Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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LocationOklahoma City, OK
Number of Zip Codes in this City79
Total Registered Aircraft Count1,391
Individual Registered Count433
Partnership Registered Count16
Corporation Registered Count473
Co-Owned Registered Count411
Government Registered Count50
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count5
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count3
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N1381VSale Reported * --PIPER J3C-651945--
N137RASale Reported * --WSK PZL MIELEC M-18A198405/21/1996
N1268Sale Reported * --CURTISS WRIGHT C-46D----
N126GSale Reported * --GIBSON BABY ACE D1964--
N1278PSale Reported * --PIPER PA-231955--
N122SFSale Reported * --CESSNA 172N--06/09/1977
N179MBSale Reported * --QUICKSILVER SPORT 2S----
N1877PSale Reported * --PIPER PA-18-1501955--
N1888BSale Reported * --LUSCOMBE 8A1948--
N1848PSale Reported * --BEECH 95-B55 (T42A)198109/10/1981
N1702Sale Reported * --ROBERT RAMSEY B-8M----
N1732ESale Reported * --CESSNA 310R197801/16/1979
N177FHSale Reported * --CESSNA 177RG197610/04/1976
N1601FSale Reported * --CAMERON BALLOONS US N-77199405/03/1994
N1601LSale Reported * --LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT INTL 402-2196202/23/1983
N15212Sale Reported * --BEECH 3 TM1952--
N1532SSale Reported * --BEECH 231962--
N153PSale Reported * --BELL 206L-3198906/17/1989
N156NZSale Reported * --PACIFIC AEROSPACE LTD 750XL200905/04/2011
N145UASale Reported * --ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA200204/03/2008
N1491PSale Reported * --PIPER PA-23-1501956--
N1515Sale Reported * --DOUGLAS DC-7B1957--
N145AGSale Reported * --COSTRUZIONI AERONAUTICHE TECNA P2002 SIERRA200705/12/2008
N144RSSale Reported * --SHEA ROBERT J RS SPECIAL201308/29/2013
N22JRSale Reported * --JUHL JIM R AVID FLYER198605/19/1986
N2329KSale Reported * --ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA199205/01/1992
N23230Sale Reported * --CESSNA 150H196804/23/1968
N2368WSale Reported * --BEECH A23-191966--
N23743Sale Reported * --ALENIA C-27A SPARTAN----
N2373ASale Reported * --PIPER PA-22-1351952--
N2398CSale Reported * --PIPER PA-38-112--11/08/1978
N239DRSale Reported * --SWEARINGEN SA-226T197305/15/2007
N2342BSale Reported * --TEMCO GC-1B1948--
N2364BSale Reported * --ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA199308/04/1993
N2358ESale Reported * --AERONCA 7AC194606/09/1956
N2460DSale Reported * --CESSNA 170B1952--
N2482GSale Reported * --CESSNA 182B1959--
N24786Sale Reported * --CESSNA 152197711/16/1977
N24918Sale Reported * --PIPER J3C-65193907/19/1963
N24YZSale Reported * --PENNINGTON GARY W RANS S6S SUPER200802/13/2008
N250AHSale Reported * --EUROCOPTER AS 350 BA198211/14/2009
N2414WSale Reported * --SCHWEIZER SGU 2-22E1966--
N2453MSale Reported * --PIPER PA-121947--
N24292Sale Reported * --AERONCA 65-LA1940--
N2693ZSale Reported * --BELLANCA 8GCBC1978--
N27445Sale Reported * --TAYLORCRAFT BC-651940--
N2744GSale Reported * --CESSNA 182B--04/29/1959
N2758KSale Reported * --SILVAIRE LUSCOMBE 8A1947--
N270FBSale Reported * --MOONEY M20M--01/27/2000
