New Castle County Delaware
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LocationNew Castle County
Delaware (DE)
Number of Zip Codes in this County54
Total Registered Aircraft Count10,513
Individual Registered Count321
Partnership Registered Count19
Corporation Registered Count9,949
Co-Owned Registered Count94
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count128
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count2
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N4678Top Cub Co * 08/22/2007CUB CRAFTERS CC18-180200603/13/2006
N550BTTop Flight Aviation Sales Inc * 10/02/2014CESSNA S550198602/19/1986
N22370Top Flight Sales Inc * 06/19/1999PIPER PA-32RT-300T197809/22/1978
N4117MTop Props Llc * 05/14/2011YAKOVLEV YAK 52199210/03/2007
N242HMTop Waltham Inc * 01/04/2013MOONEY M20J199003/08/1990
N8779CTop Waltham Inc * 04/19/2012PIPER PA-32R-300197602/06/1976
N4395XTopaz Corporation * 02/15/1994PIPER PA-32R-300197510/03/1975
N1067LTormento Volante Inc * 02/20/1998CESSNA 150L197308/24/1973
N131BTTorque Roll Aerobatics Llc * 11/05/2008SUKHOI SU-31199504/23/2008
N776LATortola Leasing Llc * 09/10/2012BOEING 777F16201209/09/2012
N778LATortola Leasing Llc * 10/22/2012BOEING 777F16201210/20/2012
N6910RTotalac Ltd * 08/21/2008CESSNA T210H1967--
N231MQToth Air Inc * 05/25/2006MOONEY AIRCRAFT CORP. M20K198002/06/1980
N1600XTouchstone Aviation Llc * 08/12/2013CESSNA T210L197501/29/1975
N34FMTouchstone Ltd * 04/28/2003MOONEY M20M199801/09/1998
N2279Tour America Inc * 04/01/2013WACO EGC-8193807/15/1956
N353FMTour America Inc * 08/20/1996FOUGA CM 170 MAGISTER----
N550DLTour America Inc * 12/18/2007CESSNA S550198810/15/2009
N48NSTower House Investments Inc Trustee * 05/10/2002CESSNA 550200005/15/2002
N340CKToy Box Llc * 10/15/2012CESSNA 340197311/15/1973
N505LPTp Air Inc * 09/27/2000CESSNA 172S200008/22/2000
N722CCTr Supply Llc * 08/05/2013HAWKER BEECHCRAFT CORP B300201303/06/2013
N85RDTr&Mc Aviation Llc * 06/26/2003PIPER PA-31-3501977--
N27BGTraca Inc Trustee * 03/30/2000CESSNA 340A197909/25/1996
N6583YTrade Wings Ltd * 01/17/1981PIPER PA-23-250196803/07/1968
N1052GTrader John Ltd * 05/17/1999I.C.A.-BRASOV (ROMANIA) IS-28B2197908/02/1979
N20849Tradewind Ventures Llc * 07/05/2001MOONEY AIRCRAFT CORP. M20S199905/21/1999
N5981BTradewinds Aero Llc * 08/28/2009BEECH A36198010/27/1980
N9234ZTradewinds Aviation Ltd * 07/19/2011PIPER PA-28-236199501/26/1995
N303DKTrading Planes Inc * 10/16/2000CESSNA T303198205/01/2000
N150YATrans Atlantic Flight Support * 04/01/2014CESSNA 150B----
N570XLTrans Meridian Llc * 11/28/2012LIBERTY AEROSPACE INCORPORATED LIBERTY XL-2200708/24/2007
N7711GTrans Meridian Llc * 11/28/2012CESSNA P210N197807/22/1978
N221LSTrans Tech Enterprises Inc * 04/07/2014FLIGHT DESIGN GMBH CTLS201311/21/2013
N50511Trans Tech Enterprises Inc * 04/01/2004SCHRAMM LARRY A-20 VISTA-VARLET200303/19/2003
N98747Trans Tech Enterprises Inc * 08/09/2002CESSNA 340A197606/05/1976
N155PXTrans-Equipment Serivices Inc * 07/28/2005DASSAULT-BREGUET FALCON 10198112/22/1981
N25PXTrans-Equipment Services Llc * 11/19/2004AERO VODOCHODY L-39198211/01/2004
N255PXTrans-Equipment Services Llc * 10/24/2013HAWKER BEECHCRAFT CORP 390200711/01/2013
N394EWTransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 09/08/2014SOCATA TBM 700----
N728RSTransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 10/03/2014SOCATA TBM 700----
N822MATransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 09/08/2014SOCATA TBM 700----
N900AQTransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 09/05/2014SOCATA TBM 700----
N900NPTransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 09/08/2014SOCATA TBM 700----
N900GKTransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 09/08/2014SOCATA TBM 700----
N850AQTransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 09/18/2014SOCATA TBM 700----
