Honolulu, HI 96819
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LocationHonolulu, HI 96819
Total Registered Aircraft Count111
Individual Registered Count8
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count103
Co-Owned Registered Count0
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N842ALAeko Kula Inc Dba * 10/28/2013BOEING 737-290C198406/15/1984
N301KHAeko Kula Inc Dba * 02/10/2014BOEING 737-330199505/22/2014
N947MZAffordable Casket Outlet Llc * 08/14/2013PARTENAVIA S.P.A. P 68 OBSERVER198401/28/1996
N15497Affordable Casket Outlet Llc * 12/03/2007PIPER PA-34-200197301/08/1973
N2208ZAffordable Casket Outlet Llc * 08/16/2012YAKOVLEV YAK 52198201/21/2000
N27877Air Molokai Inc * 06/30/2004PIPER PA-31-350197805/18/1991
N59722Air Molokai Inc * 11/02/2005PIPER PA-31-350197509/09/1975
N805HCAirline Contract Maintenance And Equipment Inc * 09/05/2013EADS/ALENIA ATR ATR 42-500200402/24/2014
N804HCAirline Contract Maintenance And Equipment Inc * 11/08/2012EADS/ALENIA ATR ATR 42-500200401/07/2014
N801HCAirline Contract Maintenance And Equipment Inc * 10/10/2012EADS/ALENIA ATR ATR 42-500200401/11/2014
N6243QAlexander Bell * 09/08/2011CESSNA 152198107/02/1981
N6673YBig Kahuna Air Inc * 04/05/2004PIPER PA-23-250196809/09/1968
N269MEGeorge's Aviation Services * 06/15/2009CESSNA 172S200008/24/2000
N7062FGeorge's Aviation Services Inc * 04/04/2011ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA199812/14/1998
N691YWGeorge's Aviation Services Inc * 11/05/2013DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA 40200611/22/2006
N680DSGeorge's Aviation Services Inc * 11/05/2013DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA 40200608/30/2006
N778DSGeorge's Aviation Services Inc * 11/05/2013DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA 40200608/23/2006
N9512FGeorge's Aviation Services Inc * 09/08/2011CESSNA 172R199804/29/1998
N961JBGeorge's Aviation Services Inc * 11/05/2013DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND GMBH DA 42200608/21/2006
N128ARGeorge's Aviation Services Inc * 11/05/2013PIPER PA-44-180200512/19/2005
N283PAGeorge's Aviation Services Inc * 11/05/2013PIPER PA-28R-201200112/12/2001
N727EMGeorges Aviation Services Inc * 05/02/2013CESSNA 172N197709/22/1977
N27674Georges Aviation Services Inc * 06/12/2007PIPER PA-31-350197805/25/1978
N300MKGeorges Aviation Services Inc * 04/17/2013ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 ASTRO--01/09/2002
N5060YGeorges Aviation Services Inc * 01/03/2013PIPER PA-23-250196204/12/1962
N5269DGeorges Aviation Services Inc * 05/29/2014CESSNA 177RG197707/29/1977
N1310LHawaii From Above Llc * 07/16/2007CESSNA 337G197705/27/1977
N808WPHawaii Island Air Inc * 11/08/2010DEHAVILLAND DHC-8-103198606/08/2000
N943WPHawaii Island Air Inc * 06/12/2013AEROSPATIALE/ALENIA ATR-72-212199410/31/1994
N945WPHawaii Island Air Inc * 11/08/2013AEROSPATIALE/ALENIA ATR-72-212--01/12/1995
N941WPHawaii Island Air Inc * 08/07/2013AEROSPATIALE ATR 72-212199303/23/1993
N942WPHawaii Island Air Inc * 05/13/2013AEROSPATIALE/ALENIA ATR-72-212199405/07/2013
N342ATHawaii Island Air Inc * 11/14/2013AEROSPATIALE ATR 72-212199303/23/1993
N251MHawaiian Airlines Inc * 04/14/2009BELLANCA CH300 PACEMAKER192903/27/1980
N370HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 04/01/2014AIRBUS A330-243201404/02/2014
N373HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/16/2014AIRBUS A330-243201406/17/2014
N386HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 04/26/2012AIRBUS A330-243201204/27/2012
N391HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 04/09/2013AIRBUS A330-243201304/10/2013
N393HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/17/2013AIRBUS A330-243201301/20/2013
N385HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 03/09/2012AIRBUS A330-243201203/10/2012
N384HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 10/06/2011AIRBUS A330-243201110/06/2011
N383HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 04/12/2011AIRBUS A330-243201104/13/2011
N395HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 11/19/2013AIRBUS A330-243201311/20/2013
N396HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 01/30/2014AIRBUS A330-243201401/31/2014
N399HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 02/27/2014AIRBUS A330-243201402/28/2014
