Jefferson County Montana
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County Information
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LocationJefferson County
Montana (MT)
Number of Zip Codes in this County6
Total Registered Aircraft Count32
Individual Registered Count20
Partnership Registered Count2
Corporation Registered Count5
Co-Owned Registered Count5
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this County to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N6700SAgape Enterprises * 03/13/2013CESSNA 150H196709/29/1967
N9988YAlan Martini * 09/19/1983CHAMPION 7FC196401/21/1964
N9392SArthur Keeler * 05/22/2000SEABASE ERIC SEABASE KITFOX 5 SF199807/21/1999
N9414SArthur Keeler * 06/22/2012WILHELM CLAYTON D RV-4199808/06/1998
N8007ZByron Perrenoud * 09/24/2007BUCKEYE DREAM MACHINE----
N7410TDonald Lepinsky * 12/01/1993CESSNA 172A1959--
N1469GDouglas Thorne * 09/15/2014BEECH 95-A55196202/15/1962
N1968TDouglas Thorne * 07/10/2014PIPER PA-32-300--06/13/1974
N1252CDoyle Davis * 04/25/2000PIPER PA-18A195303/27/1956
N57TDDuane Wock * 12/16/1999WOCK DUANE A VARI-EZE200003/08/2001
N9088KEdward Warmoth * 04/24/2006STINSON 108-11947--
N3697VForrest Klies * 12/20/2010CESSNA 140194810/31/1980
N1096HForrest Klies * 09/18/2014AERONCA 15AC194802/10/1956
N2378PGrover Hedrick * 01/11/1990PIPER PA-22195507/10/1956
N218LWJames Sims * 01/12/1994WICKS GW/WICKS LA MONTANA COYOTE199206/02/1994
N1AVJames Thorne * 10/01/2014BEECH 95-A55196209/20/1962
N9440JJerry Mccasland * 02/23/2005PIPER PA-28-180196608/13/1966
N426PMJustin Fuhrer * 09/13/2004PIPER PA-28-160196210/20/1994
N70248L C Hanson Co Inc * 02/13/1984CESSNA A185E197207/13/1998
N63225L Peterson * --CONSOLIDATED VULTEE BT-13B (SNV-2)1952--
N13TNLindsay Drilling & Contracting Corp * 08/07/1980CESSNA T210M197702/04/1978
N68SMMichael Dixon * 01/04/1999BEECH V35A196804/04/1968
N7557CMichael Sims * 06/07/2007FORNEY F-1195901/22/1959
N72414Pete Reinschmidt * 11/25/1983CESSNA A188B197412/30/1974
N8069GR B Hanson Equipment Llc * 07/31/2014BEECH F33A199205/20/1992
N84508Reginald Goodwin * 08/05/1997CESSNA 182P197306/13/1996
N42051Robert N Shadduck Llc * 05/05/2014CESSNA 180J197201/19/1973
N9922NRobert N Shadduck Llc * 04/30/2014CESSNA 180J--03/06/1975
N5229WRon Benson * 06/01/1973PIPER PA-28196201/03/1962
N5101DRonald Garvin * 10/14/2005CESSNA 182A195807/28/1970
N224TRRonald Rasmuson * 03/07/2000RASMUSON RONALD F VANS RV-6A200809/15/2008
N3503YSandra Dueck * 07/14/2006CESSNA 182E196209/30/1962