2013CESSNA 425198406/14/1998
N6209UCenturion 85 Llc * 04/02/2002CESSNA T210R--05/09/1985
N6318BCenturion Associates 2 Llc * 04/15/2010CESSNA 210M197806/26/1978
N319JFCenturion Associates Llc * 10/28/2005CESSNA 210N197907/17/1979
N771VYCenturion85 Llc * 12/31/2002GREAT LAKES 2T-1A-2197611/19/1976
N26NGCentury Aircraft Llc * 03/05/2014PILATUS AIRCRAFT LTD PC-12/47E201308/29/2013
N4584LCer Llc * 09/19/2008CESSNA 421196811/26/1968
N418LACernicalo Leasing Llc * 11/09/2005BOEING 767-316F200511/07/2005
N185DDCertified Aviation Llc * 07/22/2009DEBOLT DONALD C SEAREY199901/19/1999
N706CCCertified Aviation Llc * 07/14/2010BELL 206B197612/13/1976
N208AFCessna 2080660 Inc Trustee * 05/09/2013CESSNA 208B199811/16/2010
N208AXCessna 2080710 Inc Trustee * 02/28/2013CESSNA 208B199609/28/2011
N208AJCessna 2080711 Inc Trustee * 08/30/2013CESSNA 208B199809/28/2011
N208AYCessna 2081146 Inc Trustee * 09/09/2013CESSNA 208B200510/11/2011
N533DLCessna 208533 Inc Trustee * 09/09/2013CESSNA 208201112/19/2011
N106ANCessna 208B0917 Inc Trustee * 01/06/2014CESSNA 208B200201/28/2002
N6869ZCessna 421 Llc * 10/07/2008CESSNA 421C--09/23/1981
N139FJCessna 500-0139 Inc * 07/31/2014CESSNA 500----
N12935Cfdh Inc * 09/11/2000CESSNA 172M197310/12/1973
N2145TCff Air Inc * 07/07/2003CESSNA 172R----
N549PACff Air Inc * 05/11/1993GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A197710/19/1993
N542PACff Air Inc * 02/08/2005GATES LEAR JET 35197511/02/2005
N568PACff Air Inc * 10/24/2013GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A197807/07/2008
N658XLCfr Inc * 02/28/2008CESSNA 172R199706/16/1997
N64EHCfuc Inc * 12/02/2005PIPER PA-32-260196609/03/1966
N21372Cgm Consultants Inc * 07/28/1995PIPER PA-32RT-300T197808/28/1978
N2229FChaboo Aviation Llc * 05/21/2008MOONEY M20R200006/15/2000
N295HCChad Inc * 05/14/2014HELIO H-295196612/06/1966
N3885VChad Lester * 10/25/2013CESSNA 1951949--
N231HLChad Lester * 04/23/2013MOONEY AIRCRAFT CORP. M20K197911/28/1979
N2100CChad Lester * 02/19/2014CESSNA 195195306/30/1956
N68JBChalfonte Communications Inc * 04/17/2007PIPER PA-24-250196307/04/1995
N5687VChalin Flight Services Llc * 06/24/2002PIPER PA-34-200T197705/10/1977
N888PFChalk Aviation Llc * 02/05/2014BEECHCRAFT CORP G58201312/04/2013
N500FEChallenge Accepted Llc * 03/19/2013BEECH B200198612/12/1986
N384MPChallenger 5047 Leasing Corp * 01/19/2011CANADAIR LTD CL-600-2B16198908/24/1989
N54VSChallenger 5189 Leasing Llc * 12/29/2006BOMBARDIER INC CL-600-2B16199512/30/2006
N2FDChallenger 5345 Llc * 12/20/2013CANADAIR LTD CL-600-2B16199707/14/1997
N34FSChallenger Aircraft Holdings Corp * 08/12/2013BOMBARDIER INC CL-600-2B16(CL-604)199607/31/2013
N858PJChallenger I Inc * 05/23/2007CANADAIR CL-600-1A11198108/09/2002
N613CCChallenger Management Llc * 09/07/2007AGUSTA SPA A109S200709/17/2007
N760CCChallenger Management Llc * 12/15/2009GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE GV-SP (G500)200601/22/2006
N613ALChamberlin Aviation Llc * 12/28/2010SHORT BROTHERS PLC S312 TUCANO T MK1198701/31/2011
N84764Champ Aviation Inc * 06/24/2009AERONCA 7AC194610/29/1956
N5859NChamp Of The Ramp Aircraft Services Inc * 06/15/2010ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL 1141978--
N9601QChampagne Estaes Inc * 12/14/2006CESSNA 172M197509/02/1975
N2445HChampagne Estates Inc * 12/15/2005CESSNA 206H200512/09/2005
N91912Champagne Estates Inc * 12/14/2006CESSNA 182M196906/30/1969
