Mayes County Oklahoma
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LocationMayes County
Oklahoma (OK)
Number of Zip Codes in this County11
Total Registered Aircraft Count40
Individual Registered Count25
Partnership Registered Count3
Corporation Registered Count6
Co-Owned Registered Count6
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N888TPAandileasing Llc * 11/05/2013PIPER PA-32R-301199708/06/1997
N21AMAlton Mcclure * 11/09/2007MCCLURE ALTON D HIMAX199612/01/2007
N8277SCarl Eslinger * 12/08/1998ESLINGER C W/ESLINGER S M CASSUTT199906/29/1999
N987ECarl Eslinger * 10/17/1990ESLINGER CARL RV-4199002/04/1991
N2708GCarl Miller * 04/23/2014CESSNA 182B195904/24/1959
N23601Cecil Whitaker * 10/01/2014TAYLORCRAFT BL-65193905/13/1958
N3ZFCharles Bussey * 08/17/2011PIPER J3C-65194607/31/1975
N325CACrystal Mack * 05/25/2012PIPER PA-32R-301199510/02/1995
N764DPDavid Perkins * 01/02/2008PERKINS DAVID A AIRPLANE RV-6200803/01/2008
N95403Dennis Deffenbaugh * 01/21/2003PIPER PA-28-140196905/15/1969
N15ADoug Harris Aviation Llc * 04/11/2012BEECH 95-C55196607/19/1966
N4145KGregory Gerondale * 02/13/2008RYAN NAVION194802/23/1956
N216MAHis Aviation Llc * 01/13/2014PIPER PA-32R-301199512/14/1995
N4246CJames Bryant * 09/18/2014CESSNA R182197805/09/1978
N6638WJerry Koelsch * 07/27/2007PIPER PA-28-140196504/28/1965
N6944EJoe Bacon * 03/25/1997CESSNA 172N197801/03/1979
N7313AJohn Bissonnette * 10/06/2014CESSNA 172--09/28/1956
N4158NJohn Bissonnette * 05/21/2014CESSNA 140194701/29/1956
N801SKenneth Duncan * 01/21/2012STANTON D/STANTON K ZENITHAIR CH801200712/23/2007
N845BYKenneth Duncan * 06/11/2009PIPER PA-28-235197502/10/1975
N3658HLarry Stanton * 05/16/2014ENGINEERING & RESEARCH ERCOUPE 415-C194612/20/1955
N45EWMark Doherty * 04/18/2008ROLLADEN-SCHNEIDER GMBH LS-3197807/17/1980
N5SMMark Doherty * 03/15/2012MOONEY M20E197411/11/1974
N615HMary Bene * 09/17/2013CURTISS WRIGHT TRAVEL AIR 4000----
N100Mary Bene * 05/06/2005PIPER J3C-65194004/30/1954
N101Mary Bene * 05/06/2005CESSNA 172F196410/07/1964
N819RTMatt Mcmanus * 11/21/2013ROBISON RUSSELL W VANS RV-7A200711/30/2007
N41301Passmore Aviation Llc * 04/07/2009PIPER J-3C1941--
N2897CRobert Powers * --CESSNA 170B1954--
N3305CSale Reported * --BEECH E351954--
N8167VSteven Grossman * 01/28/2013CESSNA A188196809/09/1968
N56988Terry Walters * 08/07/2007PIPER PA-28-1511973--
N39858Thomas Caldwell * 03/21/2006BELLANCA 17-30A197209/27/1972
N3374ETimothy Bodine * 06/17/2014AERONCA 7AC194701/11/1996
N3251EVia Planes Ltd * 02/02/2001WEBSTER ROBERT AIR CAM--02/20/2001
N8421EViaplanes Ltd * 08/04/2014PILATUS PC-12/45200111/16/2001
N3780SWade Palmer * 08/29/2007QUAD CITY CHALLENGER CHALLENGER I----
N234LJWade Palmer * 07/28/2014LANGLEY JAMES H CHALLENGER II200510/07/2005
N5318HWilliam Kendrick * 12/28/2000PIPER PA-16194909/04/1957
N2131JZachary Cowan * 06/13/2012PIPER PA-28-181197812/04/1978