Baton Rouge, LA 70806
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LocationBaton Rouge, LA 70806
Total Registered Aircraft Count37
Individual Registered Count5
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count19
Co-Owned Registered Count0
Government Registered Count13
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N8918NAir Ten Inc * 12/03/1987PIPER PA-32-300196907/18/1969
N18SFAldrich Acres Llc * 12/04/2008BEECH F90198509/06/1991
N38ZTAldrich Acres Llc * 09/18/2012MAULE M-7-260200208/02/2002
N76ARAllan Robichaux * 08/15/1975ROBICHAUX STEEN SKYBOLT1976--
N340RSAllcap Of Florida Llc * 01/07/2014CESSNA 340A197709/14/1977
N8377PAndre Fremaux * 03/11/2014PIPER PA-24-250196402/18/1964
N850SBBreaud Aviation Llc * 06/21/2006SOCATA TBM 700200605/19/2006
N118RKConsultants Group Llc * 01/22/2013LEARJET INC 45200602/22/2006
N354SPDepartment Of Public Safety * 05/25/2004BELL OH-58A----
N524RADepartment Of Public Safety * 10/15/2014BELL OH-58A----
N524QADepartment Of Public Saftey * 10/15/2014BELL OH-58A----
N9924RDouble Click Llc * 11/09/2010CESSNA U206G198606/23/1986
N3846KDouglas Barrow * 02/28/2008TEMCO GC-1B194810/21/1955
N500HRHr Aviation Llc * 09/22/1999PIPER PA-31-350198109/23/1995
N44KRJayjack Llc * 06/27/2000BEECH B36TC198305/10/1983
N32839Lancaster Construction Llc * 08/23/2013PIPER J3L-65195508/20/1955
N340WDLancaster Holdings Llc * 10/09/2014CESSNA 340197411/15/1974
N525LDLewco Air Llc * 02/06/2007CESSNA 525A200612/19/2006
N9750LLouisiana Department Of Public Safety * 10/29/1996CESSNA 172P198604/11/1986
N355SPLouisiana Department Of Public Safety * 02/12/1997BELL OH-58A----
N357SPLouisiana Department Of Public Safety * 04/25/1996BELL 206-L4199604/29/1996
N356SPLouisiana Department Of Public Safety * 02/12/1997BELL OH-58A----
N373SPLouisiana Department Of Public Safety * 05/23/1980BELL 206B197912/18/1979
N2983ZMichael Thibodeaux * 03/13/1985PIPER PA-18A 150195907/20/1972
N78152Mohawk Handle Louisiana Inc * 08/24/1977CESSNA 182P1973--
N306KCN306Kc Llc * 11/21/2002CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22----
N7459VPocket Aces Llc * 12/17/2013MOONEY M20F197506/03/1975
N1983DRch Aviation Llc * 10/30/2009BEECH C35195206/08/1956
N6008FRobert Giroir * 02/10/2012BEECH S35196503/22/1965
N64034State Of Louisiana * 07/20/1998CESSNA 172P198109/21/1982
N904HBState Of Louisiana * 01/31/2011BEECH C90A199003/29/2011
N430MState Of Louisiana * 07/07/1994CESSNA 182R--05/28/1982
N522AFState Of Louisiana * 04/22/2003CESSNA 182T200302/13/2003
N5175EState Of Louisiana * 06/22/1998CESSNA 172N197811/02/1978
N34CUT-34 Llc * 08/24/2004BEECH B-45 (T-34A)195801/26/1998
N660LHTigertown Helicopters Llc * 08/14/2014ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO R66201401/30/2014
N4479SV35 Llc * 08/15/2008BEECH V35B197506/11/1975