New Castle County Delaware
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County Information
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LocationNew Castle County
Delaware (DE)
Number of Zip Codes in this County54
Total Registered Aircraft Count10,386
Individual Registered Count314
Partnership Registered Count16
Corporation Registered Count9,838
Co-Owned Registered Count88
Government Registered Count1
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count127
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count2
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N862MPPipeline Inc * 12/22/2004ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA200407/08/2004
N864MPPipeline Inc * 09/20/2005ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA200507/27/2005
N598APiper Archer Three Llc * 07/02/2014PIPER PA-28-181201404/23/2014
N603APiper Archer Three Llc * 07/15/2014PIPER PA-28-181201406/11/2014
N662APiper Archer Three Llc * 08/25/2014PIPER AIRCRAFT INC PA-28-181201407/11/2014
N659APiper Archer Three Llc * 07/30/2014PIPER PA-28-181201406/20/2014
N658APiper Archer Three Llc * 07/30/2014PIPER PA-28-181201406/12/2014
N674APiper Archer Three Llc * 08/25/2014PIPER AIRCRAFT INC PA-28-181201407/12/2014
N676APiper Archer Three Llc * 09/15/2014PIPER PA-28-181201408/15/2014
N684APiper Archer Three Llc * 09/15/2014PIPER AIRCRAFT INC PA-28-181201408/19/2014
N695APiper Archer Three Llc * 10/01/2014PIPER PA-28-181201408/29/2014
N696APiper Archer Three Llc * 10/01/2014PIPER PA-28-181201409/08/2014
N691JPiper Arrow Inc Trustee * 07/05/2011PIPER PA-28RT-201T----
N61903Piper Cub N 61903 Inc Trustee * 11/19/2012PIPER J3C-65194208/25/2010
N2224KPiper Warrior Pa-28-161 N2224K Inc * 08/28/2013PIPER PA-28-161--12/19/1978
N3005TPiper Warrior Pa-28-161 N3005T Inc * 10/25/2007PIPER PA-28-161197903/24/1979
N799JPipper Llc * 06/24/2011CESSNA 182S199802/24/1998
N75NSPiscataway Aviation Inc * 09/28/2012CESSNA 172K196808/05/1983
N1632FPiscataway Aviation Inc * 08/12/2013CESSNA 172H1966--
N3141Piscataway Aviation Inc * 09/28/2012MORAN PITTS SPECIAL S-1C--04/04/1973
N1592DPitot Heat Inc * 02/28/2002CESSNA 195B195211/07/2008
N9862ZPittsburgh Aircraft Sales & Leasing Inc * 04/25/2014AERO-WORKS INC AERO-SPORT 103200011/05/2007
N251AWPittsburgh Aircraft Sales & Leasing Inc * 05/20/2014MCEVOY PETER R RANS S-6ES COYOTE II200306/11/2003
N2574SPittsburgh Aircraft Sales And Leasing Inc * 10/17/2011MILLSTEAD CLIFTON X-AIR H200704/30/2008
N82001Pittsburgh Aircraft Sales And Leasing Inc * 04/30/2014CGS AVIATION HAWK B198311/21/2007
N425WSPittsburgh Aircraft Sales And Leasing Inc * 04/06/2012SCOTT BERNARD P X AIR STANDARD200701/15/2008
N666VBPittspecials Llc * 09/12/2006AVIAT INC PITTS S-2B199407/12/1994
N68KLPk Aviation Inc * 07/10/2013CESSNA 340A197708/10/2013
N711JSPk Ventures Inc * 01/29/2008CESSNA 172S200408/24/2004
N6524FPk Ventures Inc * 09/10/2011PIPER PA-28-151197610/19/1976
N735XYPk Ventures Inc * 03/04/2008CESSNA 182Q----
N172PKPk Ventures Inc * 01/28/2008CESSNA 172N197912/08/1979
N43055Plain Plane Partners Llc * 06/27/2002PIPER PA-28-181198304/27/1983
N2132CPlainsman Enterprises Inc * 10/27/2005CESSNA 182T200509/12/2005
N411LPPlan A Ltd * 09/17/2012CESSNA 182T200206/04/2002
N2129JPlane 2129J Inc * 05/10/2005CESSNA 172S200306/25/2003
N661BWPlane Consulting Inc * 09/09/2008BEECH N35196101/27/1961
N6641FPlane Crazy Inc * 02/25/2003CESSNA 150F196602/23/1966
N6479QPlane Facts Inc * 05/15/2012MOONEY M20F196710/12/1967
N432ERPlane Five Ltd * 01/11/2005CESSNA 172R199809/16/1998
N1047XPlane Fixer Aircraft Inc * 01/17/2007GRUMMAN AMERICAN AVN. CORP. AA-1C197707/27/1979
N456ERPlane Four Ltd * 01/11/2005CESSNA 172R199809/28/1998
N808BBPlane Fun Aviation Llc * 01/11/2013PIPER PA-30196409/10/1995
N9255CPlane Game Inc * 02/20/2013PIPER PA-28-181197802/27/1978
N126CDPlane Holdings Inc * 03/19/2013CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR20199912/01/1999
N167CDPlane Holdings Inc * 10/18/2000CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR20200009/30/2000
N250CDPlane Holdings Inc * 04/10/2001CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR20200104/20/2001
N264CDPlane Holdings Inc Trustee * 06/18/2011CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR20200304/04/2003
