Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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LocationOklahoma City, OK
Number of Zip Codes in this City79
Total Registered Aircraft Count1,385
Individual Registered Count431
Partnership Registered Count16
Corporation Registered Count466
Co-Owned Registered Count411
Government Registered Count51
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count7
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count3
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N49515Sale Reported * --AERONCA 0-58B1942--
N503RCSale Reported * --COLLIER ROY D AVID FLYER----
N503LFSale Reported * --BELL HELICOPTER TEXTRON CANADA 407201301/15/2014
N501JDSale Reported * --CESSNA 501197904/30/2003
N6278DSale Reported * --AERO COMMANDER 6801957--
N6248RSale Reported * --PIPER PA-18-150196506/09/1997
N63680Sale Reported * --BRADY SMITH MINIPLANE DSA1----
N6343CSale Reported * --DOUGLAS DC-71957--
N6517ESale Reported * --CESSNA 175195904/22/1959
N6399QSale Reported * --LOOMIS RICHARD H JR BD5-B----
N6721WSale Reported * --BEECH F33A198203/03/1983
N6625RSale Reported * --BEECH V35B198202/25/1982
N6627FSale Reported * --CESSNA 150F196602/19/1966
N6539MSale Reported * --STINSON 108-31948--
N603MSale Reported * --DEHAVILLAND DHC-6 TWIN OTTER----
N6003TSale Reported * --CESSNA 150D196407/08/1964
N6080FSale Reported * --CESSNA 182P197507/26/1975
N6043QSale Reported * --MOONEY M20E1965--
N60593Sale Reported * --FAIRCHILD M-62A1943--
N60699Sale Reported * --CESSNA 150J196904/28/1969
N6120XSale Reported * --MCLOCHLIN CHARLES DAVID CHALLENGER II200002/08/2001
N6120YSale Reported * --PIPER PA-23-2501966--
N6150NSale Reported * --BEECH B23196904/14/1969
N6149USale Reported * --NORTH AMERICAN F-51D1944--
N6160USale Reported * --SURY JIM A PIETENPOL AIRCAMPER199910/18/1999
N59931Sale Reported * --PIPER J3C-65194211/22/1955
N5881QSale Reported * --MOONEY M20E1965--
N58904Sale Reported * --TAYLORCRAFT DC-65----
N5889QSale Reported * --MOONEY M20E1965--
N5701ZSale Reported * --PIPER PA-22-108196301/03/1963
N68224Sale Reported * --BOEING B75N1194307/05/1962
N6817FSale Reported * --CESSNA 150F196603/08/1966
N6840FSale Reported * --CESSNA 150F196603/31/1966
N684RASale Reported * --CESSNA 150H196804/05/1968
N6869DSale Reported * --CONSOLIDATED VULTEE BT-13A1942--
N6855BSale Reported * --PIPER PA-22-1501956--
N6917YSale Reported * --PIPER PA-23-250196905/15/1993
N6927MSale Reported * --STINSON 108-31948--
N6878HSale Reported * --PIPER J3C-651946--
N7029ASale Reported * --CESSNA 172195608/27/1956
N70107Sale Reported * --AEROSTAR INTERNATIONAL INC RX 8199406/10/1994
N7011RSale Reported * --PIPER PA-28-1401966--
N7273WSale Reported * --PIPER PA-28-1801963--
N72065Sale Reported * --LUSCOMBE 8A194602/18/1956
N7218GSale Reported * --CESSNA 172K----
N7138ESale Reported * --AEROSTAR INTERNATIONAL INC RX 8199604/11/1996
N7318WSale Reported * --PIPER PA-28-1801963--
N73403Sale Reported * --CESSNA 172M197606/04/1976
N7452Sale Reported * --VICKERS VISCOUNT 797195611/30/1956