N258TASale Reported * --AMAE TOKUTARO BENSEN B-8M198606/19/1986
N2578KSale Reported * --LUSCOMBE 8D1947--
N25YNSale Reported * --FLIGHT DESIGN GMBH CTLS----
N25208Sale Reported * --LUSCOMBE 8C1939--
N25226Sale Reported * --LUSCOMBE 8A1940--
N2526FSale Reported * --CHAMPION 7ECA1965--
N2523MSale Reported * --PIPER PA-121946--
N2514HSale Reported * --ENGINEERING & RESEARCH ERCOUPE 415-C1946--
N252JSale Reported * --ARLINGTON SISU 1A1964--
N2531PSale Reported * --PIPER PA-22-1501955--
N2560HSale Reported * --ENGINEERING & RESEARCH ERCOUPE 415-C1946--
N2573FSale Reported * --CHAMPION 7ECA1965--
N2544VSale Reported * --NORTH AMERICAN/BUEHN SNJ-5----
N2557MSale Reported * --PIPER PA-121946--
N2559PSale Reported * --PIPER PA-22-1501955--
N20198Sale Reported * --PIPER J-31938--
N20535Sale Reported * --CESSNA 172M1973--
N2062Sale Reported * --TALLMANTZ JN-4D JENNY REPLICA196903/30/1978
N2042HSale Reported * --ENGINEERING & RESEARCH ERCOUPE 415-C1946--
N2045WSale Reported * --BEECH 35-C331966--
N1922CSale Reported * --CESSNA 170B1953--
N194NASale Reported * --BEECH V351967--
N1900ESale Reported * --AERONCA 7AC1946--
N1898ASale Reported * --PIPER PA-18AS-1251952--
N21728Sale Reported * --DOUGLAS DC3-G202A1939--
N211TMSale Reported * --CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22200911/25/2009
N2196PSale Reported * --PIPER PA-23195607/15/1997
N2229GSale Reported * --CESSNA 182A1958--
N5382NSaratoga 5382N Llc * 04/22/2014PIPER PA-32-301T198207/20/1984
N97823Scott Jones * --CESSNA 182Q197908/22/1979
N5487LScott Law * 03/07/2012GRUMMAN AMERICAN AVN. CORP. AA-5197411/27/1974
N29638Seal Seismic Service Llc * 09/11/2008PIPER PA-28RT-201197904/27/1979
N56610Shadow Leasing Llc * 12/28/2007PIPER PA-28R-200197309/20/1973
N9239PSimon Summy * 12/05/2013PIPER PA-24-260196804/09/1968
N510PXSooner Turbine Aviation Llc * 06/06/2011CESSNA 510201103/17/2011
N292EWSoonizzou Llc * 05/27/2014BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 7--03/20/1986
N4046YSoonizzou Llc * 04/16/2014BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 6B197905/30/1979
N4063PSoonizzou Llc * 09/28/2012BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 6B197910/04/1979
N5182USoonizzou Llc * 01/07/2009MEDEMA/BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 7198709/19/2007
N2579ZSoonizzou Llc * 05/12/2014BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 8B-15--05/27/1993
N242MSSoonizzou Llc * 01/05/2009BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 7B-15199711/12/1997
N6100KSouthern Wings Aircraft Sales Ltd * --CESSNA AIRCRAFT CO 162201205/09/2012
N6928PSouthern Wings Aircraft Sales Ltd * --PIPER PA-24-250196004/25/1960
N7585MSouthern Wings Aircraft Sales Ltd * --CESSNA U206G197801/06/1986
N8HMSouthern Wings Aircraft Sales Ltd * --CESSNA 414--01/19/1977
N9369JSouthern Wings Aircraft Sales Ltd * --PIPER PA-28-180196606/27/1966
N2256KSouthern Wings Aircraft Sales Ltd * --FLAGG LARRY TEENIE TWO----
N2172SSouthern Wings Aircraft Sales Ltd * --CESSNA T210L197502/04/1976
N54ALSouthshore Aviation Llc * 04/04/2006SMITH AEROSTAR 601P197606/30/1976
N21977Southwest Assets Inc * 03/19/1990REARWIN 9000-KR193901/24/1972
N50625Splash N Go Llc * 12/19/2012FANTASY AIR SRO ALLEGRO 2000200604/29/2006