Quincy, California
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City Information
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LocationQuincy, CA
Number of Zip Codes in this City1
Total Registered Aircraft Count28
Individual Registered Count19
Partnership Registered Count1
Corporation Registered Count4
Co-Owned Registered Count4
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N127HAlan Holloway * 04/10/2006CURTISS-ROBERTSON ROBIN192908/12/1929
N75650Alan Holloway * 02/14/1986BOEING E75N1194312/10/1956
N18291Allan Hansen * 12/01/1997BEECH F33A197705/25/1977
N199ALAllan Hansen * 03/20/2014ALLAN L HANSEN LOCKWOOD AIRCAM201405/15/2014
N30739Bryan Umstead * 01/28/1998PIPER PA-28-181197809/26/1978
N5171DChesley Pence * 09/13/2012CESSNA 182A195805/16/1958
N4931LChristopher Murray * 12/29/2011PIPER PA-28-1801967--
N8701DElizabeth Hopman * 08/08/2014PIPER PA-22-160195803/03/1972
N6980CElizabeth Hopman * 05/17/2012NORTH AMERICAN AT-6D194404/17/1958
N7442XHerschel Beail * 08/20/1982CESSNA 172B196010/31/1960
N363DPHerschel Pence * 10/31/2008PENCE HERSCHEL JOHN X AIR STANDARD200304/08/2009
N85838John Fehrman * 07/11/2012AERONCA 11AC194610/14/1964
N2013HJohn Fehrman * 01/22/2014ERCOUPE 415-C194607/07/1956
N710PWJohn Fehrman * 10/21/2003PIPER PA-32-260196607/05/1966
N41904John Gjertsen * 04/06/1987PIPER PA-28-140197403/21/1974
N1918BJohn Moore * 01/10/2008LUSCOMBE 8F195008/26/2004
N86MMMalcolm Muir * 12/08/1982MUIR MALCOLM D MIDGET MUSTANG198208/31/1982
N93MJMalcolm Muir * 04/04/1996MUIR MALCOLM D PIETENPOL199604/23/1997
N575MLMalcolm Muir * 08/23/2013MALCOLM D MUIR WITTMAN TAILWIND----
N182BRMarvin Morgan * 09/26/2000CESSNA 182M196905/14/1969
N711WTMichael Taborski * 03/08/1989CESSNA 210L197206/03/1976
N5BNMountain Air Inc * 09/21/1994CESSNA 150L1973--
N220KMountain Air Inc * 07/20/2001ARROW AIRCRAFT & MOTORS ARROW SPORT--05/02/1962
N4152Mountain Air Inc * 05/22/2001MOONEY M-18C195407/11/1957
N4795MMountain Air Inc * 04/21/2003PIPER PA-11199710/01/1998
N77771Ran Slaten * 10/05/2007CGS AVIATION HAWK ARROW II199601/11/2008
N93522Sale Reported * --ERCOUPE 415-C194608/08/1956
N3907FWilliam Taylor * 12/12/2013CESSNA 172195804/28/1958