Moscow, Idaho
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LocationMoscow, ID
Number of Zip Codes in this City2
Total Registered Aircraft Count44
Individual Registered Count24
Partnership Registered Count2
Corporation Registered Count12
Co-Owned Registered Count6
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N7792MAndrew Schwam * 10/27/1987MOONEY M20E1974--
N2098GBenjamin Bowen * 01/28/2015CESSNA 182A--07/25/1958
N3538JBernard Olson * 01/21/1977CESSNA 150E196503/17/1965
N42209Brent Loney * 02/09/2006CESSNA 182L196803/12/1968
N733SUCarey Howe * 12/08/2014CESSNA 172N197701/20/1977
N5205VCharles Mcketta * 04/25/2014CESSNA R172K197702/03/1977
N4939HConstance Groseclose * 01/11/2011PIPER PA-111948--
N49423Douglas Gadwa * 12/20/2010CESSNA 1521978--
N5VEDouglas Gadwa * 03/07/2000CESSNA 182P197604/23/1998
N2482NEd Enochs * 12/15/1981CESSNA 140194710/08/1981
N210KCFluid Media Inc * 04/30/2014CESSNA 210--12/07/1976
N5171UFlying Nova Llc * 09/19/2012CESSNA 172RG198002/12/1980
N4928XFountain Flying Service Llc * 04/20/2009ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL S-2R197401/03/1975
N3097PFountain Flying Service Llc * 02/25/2012AYRES CORPORATION S2R-R1340198909/19/1989
N48459Fountain Inc * 02/09/1977GRUMMAN ACFT ENG COR-SCHWEIZER G-164A197604/06/1976
N48559Fountain Inc * 12/16/1988GRUMMAN ACFT ENG COR-SCHWEIZER G-164B197606/26/1976
N4999XFountain Inc * 06/05/1995ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL S-2R197504/16/1975
N5646XFountain Inc * 11/08/2010AERO COMMANDER S2R197311/14/1973
N86846Gene Guilfoy * 04/12/2005BELLANCA 7GCBC197401/24/1974
N5070PGeorge Cowin * 03/15/1982PIPER PA-24195803/19/1958
N4075AHal Bowen * 01/15/2003PIPER L-18C195807/10/1958
N4497AInter-State Aviation Inc * 05/08/1992PIPER PA-18A 150195603/01/1956
N9661TJames Siebe * 05/14/2004CESSNA 210196006/01/1960
N8760MJeremiah Warren * 04/06/2005BEECH 23196405/25/1964
N72957Lucas Hugie * 11/02/2005CESSNA 140194604/03/1956
N8652WMichael Cass * 03/28/2012PIPER PA-28-235196312/06/1963
N3560RMichael Cass * 08/04/1989BEECH A23196504/14/1965
N27KLMichael Pickering * 05/02/2013TEAM INC MINI-MAX201102/08/2011
N51458North Idaho Crushing Inc * 01/23/1999MAULE M-4-210C197310/24/1973
N7YSPatricia Bowen * 11/26/2012BEECH D-45195710/31/1991
N3679PPete Fountain * 03/28/1975PIPER PA-18A195411/09/1988
N5520TRami Attebury * 01/29/2014CESSNA 172E196404/22/1964
N68314Robert Beutler * 11/06/2013CESSNA 152----
N8756KRobert Haley * --STINSON 108-11947--
N8869JRoger Root * 02/27/1978PIPER PA-28-180196510/29/1965
N610RRonald Rea * 07/12/1994REA RONALD E LANCAIR 320199506/21/1995
N534ATRonald Rea * 04/05/2013REA RONALD E SEAREY200407/20/2004
N19085Steven Fountain * 03/08/2013CESSNA 150L197212/07/1972
N1248ESteven Pennington * 04/14/2014CESSNA 182T200505/24/2005
N700TASun Up Flyers Llc * 09/06/2002SILVAIRE LUSCOMBE 8F195906/05/1959
N93867Sunup Flyers Coop * 07/26/1977CESSNA T210L197409/11/1974
N46449Tilma Flying Club Inc * 08/07/1981CESSNA 172K196809/11/1968
N7211NWilliam Greene * 03/24/2011CESSNA 182P197404/05/1974
N3938YWilliam Humble * 05/29/2002CESSNA 210D196406/13/1964