N488HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/28/2011BOEING 717-200199812/24/2008
N489HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/28/2011BOEING 717-200199810/17/2008
N490HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/28/2011BOEING 717-200200012/10/2008
N481HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/28/2011BOEING 717-200200107/13/2001
N480HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/28/2011BOEING 717-200200106/20/2001
N486HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/29/2011BOEING 717-200200111/17/2001
N487HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/29/2011BOEING 717-200200112/12/2001
N485HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/28/2011BOEING 717-200200110/18/2001
N483HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/28/2011BOEING 717-200200108/08/2001
N484HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/29/2011BOEING 717-200200108/28/2001
N477HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/29/2011BOEING 717-200200104/20/2001
N478HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/29/2011BOEING 717-200200105/09/2001
N479HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/29/2011BOEING 717-200200106/12/2001
N475HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/29/2011BOEING 717-200200102/12/2001
N476HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 06/29/2011BOEING 717-200200103/05/2001
N598HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 04/06/2006BOEING 767-332198611/24/1986
N594HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 04/06/2006BOEING 767-332198611/11/1986
N582HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 12/21/2006BOEING 767-33A200111/13/2001
N581HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 12/21/2006BOEING 767-33A200110/16/2001
N580HAHawaiian Airlines Inc * 12/20/2006BOEING 767-33A200109/12/2001
N691TJohn Hutton Corp * 10/29/2001SC AEROSTAR SA YAK-52W199911/15/1999
N4574CJohn Hutton Corp * 01/26/2004PARTENAVIA S.P.A. P 68 OBSERVER198310/25/1985
N933TKamaka Air Inc * 08/12/2005BEECH H-18196403/25/1996
N9796NKamaka Air Inc * 05/10/2004DOUGLAS R4D-8195207/18/1991
N145KAKamaka Air Inc * 07/24/2008CESSNA 208B200807/15/2008
N248KAKamaka Air Inc * 01/02/2013CESSNA 208B201212/14/2012
N231HKamaka Air Inc * 03/06/1998BEECH E18S195705/24/1957
N687MALeis Air Llc * 08/13/2008CESSNA 208B200212/12/2002
N865MALeis Air Llc * 01/22/2008CESSNA 208B200211/14/2002
N46BLone Star Motorsports Llc * 10/06/2009NOVOTNY GARY J RV-4199110/26/1991
N11DTMarjet Inc * 07/13/2004BEECH E-90197207/19/1972
N131GMark Dunkerley * 12/08/2010BUCKER JUNGMANN C.A.S.A. 1.131195907/10/2012
N22DGMark Jones * 08/14/2014CESSNA 337--01/07/1980
N93460Military Aviation Museum Of The Pacific * 06/17/2002LET BLANIK L-13197309/27/1973
N5911UMoore Air Inc * 06/20/2012PIPER PA-28-140197002/25/1970
N727GHN498Gn Llc * 06/10/2013CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22T201307/16/2013
N6182JOffshore Flight School Inc * 01/11/2008PIPER PA-28-140197606/04/1976
N747KKOffshore Flight School Inc * 03/31/2009CESSNA 172N197608/16/1976
N88YWOffshore Flight School Inc * 02/08/2001CESSNA 152197904/05/1979
N808PMPacific Air Charters Inc * 01/22/2014CESSNA 421C197511/05/1975
N402DJPacific Air Charters Inc * 12/17/2012CESSNA 172S200301/20/2003
N40370Pacific Air Charters Inc * 12/17/2012PIPER PA-23-2501973--
N10495Pacific Electro Mechanical Inc * 12/16/1982CESSNA 150L197307/26/1973
N5332BPacific Flight Svc Inc * --CESSNA 1821956--
N7969KPolynesian Airways Inc * 07/28/1994BEECH H-18196408/19/1964
N43RRRonald Haenel * 06/22/2000RHOADS JODEL D-9197205/25/2001
N83203Royal Helicopeters Inc * 02/26/1986BELL 206B197302/10/1973
N74LKRoyal Pacific Air Llc * 10/01/2014PIPER PA-31-325--02/29/1980
N4711ZRs Whittinghill * 01/04/1965PIPER PA-22-108196103/07/1961
N135PBSchuman Aviation Co Ltd * 07/31/2009PIPER PA-31-350----
N208PKSchuman Aviation Co Ltd * 03/17/2014CESSNA 208B200507/29/2005
N6077HSchuman Aviation Co Ltd * 07/08/2008EUROCOPTER AS 350 BA199201/09/1993
N141MKSchuman Aviation Company Ltd Dba * 07/14/2000EUROCOPTER AS 350 BA199002/28/1997
N9511Schuman Carriage Company Ltd * 08/22/2012EUROCOPTER AS 350 B2198004/24/2006
N369MHSchuman Carriage Company Ltd * 09/26/2012HUGHES 369D197801/22/2013