Aircraft Registration Information

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Aircraft Information
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N Number
(The nationality and registration markings of U.S. registered aircraft.)
Registrant NamePafford Medical Services Of Mississippi Inc
Registered Address (available with membership or
data download)
Registrant Description
(Individual, Partnership, Corporation, Co-Owned, Government)
Certificate Issue Date
(Date the Aircraft Registration Branch issued the Certificate of Aircraft Registration, AC Form 8050-3. Note: If registered based on a dealer's certificate, "None" will appear in this field.)
Registration Status N-Number assigned and Registered
Aircraft Type
(The classification of an aircraft based on construction and method of operation (glider, balloon, blimp/dirigible, fixed wing or rotorcraft).)
Fixed Wing Multi Engine
Aircraft Manufacturer & Model Raytheon Aircraft Company 58
Year Manufactured
(Year the aircraft was manufactured based on information shown on the Application for Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6. This is not necessarily the model year.)
Serial Number
(The unique number assigned by the manufacturer/builder.)
Aircraft Transponder Code
(Eight digit transponder address code assigned to each U.S. Registration Number as part of the Mode Select Beacon System (Mode S). Sometimes referred to as the ICAO address code.)
AirWorthiness Date 11/17/2000
Engine Type Description
(The type of engine(s) installed on the aircraft (none, reciprocating, turbo-prop, turbo-shaft, turbo-jet, turbine-fan, ramjet, 2 cycle, 4 cycle)
Engine Manufacturer & Model Cont Motor IO-550 SERIES
Download all available information for this Aircraft
to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type