Versailles, Kentucky
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City Information
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LocationVersailles, KY
Number of Zip Codes in this City3
Total Registered Aircraft Count18
Individual Registered Count8
Partnership Registered Count1
Corporation Registered Count8
Co-Owned Registered Count1
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N9968FAero Tech Inc * 05/15/1998CESSNA 172R199710/23/1997
N13200Aero Tech Inc * 11/23/1990CESSNA 172M197311/13/1973
N739YHAero Tech Inc * 01/10/1997CESSNA 172N197806/23/1978
N4639JAero Tech Inc * 06/17/1977PIPER PA-28R-180196809/25/2002
N20BKAero-Tech Inc * 12/21/1999CESSNA 182Q197803/24/1978
N24339Aero-Tech Inc * 06/05/2000CESSNA 172R199912/06/1999
N603EVArlynn Mcmahon * 09/12/2006EVEKTOR-AEROTECHNIK AS SPORTSTAR200608/03/2006
N5177FCapital City Wings Llc * 04/08/2013PIPER PA-28-151197609/20/1976
N777HDavid Breeze * 03/29/1999BELLANCA 17-30A197308/13/1973
N6793EDick Stoops * 02/27/2007CESSNA 175A195911/19/1959
N3PUDonald Boggess * 08/25/1994BOGGESS DONALD BOGGESS N3-PUP199409/30/1994
N8162SFairskies Llc * 07/09/2002PIPER PA-28RT-201198002/07/1980
N8111DJames Oeffinger * 07/14/2011PIPER PA-22-160195805/05/1958
N852JNJay Close * 09/27/2007CLOSE JAY G SONEX----
N143LMJohn Basham * 06/03/1998MURPHY LINDA KITFOX III199205/22/1992
N221KPKevin Patsey * 12/30/2008PATSEY KEVIN D RV-7201210/26/2012
N38628Roger Boggess * 09/19/1986PIPER PA-28-181197707/01/1977
N7743NWilliam Buffin * 05/07/2010PIPER PA-28-180196809/30/1968