Matanuska Susitna County Alaska
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County Information
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LocationMatanuska Susitna County
Alaska (AK)
Number of Zip Codes in this County12
Total Registered Aircraft Count1,686
Individual Registered Count1,112
Partnership Registered Count26
Corporation Registered Count227
Co-Owned Registered Count314
Government Registered Count7
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this County to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N56623Nicholas Buzby * 11/07/2014MAULE M-5-235C----
N912CPNicholas Hoppe * 06/04/2013CHAMPION 7GCB--12/04/1992
N5993ZNicholas Steen * 01/03/1972PIPER PA-18-150196503/26/1965
N2661YNicholas Steen * 10/24/1988CESSNA 180E196206/20/1962
N7391KNick Aderman * 05/28/2010PIPER PA-20195011/24/1956
N607AKNick Cassara * 02/26/2010CASSARA NICHOLAS E KOLBRA----
N4483ZNick Pierskalla * 11/14/2000PIPER PA-18-150196908/20/1969
N1264ANicolas Pierskalla * 01/30/2014PIPER PA-18195107/10/1956
N56455Nicolas Pierskalla * 05/20/2009MAULE M-6-235198109/24/1981
N21709Nicus Hicks * 09/16/2014CESSNA A185F197606/22/1976
N39901Niklas Schock * 07/25/2002TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194507/14/1956
N3694TNiklas Schock * 04/16/2011TAYLORCRAFT AVIATION CORP F19197709/15/1977
N8134GNikolaus Steigler Inc * 11/28/2011DEHAVILLAND DHC-2 MK.I195906/11/1996
N1487No See Um Lodge Inc * 09/09/2011DEHAVILLAND BEAVER DHC-2196112/03/2010
N1894NNorman Neuls * 03/23/2010CESSNA 120194705/04/1956
N9247GNorthern Alps Inc * 01/09/1996CESSNA A188B197312/28/1973
N157MNorthern Aviation Llc * 08/29/2012ASHURA MICHAEL J FLYBABY 1A199403/13/1999
N2348DNorthern Aviation Llc * 05/26/2004CESSNA 170B195502/25/1956
N2JYNorthern Aviation Llc * 09/17/2014SCHWEIZER SGS 1-35197603/19/1976
N404CKNorthern Aviation Llc * 12/14/2010BEECH C-45H195307/06/2005
N41677Northern Aviation Llc * 11/08/2013BELLANCA 7GCBC197309/10/1973
N42DNorthern Aviation Llc * 01/12/2012BEECH E18S195503/22/1956
N4590CNorthern Aviation Llc * 08/29/2012CESSNA 170B----
N4906NNorthern Aviation Llc * 07/05/2006CESSNA 182Q197912/07/1979
N79PLNorthern Aviation Llc * 09/06/2012LAKE LA-4-200197409/30/1997
N71ASNorthern Aviation Llc * 09/17/2014SZYBOWCOWY ZAKLAD DOSWIADCZALN 41A JANTAR STANDARD--06/05/1980
N5202NNorthern Aviation Llc * 07/05/2006CESSNA 182Q198002/20/1980
N70010Northern Aviation Llc * 10/05/2006CESSNA A185E197106/21/1991
N900AKNorthern Aviation Llc * 11/03/2008SMITH AEROSTAR 601P197611/08/1976
N86BSNorthern Aviation Llc * 09/17/2014SKYCO INC SHA GLASAIR198607/09/1986
N99675Northern Pioneer Helicopters Lc * 05/03/2007BELL UH-1B196303/04/1980
N703NPNorthern Pioneer Helicopters Llc * 04/20/2010BELL UH-1H----
N705NPNorthern Pioneer Helicopters Llc * 02/26/2013EUROCOPTER AS 350 B3200105/20/2013
N70NWNorthern Pioneer Helicopters Llc * 02/08/2013BELL UH-1B--06/16/1993
N430RCNorthern Pioneer Helicopters Llc * 05/29/2014CESSNA A185E196905/19/1997
N4886UNugent Properties Llc * 01/04/2010CESSNA U206G197906/29/1979
N1847RNugent Properties Llc * 05/11/2005CESSNA A185F197411/13/1974
N94907O'connor-Ferris Sueellen * 06/02/2009TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194609/28/1958
N52104Oconnor-Ferris Sue Ellen * 09/22/2008CESSNA 180J197506/03/1993
N555ZWOlin Hammack * 08/13/2010HAMMACK OLIN D HSC-2010201009/16/2010
N9076AOliver List * 02/21/2013CESSNA 170A194912/27/1955
N88276Oliver Straten * 08/31/2011BELLANCA 7GCBC197405/19/1975
N1244AOllie Hudson * 02/18/2005PIPER PA-18195704/06/2005
N23002Ollie Hudson * 09/27/2011SILVAIRE LUSCOMBE 8A--12/17/1957
N3910ZOllie Hudson * 09/27/2011PIPER PA-18196105/15/1991
N9855XOllie Hudson * 09/27/2011CESSNA 185196108/31/1995