N263CDPlane Holdings Inc Trustee * 05/17/2011CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR20200304/02/2003
N295CDPlane Holdings Inc Trustee * 06/10/2002CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR20200205/31/2002
N145PMPlane Holdings Inc Trustee * 04/28/2009CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22200904/22/2009
N830CDPlane Holdings Inc Trustee * 05/14/2002CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22200202/19/2002
N4135JPlane Holdings Inc Trustee * 08/26/2003PIPER PA-32R-301199901/15/1999
N60LTPlane Holdings Inc Trustee * 06/18/2004PILATUS PC-7199901/20/2000
N544RLPlane Leasing Llc * 11/26/2013ROBINSON HELICOPTER R44200404/28/2004
N238NDPlane Nonsense * 06/29/2009PIPER PA-28-161200008/15/2000
N275NDPlane Nonsense * 09/03/2009PIPER PA-28-161200007/24/2000
N2503VPlane Nonsense * 02/02/2004PIPER PA-38-112198201/29/1982
N249NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 08/18/2005PIPER PA-28-161199909/01/1999
N263NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 01/15/2008PIPER PA-28-161199912/09/1999
N260NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 08/18/2005PIPER PA-28-161199908/17/1999
N267NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 01/14/2008PIPER PA-28-161199912/23/1999
N276NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 02/05/2008PIPER PA-28-161200002/11/2000
N280NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 08/18/2005PIPER PA-28R-201199812/07/1998
N281NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 08/22/2005PIPER PA-28R-201199812/04/1998
N239NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 02/05/2008PIPER PA-28-161200008/12/2000
N244NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 08/18/2005PIPER PA-28-161199908/13/1999
N2081SPlane Nonsense Inc * 08/31/2011CESSNA 172S200511/22/2005
N222NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 07/16/2009PIPER PA-28-161200101/19/2001
N190NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 01/22/2004PIPER PA-44-180198908/04/1989
N12545Plane Nonsense Inc * 12/17/2003CESSNA 172M197308/20/1973
N132NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 01/27/2004PIPER PA-28-161198908/31/1989
N116NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 01/18/2007PIPER PA-28-161198812/19/1988
N814NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 12/17/2003PIPER PA-28R-201198912/05/1989
N813NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 01/22/2004PIPER PA-28R-201198912/05/1989
N75202Plane Nonsense Inc * 01/22/2004PIPER PA-28-151197605/06/1976
N92747Plane Nonsense Inc * 12/17/2003CESSNA 172M197304/12/1973
N9182APlane Nonsense Inc * 12/11/2003PIPER PA-38-112198203/30/1982
N852NDPlane Nonsense Inc * 12/17/2003PIPER PA-44-180198908/14/1989
N6910JPlane Nonsense Inc * 12/17/2003PIPER PA-28-1511976--
N445AFPlane Nonsense Inc * 12/14/2007CESSNA 172R199803/20/1998
N32146Plane Nonsense Inc * 12/17/2003PIPER PA-28-151197409/28/1974
N349MEPlane Nonsense Inc * 01/08/2008CESSNA 172S200009/21/2000
N3572MPlane Nonsense Inc * 01/22/2004PIPER PA-28-161197801/12/1978
N178JLPlane Nuts Llc * 02/23/2012CUBCRAFTERS INC CC11-160201101/03/2012
N123SVPlane Red Inc * 09/26/2013VORAS STEVE G RV-7A200510/25/2005
N697RPlane Smart Inc * 04/28/2003ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL 114----
N497ERPlane Three Ltd * 01/11/2005CESSNA 172R199809/30/1998
N56SEPlaneclub.Com Llc * 11/10/2004WIZA JOSEPH D RV-6A199910/11/1999
N74VCPlatinum 23 Leasing Co * 06/16/2008ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL CORP NA-265-65--03/29/1980
N847DDPlatinum Aviation Partners Llc * 04/07/2006BEECH A36198907/27/1989
N345CDPlatinum Eagle Aviation Llc * 09/23/2003PIPER PA-34-200T----
N169HBPlatinum Executive Consulting & Management Llc * 06/04/2013HAWKER BEECHCRAFT CORP B200GT201302/28/2013
N511JBPlp Aircraft Classics Llc * 04/27/2001CESSNA A185F197806/10/2000
N57BJPlukair Delaware Llc * 09/10/2003CESSNA S550--06/24/1985
N3374WPlumbob Llc * 01/08/2014PIPER PA-32-2601965--
N372HPPlumbob Llc * 07/12/2013PIPER PA-32R-301----
N5144VPluto 47 Inc * 07/28/2009MORRISEY 2150A196204/05/1962
N534CSPluto 47 Inc * 07/25/2002BIRD ALLEN L STARLETT CJ-1199307/02/1993
N501PMPm Aircraft Leasing Llc * 01/13/2014PIAGGIO P180199301/29/2003