Lexington, KY 40503
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LocationLexington, KY 40503
Total Registered Aircraft Count22
Individual Registered Count3
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count17
Co-Owned Registered Count2
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N2555BBetty Mosely * 05/12/2014PIPER PA-28-140--03/21/1969
N58LJFlying High Inc * 02/14/2005CESSNA 414A197902/05/1979
N167RG M R Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 07/15/2005ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL 690B197810/12/1999
N441CJGmr Aerial Surveys Inc D/B/A * 07/11/2012CESSNA 441197903/30/2009
N910FCGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 11/09/2005GULFSTREAM AM CORP COMM DIV 690C198107/31/1981
N9471RGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 02/15/2006CESSNA U206G198502/15/1985
N2448GGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 11/14/2006CESSNA 206H200003/14/2000
N262ASGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 10/24/2000PIPER PA-31197707/22/1993
N22GEGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 07/18/2012PIPER PA-31-325197708/22/1977
N5726JGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 07/06/2012CESSNA TP206E196901/16/1970
N6461ZGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 08/23/2010CESSNA TU206G198105/29/1981
N690LNGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 01/06/2009ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL 690B197704/12/1984
N7266ZGmr Aerial Surveys Inc Dba * 02/09/2008CESSNA 206H199909/29/1999
N5152WGordon Davis * 08/01/2013PIPER PA-28-150196111/17/1961
N5083JGrw Aerial Surveys Inc * 04/13/1992CESSNA T310R197504/16/1975
N7148FHigh Flight Aviation Of Kentucky Inc * 03/17/1995CESSNA 150F196604/14/1966
N327MMMoose Aviation Llc * 09/18/2014SOCATA TBM 700200106/05/2001
N9664MProvide It Air Solutions Llc * 11/24/2014MOONEY M20F196704/12/1967
N246MPQuantum Spatial Inc * 04/24/2014CESSNA 402C198003/19/1998
N32RMTerry Lewis * 09/09/2013RAYMOND M MUNTZ VANS-RV6A201301/12/2013
N6456BTom Emmert * 11/25/2014CESSNA 172195612/07/1956
N6059UYaline Wignakumar * 06/06/2014PIPER PA-32R-301T200809/16/2008