N850KJTransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 06/26/2014SOCATA TBM 700201306/07/2013
N850GMTransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 06/16/2014SOCATA TBM 700201003/15/2010
N883PATransatlantic Deliveries Trust * 09/19/2014SOCATA TBM 700----
N700RSTransavia Llc * 01/10/2008CESSNA P210N198106/22/1981
N285KTranscar Leasing Inc * 11/01/2011ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO R66201110/18/2011
N909TTTranscon International Inc * 05/19/2008EMBRAER EMB-135BJ200805/22/2008
N6250VTransfer Point Co * 03/02/2001BEECH E33196712/24/1968
N1364VTranzair Inc Trustee * 09/29/1999BOEING E75194207/21/1994
N201CWTraques Llc * 06/10/2008MOONEY M20J198002/28/1980
N919VTTras Air Inc * 11/27/1985PIPER PA-28-161198103/06/1981
N44BPTravel Air Ventures Inc * 05/13/1992BEECH D95A196407/31/1964
N427RJTravelaire Service Inc * 11/27/2012ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO R66201211/06/2012
N6TVTravelaire Service Inc * 08/18/2009CESSNA 172P198109/01/1981
N6BNTravelaire Service Inc * 07/23/2008AMERICAN CHAMPION AIRCRAFT 7GCAA200801/31/2008
N828TATravelaire Service Inc * 08/09/2012CESSNA A185F197312/03/1973
N828BNTravelaire Service Inc * 11/10/2004DEVENCENTY ROCKY A VANS RV8200411/12/2004
N2484RTravis Compton * 11/17/2009PIPER PA-23-250198110/18/1996
N21776Trayac Llc * 02/29/2012MOONEY M20E196602/18/1966
N244SATrc Enterprises Llc * 08/19/2013FAIRCHILD SA226-T197308/23/1999
N321CGTrc Enterprises Llc * 11/21/2011PIPER AEROSTAR 601P197909/30/1979
N401AZTre Aviation Corp * 01/22/2009CESSNA 401B196902/05/1970
N4796UTre Aviation Corp * 09/18/2008GRUMMAN HU-16----
N120BETre Aviation Corp * 09/12/2008EUROCOPTER EC120B200012/15/2003
N109WHTre Aviation Corp * 09/18/2008AGUSTA SPA A109A199707/22/1997
N11577Tre Aviation Corp * 05/02/2002CESSNA 150L197301/04/1974
N13YSTre Aviation Corp * 09/08/2004MITSUBISHI MU-2B-36197602/17/1994
N16947Tre Aviation Corp * 02/07/2012TAYLOR J-2193607/26/1977
N182WXTre Aviation Corp * 08/25/2010CESSNA 182P----
N24WXTre Aviation Corp * 09/18/2008LEARJET INC 24196610/15/1994
N2026NTre Aviation Corp * 08/18/2011CESSNA 120194701/14/1957
N206WXTre Aviation Corp * 04/15/2011BELL 206L-3198207/19/1984
N28MLTre Aviation Corp * 07/12/2011HUGHES 369D197803/16/1979
N500WXTre Aviation Corp * 11/05/2002MCDONNELL DOUGLAS HELICOPTER 369E199204/30/2012
N521TCTre Aviation Corp * 04/20/2011HUGHES 369HE196901/26/1994
N55069Tre Aviation Corp * 06/29/2009PIPER PA-28R-200197303/05/1973
N67JJTre Aviation Corp * 07/20/2004BELL 206B----
N61PHTre Aviation Corp * 07/27/2004BELL 206B198103/25/1981
N6193NTre Aviation Corp * 09/16/2009GRUMMAN TF-1(C-1A)195202/24/1998
N9107FTre Aviation Corp * 07/12/2011HUGHES 369HS197205/25/1972
N876RJTre Aviation Corp * 11/21/1998AGUSTA SPA A109A II----
N9994GTre Aviation Corp * 06/17/2008TOMPKINS JOHN C CHRISTEN EAGLE II--09/03/2003
N5265ETree Top Flying Service Inc * 11/10/2005CESSNA 172N197811/16/1978
N332MSTreetoppers II Llc * 08/11/2014BEECH C90198202/27/1998
N84SHTremens Flight Inc * 07/10/2013GATES LEAR JET 25B197207/28/1972
N9290YTrendsetter Corp * 02/27/1989PIPER PA-31-310196903/06/1969
N36VUTrevair Inc Trustee * 12/08/2011RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY A36200212/22/2011
N3234GTrevor Noble * 07/11/2007ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA200702/21/2007
N8356CTrevor Noble * 11/27/2007ROBINSON HELICOPTER R44199708/27/1997
N2885DTrf Helicopters Inc * 09/22/2009PIPER PA-28-181197904/21/2008
N6584YTrf Helicopters Inc * 11/09/2010PIPER PA-23-250196804/05/1968
N6ZGTrf Helicopters Inc * 10/02/2006PIPER PA-23-250196807/18/2013
N8NLTrf Helicopters Inc * 10/24/2000BELL 206B197410/18/1995
N818RCTri Marine Logistics Llc * 11/03/2008BOMBARDIER INC BD-100-1A10200701/10/2008
N81BFTri Star Aviation Services Inc * 05/14/2010PIPER J3L-65----