Little Rock, Arkansas
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LocationLittle Rock, AR
Number of Zip Codes in this City25
Total Registered Aircraft Count250
Individual Registered Count53
Partnership Registered Count1
Corporation Registered Count153
Co-Owned Registered Count19
Government Registered Count24
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N16KWSmiley Enterprises Llc * 12/01/2009BEECH C90A199603/31/1996
N993WSSportairusa Lc * 03/09/2006TL ULTRALIGHT SRO STINGSPORT----
N990WSSportairusa Lc * 03/10/2006TL ULTRALIGHT SRO STINGSPORT----
N646LSportairusa Lc * 03/12/2008TL ULTRALIGHT SRO STING S3----
N1745SStarrfish Llc * 09/30/2008CESSNA T182T200802/25/2008
N390SPState Of Arkansas * 06/18/2007RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY B200----
N4957UState Of Arkansas Forestry Commission * 09/21/1998CESSNA 210E1965--
N305SASteakair Inc * 08/19/2004BEECH 300198612/11/1986
N410SGStephens Group Llc * 07/07/2010DASSAULT AVIATION FALCON 2000EX200906/01/2010
N606SGStephens Group Llc * 04/06/2009DASSAULT AVIATION FALCON 900EX200803/12/2008
N608SGStephens Group Llc * 07/25/2008CESSNA 525B200806/19/2008
N1839SStephens Investments Holdings Llc * 01/04/2011DASSAULT AVIATION MYSTERE-FALCON 50200307/18/2003
N1829SStephens Investments Holdings Llc * 12/06/2006DASSAULT MYSTERE FALCON 50EX199906/30/1999
N1828SStephens Investments Holdings Llc * 07/17/2014DASSAULT FALCON 900 EX200703/22/2007
N1818SStephens Investments Holdings Llc * 11/02/2006DASSAULT FALCON 900 EX200511/03/2005
N1824SStephens Investments Holdings Llc * 11/26/2013DASSAULT AVIATION FALCON 2000EX201311/25/2013
N625ATTechnology Value Investors Aviation Llc * 02/10/2009CESSNA 560XL200106/10/2001
N412HMTerry Bradshaw * 10/07/2011MOONEY M20C197506/06/1975
N216KCTextbook Management Services Llc * 04/15/2011PILATUS PC-12/45199806/28/2000
N7803PTinkstoy Llc * 03/25/2014PIPER PA-24-250196202/16/1962
N699GGTme Logistics Llc * 06/30/2014LEARJET INC 31A199908/25/1999
N441HSTrent Capital Mgmt Inc * 02/01/2013CESSNA 441198310/25/1983
N43DBTwin City Air Charter * 01/22/1995BEECH D55196808/27/1968
N5843FU3 Aviation Llc * 03/17/2014CESSNA 210G196702/07/1967
N9979Usda Forest Service Fepp * 02/05/1980CESSNA R172E1967--
N92567Usda Forest Service Fepp * 04/14/1988CESSNA 182N197002/26/1970
N87767Usda Forest Service Fepp * 08/22/1983CESSNA R172E196704/18/1983
N8198RUsda Forest Service Fepp * 08/22/1983CESSNA R172E----
N755WUsda Forest Service Fepp * 06/25/1979CESSNA 180A195804/21/1958
N40193Usda Forest Service Fepp * 05/10/1976PIPER PA-24-2501959--
N194ZUsda Forest Service Fepp * 05/17/1985AERO COMMANDER 500-B196503/29/1965
N23XGUsda Forest Service Fepp * 02/03/1987CESSNA R172E196702/15/1983
N150FSUsda Forest Service Fepp * 05/03/1974CESSNA L-19A1951--
N927DSW Aviation Llc * 01/13/2011CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22200304/09/2003
N878KWehco Newspapers Inc * 02/06/2002RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY C90A199803/27/1998
N317JSWest Air Llc * 11/18/2011ISRAEL AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES 1124A----
N797CMWestrock Group Llc * 05/01/2014DASSAULT AVIATION FALCON 2000199711/24/1997
N161JWWhisair Llc * 05/19/2014CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22T201404/21/2014
N161WAWhisair Llc * 09/15/2014CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22T201407/23/2014
N7003GWilliam Allaben * 09/30/1997CESSNA 172K196909/30/1969
N4370WWilliam Barnes * 04/30/2012BEECH A36197404/21/1974
N6696RWilliam Boyd * 01/15/1998MOONEY M20E196408/10/1964
N5031GWilliam Changose * 06/16/2008BELLANCA 7ECA--11/21/1978
N30060Wind Dancer Aviation Llc * 09/24/2013ARBC INC DBA LINDSTRAND 35A--09/21/2009
N625DHWind Of Little Rock Inc * 08/03/2011LINDSTRAND BALLOONS 90A200701/02/2007
N758TCWind Of Little Rock Inc * 12/26/2013THUNDER & COLT LTD THUNDER AX7-77199302/03/1993
N192WWindstream Corp * 08/23/2006CESSNA 560XL200203/22/2002
N748WWindstream Leasing Llc * 05/18/2010CESSNA 560XL200412/21/2004
N6969WWinfred Busbey * 01/06/2011PIPER PA-28-140196510/25/1965
N721WMWrap Inc * 07/26/1995MOONEY M20R199501/13/1995