N196ATChampion Aviation Holdings Inc * 07/10/2012LEARJET INC 45200710/14/2007
N600XYChampionship Flight Inc * 01/24/2005SMITH AEROSTAR 600197712/11/1980
N20CSChandan Dreamworks Inc * 05/01/2012RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY A36----
N731BZChandelle Air Llc * 02/16/2011AERO AT SP ZOO AT-4 LSA201006/15/2010
N116RLChangamajig Corp * 08/19/2014NANCHANG CHINA CJ-6A198012/30/1997
N4075GCharles Blair * 06/24/2013CAMERON BALLOONS US O-77199106/14/1991
N4672KCharles J Inc * 07/26/2000CESSNA P210N197906/05/1979
N1807TCharles P Graef Inc * 03/01/2005PIPER PA-28-140197102/04/1971
N25TGCharlevoix Equity Partners Inc * 01/16/2014CESSNA 650198310/27/1983
N69CGCharley Golf Llc * 10/11/2012GRUBBS CLARENCE E LANCAIR 235199102/02/1993
N842JMCharlie 33 Inc * 01/11/2000PILATUS P3-05--03/25/1996
N713AZCharlie Aviation Inc * 01/21/2005RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY 390----
N781CBCharlie Brown Flyers Inc * 02/25/2008CESSNA T210M197709/17/1977
N720GPCharlie Hotel Corp * 02/06/2012PIPER PA-28-181197702/17/1977
N272CMCharlie Mike Llc * 08/11/2014HIGGINBOTHAM KEN LANCAIR 4 P200906/21/2013
N945LCCharlie Romeo Llc * 01/25/2012HAWKER BEECHCRAFT CORP 390200710/15/2007
N654CSCharlies Angel Llc * 06/05/2008CESSNA 172S200209/10/2002
N252CCCharly Two Inc Trustee * 05/31/2013MOONEY AIRCRAFT CORP. M20K--07/08/1987
N550MMCharm Aviation Inc * 12/10/2009PIPER PA-31T2198107/10/1981
N689ABCharney Air Inc * 03/15/2007BEECH A36----
N7EYCharnwood Aviation Inc Trustee * 05/23/2007PIPER PA-30196411/25/2005
N3174TChartwell Services Inc * 09/21/2011RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY 58199810/29/1998
N3SPChase Air Inc * 08/23/2013PIPER PA-42-1000198404/26/2012
N9965UChasmar Aviation Llc * 09/01/2011GRUMMAN AMERICAN AVN. CORP. AA-5A--04/12/1977
N4074FChatham Run Inc * 11/29/2001PIPER PA-31-350--06/20/1980
N377BCChatten Company * 05/20/1998MAULE M-4-210C196607/17/1998
N5190YChatteris Aviation Inc Trustee * 01/07/2010GOVERNMENT AIRCRAFT FACTORIES N22B--09/11/1992
N6302WChatteris Aviation Inc Trustee * 12/16/2009GOVERNMENT AIRCRAFT FACTORIES N22B--06/21/2001
N65448Chautauqua Air Inc * 04/07/2005CESSNA 172R200410/21/2004
N8646MChaz Llc * 04/25/2012BEECH 35-B33196309/10/1963
N53EMChecker Aircraft Llc * 03/23/2006BEECH B24R197601/22/1976
N9381PChem Air Inc Trustee * 05/03/2012PIPER PA-24-260196908/25/1969
N5868Cherokee 6 Llc * 08/20/1998PIPER PA-32-300197505/07/1975
N6456JCherokee Dream Inc * 01/30/1996PIPER PA-28-180196804/25/1968
N31368Cherry Aire Llc * 07/11/2011BEECH T-34B195511/18/1993
N7952MCherry Winds Aviation Llc * 11/18/2004BEECH 95-C55196608/15/1966
N128SRChesapeake Searey Llc * 09/17/2014PROGRESSIVE AERODYNE INC SEAREY LSA201405/30/2014
N615SPChesapeake Skyhawks Inc * 08/01/2013CESSNA 172S200009/28/2000
N600PGChesnuts Investments Inc * 05/24/2005BEECH B-60197912/08/2003
N9954YChesnuts Investments Inc * 08/15/2006CHAMPION 402196304/11/1963
N3565WChester County Balloon Adventures * 02/27/1989RAVEN INDUSTRIES INC. RALLY RX7198901/20/1989
N200MRChesterfield Aircraft Company * 10/22/1990BEECH 200197701/06/1977
N109TFChestham Park Inc Trustee * 01/02/2003AGUSTA SPA A109A II198512/06/2000
N441JACheyenne Aviation Inc * 08/24/1995CESSNA 441198010/22/1991
N891AWChico Consulting Llc * 08/12/2014PIPER PA 46-350P198904/24/1999
N560VSChildress Holdings II Llc * 06/11/2014CESSNA 560199108/30/2006
N812JCChildress Holdings Llc * 01/08/2014BEECH 58199212/21/1992