N749DTSale Reported * --TIRADO DAVID J RIHN ACFT CRP DR-109200411/17/2004
N7551RSale Reported * --PIPER PA-28-1401966--
N881NASale Reported * --PIPER PA-31T197808/28/1978
N8831QSale Reported * --AERO COMMANDER S2R197003/22/2011
N8738CSale Reported * --PIPER PA-22-135195307/06/1956
N8734VSale Reported * --BELLANCA 8KCAB197507/03/1975
N8729LSale Reported * --PIPER PA-25-2601969--
N87295Sale Reported * --ENGINEERING & RESEARCH 415-C194606/14/1999
N86779Sale Reported * --BELLANCA 14-131946--
N86177Sale Reported * --CESSNA 337D196905/03/1969
N8624NSale Reported * --PIPER PA-32-3001970--
N8652DSale Reported * --PIPER PA-22-1601958--
N8351VSale Reported * --CHAMPION 7ECA1966--
N8372SSale Reported * --CESSNA 182H1965--
N84689Sale Reported * --CESSNA 172K1969--
N8277CSale Reported * --PIPER PA-221954--
N8243HSale Reported * --CALLAIR A-9----
N8158ESale Reported * --MOONEY M20A1959--
N8186HSale Reported * --BEECH C-45H1953--
N8179ESale Reported * --MOONEY M20A1959--
N819NASale Reported * --BEECH T-34C----
N8113ESale Reported * --MOONEY M20A1959--
N81312Sale Reported * --PIPER PA-28-161197910/25/1979
N80823Sale Reported * --GLOBE GC-1A194610/05/1979
N8059SSale Reported * --CESSNA 150F1965--
N804LASale Reported * --BELL HELICOPTER TEXTRON 206B197102/13/2009
N8048HSale Reported * --BEECH C-45F1944--
N79537Sale Reported * --CESSNA 172K196904/11/1969
N8038RSale Reported * --BEECH A24R1970--
N802DSale Reported * --PIPER PA-30196606/15/1966
N7835WSale Reported * --PIPER PA-28-1801964--
N77919Sale Reported * --LUSCOMBE 8A194605/12/1983
N777KGSale Reported * --PIPER PA-30196604/17/1990
N5382NSaratoga 5382N Llc * 04/22/2014PIPER PA-32-301T198207/20/1984
N97823Scott Jones * --CESSNA 182Q197908/22/1979
N5487LScott Law * 03/07/2012GRUMMAN AMERICAN AVN. CORP. AA-5197411/27/1974
N29638Seal Seismic Service Llc * 09/11/2008PIPER PA-28RT-201197904/27/1979
N56610Shadow Leasing Llc * 12/28/2007PIPER PA-28R-200197309/20/1973
N9239PSimon Summy * 12/05/2013PIPER PA-24-260196804/09/1968
N510PXSooner Turbine Aviation Llc * 06/06/2011CESSNA 510201103/17/2011
N2579ZSoonizzou Llc * 05/12/2014BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 8B-15--05/27/1993
N242MSSoonizzou Llc * 01/05/2009BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 7B-15199711/12/1997
N4063PSoonizzou Llc * 09/28/2012BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 6B197910/04/1979
N4046YSoonizzou Llc * 04/16/2014BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 6B197905/30/1979
N5182USoonizzou Llc * 01/07/2009MEDEMA/BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 7198709/19/2007
N7423ZSoonizzou Llc * 05/27/2014BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 7--03/20/1986
N54ALSouthshore Aviation Llc * 04/04/2006SMITH AEROSTAR 601P197606/30/1976
N21977Southwest Assets Inc * 03/19/1990REARWIN 9000-KR193901/24/1972
N50625Splash N Go Llc * 12/19/2012FANTASY AIR SRO ALLEGRO 2000200604/29/2006
N75939Stearman World Flight Inc * 03/26/2013BOEING B75N1194209/08/2004
N4944KStephen Schmitt * 02/24/2014SCHMITT STEPHEN G S-6ES200610/19/2006