N9890XOllie Hudson * 09/27/2011CESSNA 185196105/11/1961
N4126MOrion Harger * 05/12/2010PIPER PA-12194710/10/1973
N16WLPatricia Livingston * 05/05/2014CESSNA 172I--11/13/2002
N151JPatricia Yould * 01/21/2014AEROPRO CZ A220201305/03/2013
N2KAPatrick Delia * 06/23/2014PIPER PA-18-150197805/11/1978
N7661LPatrick Doren * 09/07/2012PIPER PA-18-150197504/22/1975
N5127YPatrick Kammermeyer * 03/27/2009PIPER PA-18-150196212/12/1962
N327LLPatrick Meehan * 06/24/2009LUDWIG LARRY E BUSHWACKER199912/07/1999
N88273Patton Pettijohn * 01/12/2010BELLANCA 7GCBC197409/12/1974
N8741KPaul Curry * 05/21/2012STINSON 108-1194707/27/1956
N40817Paul Feather * 03/14/2013PIPER J3L-65194101/14/1956
N4198QPaul Ladegard * 05/19/1982CESSNA 310N196806/27/1968
N8653VPaul Larson * 11/22/2005BELLANCA 7GCBC197506/06/1975
N2640MPaul Pinard * 02/26/1974PIPER PA-12194603/19/1974
N701BXPaul Reinders * 05/19/2006ZENAIR LTD STOL CH 701/A199003/14/2006
N170WTPaul Roderick * 12/15/2003PIPER PA-12195909/18/1996
N56332Paul Smith * 04/04/2002MAULE M-5-235C197902/07/1979
N86348Paul Smith * 10/30/2012AERONCA 11AC194604/10/1956
N9146DPaul Smith * 05/31/2011PIPER PA-18-150195806/06/1958
N714TYPaul Vomela * 03/21/2005CESSNA 152197704/25/1977
N2151NPaul Voorhis * 05/01/2014CESSNA 140194708/20/1955
N54312Paul Wander * 08/05/2011HORKEY JEFFREY T ZENITH CH-701200407/19/2004
N5106HPenny Nixon * 11/06/2012PIPER PA-14194808/18/1997
N4682UPenny Nixon * 07/21/2008CESSNA 180G196404/28/1964
N81052Perry Abrams * 10/26/2012PIPER PA-32-301198202/10/1982
N85223Peter Gautreau * 10/29/2009AERONCA 7AC194601/10/1956
N3571MPeter Hakes * 05/04/2005PIPER PA-12194705/17/1956
N292DWPeter Marsh * 12/16/2014WILDHAGEN DOUGLAS L MAGNI M-16200705/01/2007
N89201Peter Nolan * 06/21/2012CESSNA 140194603/27/1956
N3680CPhil Bindon * 02/16/2005CESSNA 180195410/09/1997
N15PHPhil Bindon * 02/16/2005BEECH E50195809/09/1986
N4390CPhilip Badger * 07/11/1996CHAMPION 7EC195605/10/1956
N2744DPhilip Beachell * 06/18/2012CESSNA 170B195201/08/1957
N2588ZPhilip Bindon * 08/25/2007CESSNA 185B196304/18/1973
N52130Philip Horton * 08/11/2005CESSNA 180J197412/12/1974
N180HDPhilip Roper * 06/01/2001CESSNA 180195301/14/2002
N3570TPhillip Matthews * 11/04/1987TAYLORCRAFT AVIATION CORP F19197503/20/1975
N355ASPollux Aviation Ltd * 07/28/2006ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200303/26/2003
N447PAPollux Aviation Ltd * 04/19/2013ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200603/18/2013
N4164QPollux Aviation Ltd * 01/10/2012ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200803/31/2008
N240RMPollux Aviation Ltd * 07/14/2007ROBINSON HELICOPTER R44200107/19/2001
N501GTPollux Aviation Ltd * 12/01/2014ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200506/06/2005
N555ELPollux Aviation Ltd * 06/22/2012ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200502/08/2011
N59FDPollux Aviation Ltd * 01/10/2012ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200408/20/2004
N779DZPollux Aviation Ltd * 08/16/2010ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200308/02/2003
N74435Pollux Aviation Ltd * 06/24/2005ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200505/17/2005
N74381Pollux Aviation Ltd * 08/21/2013ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200502/10/2005
N74367Pollux Aviation Ltd * 05/23/2013ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200501/27/2005
N5379XPro-West Contractors Llc * 08/19/2011CESSNA U206--07/05/1984
N6628NR Kirton * 02/03/2004TAYLORCRAFT AVIATION CORP 19195110/28/1957
N4687CRalph Bendixen * 02/28/2002CESSNA 170B1953--
N2507MRalph Eller * 07/17/1991PIPER PA-121946--
N20394Ralph Eller * 07/07/1993CESSNA 177B--06/16/1977
N7414KRalph Zimin * 07/29/1986PIPER PA-20195004/18/1956