Abbeville, Louisiana
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LocationAbbeville, LA
Number of Zip Codes in this City2
Total Registered Aircraft Count64
Individual Registered Count9
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count53
Co-Owned Registered Count2
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N33493Alvin Teal * 12/26/1967PIPER J3C-651940--
N1332MAlvin Teal * 06/19/1968BOEING E75N11943--
N5637MAsian Cajun Air Llc * 04/14/2012MAULE M-5-180C198002/22/1980
N629MCBroussard Brothers Inc * 07/17/2012PILATUS AIRCRAFT LTD PC-12/47200703/30/2007
N721NRBroussard Brothers Inc * 01/21/2000CESSNA U206G198506/13/1985
N836TBCorbett Lebouef * 01/21/2014CESSNA 182S200005/30/2000
N7741BDanny Broussard * 08/27/2008AMERICAN LEGEND AIRCRAFT CO AL3200803/20/2008
N7386NElridge Vincent * 10/02/2003CESSNA 182P197410/07/1974
N54FCFred Campbell * 01/08/2008QUICKSILVER SPORT 2S200802/10/2008
N189RLHlw Aviation Llc * 10/23/2013BELL 206B197706/30/1977
N2043BHlw Aviation Llc * 10/23/2013BELL 206B198111/29/1995
N21RTHlw Aviation Llc * 10/23/2013BELL 206B--01/27/1995
N289RLHlw Aviation Llc * 10/23/2013BELL 206B198307/26/2004
N2332SLouisiana Military Hall Of Fame And Museum * 09/08/2010CESSNA 337B196702/28/1967
N6542HMickey Suire * 10/03/2012CESSNA 172M197506/18/1975
N4416KMmj Group Llc * 08/08/2014RYAN NAVION194806/12/1956
N2250TOmega Protein Corp * 06/04/1998CESSNA R182197710/27/1977
N6461VOmega Protein Corp * 06/04/1998CESSNA 172RG198010/07/1980
N733BDOmega Protein Corp * 08/01/2008CESSNA 172N197611/09/1976
N5322NOmega Protein Corporation * 08/07/1998CESSNA 182Q198005/15/1980
N9508BOmega Protein Inc * 10/16/1997CESSNA 172RG198103/16/1981
N97588Omega Protein Inc * 01/04/1988CESSNA 172P198404/12/1984
N5346VOmega Protein Inc * 01/26/1990CESSNA 172RG198005/21/1980
N5210NOmega Protein Inc * 01/27/1981CESSNA 182Q198002/21/1980
N52891Omega Protein Inc * 10/02/2003CESSNA 172P198101/29/1981
N4956VOmega Protein Inc * 04/06/1988CESSNA 172RG198004/01/1980
N5094UOmega Protein Inc * 01/04/1988CESSNA 172RG197901/24/1980
N5103VOmega Protein Inc * 03/25/1992CESSNA 172RG198004/09/1980
N5143UOmega Protein Inc * 12/28/1988CESSNA 172RG198001/28/1980
N6425VOmega Protein Inc * 06/28/1996CESSNA 172RG198009/12/1980
N6378ROmega Protein Inc * 11/20/1995CESSNA 172RG197912/13/1979
N6519VOmega Protein Inc * 02/14/1992CESSNA 172RG198010/29/1980
N65275Omega Protein Inc * 09/13/2006CESSNA 172P198203/23/1982
N6483ROmega Protein Inc * 08/06/1992CESSNA 172RG197912/21/1979
N6216ROmega Protein Inc * 03/17/1986CESSNA 172RG197911/27/1979
N6173VOmega Protein Inc * 12/19/1987CESSNA 172RG198007/07/1980
N737WMOmega Protein Inc * 12/28/1988CESSNA R182197902/02/1979
N756ZZOmega Protein Inc * 04/04/1990CESSNA R182197901/25/1994
N75MKOmega Protein Inc * 11/16/2006CESSNA 172M197507/22/1975
N22JNOmega Protein Inc * 02/12/1990CESSNA 172RG197901/14/1980
N268MEOmega Protein Inc * 12/12/2014CESSNA 182S200008/07/2000
N182MSOmega Protein Inc * 12/07/1988CESSNA R182--09/04/1986
N4666VOmega Protein Inc * 04/03/1989CESSNA 172RG198003/08/1980
N4861VOmega Protein Inc * 04/08/1988CESSNA 172RG198003/26/1980
N413EBOmega Protein Inc * 11/09/1987CESSNA 172RG197911/15/1979
N3353ROmega Protein Inc * 04/07/1988CESSNA R182197809/12/1978
N1344DRonald Wolf * 11/30/2000CESSNA 170A195103/26/1956
N113RLRonald Wolf * 04/19/2012BELL 206B-III198104/14/1981
N70203Ronald Wolf * 02/07/2003CESSNA A188B197411/05/1974
N900RRSwag Aviation Llc * 02/23/2012CESSNA 210N198203/11/1982
N134MHSwag Aviation Llc * 10/29/2014MAULE M-7-260C201308/30/2013
N738YRT & M Aviation * 07/14/2008CESSNA 172N197802/16/1978
N72091T & M Aviation Inc * 04/12/2006CESSNA A188B197410/18/1995
N700BTT & M Aviation Inc * 11/30/2000BEECH V35196602/11/1966
N114RDT & M Aviation Inc * 02/17/2000GARLICK HELICOPTERS INC OH-58A+197009/14/1999
N106JCT & M Aviation Inc * 09/24/2002BELL 206B198208/30/2002
N4514MT & M Aviation Inc * 07/23/2003BEECH 95-B55 (T42A)197802/24/1978
N231RLT M Aviation Inc * 04/06/2012BELL 206B197403/28/1974
N2451JT&M Aviation Inc * 08/11/2008CESSNA A188B197906/08/1979
N37AJTm Aviation Inc * 03/21/2012BELL 206B197512/29/1981
N5008KTm Aviation Inc * 04/06/2012BELL 206B197807/12/1988
N3828NUp With Abeair Llc * 02/09/2015BEECH A36198102/06/1981
N13346Up With Abeair Llc * 11/25/2014CESSNA 172M197311/21/1973
N8238PValour Llc * 01/17/2013PIPER PA-32-301T198006/20/1980