New Castle County Delaware
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LocationNew Castle County
Delaware (DE)
Number of Zip Codes in this County54
Total Registered Aircraft Count10,424
Individual Registered Count323
Partnership Registered Count16
Corporation Registered Count9,872
Co-Owned Registered Count80
Government Registered Count1
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count130
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count2
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N44JTMidway Enterprises Inc * 12/10/2012THOMAS PITTS S-1S197602/28/1980
N49351Midway Enterprises Inc * 07/01/2008CHRISTEN INDUSTRIES INC PITTS S-1T----
N38PRMidway Enterprises Inc * 08/22/2013PIPER PA-38-112--10/31/1978
N49AEMidway Enterprises Inc * 02/01/2010COOPER ROGER W CHRISTEN EAGLE II198705/31/1988
N67824Midway Enterprises Inc * 11/09/2011CESSNA 152--08/16/1978
N7505VMidway Enterprises Inc * 02/09/2008CESSNA 177RG197512/02/1975
N117RMidway's Wings Llc * 06/06/2008NORTH AMERICAN AT-6D----
N3080BMidwest Ag Ltd * 02/27/2012BEECH F33A198612/27/1986
N603AMMidwest Air Sales Inc * 06/15/2004AIRCRAFT MFG & DEVELOPMENT CO CH 2000----
N816NMidwest Aircraft Inc * 09/18/2014BEECH V35A196903/25/1969
N1004VMidwest Aircraft Inc * 10/05/2011CESSNA R172K197610/28/1976
N4829JMidwest Aircraft Services Inc * 01/07/2005BEECH 35-C33A196611/07/1966
N33815Midwest Aviation Partners Inc * 10/02/2008PIPER PA-28R-200197504/02/1975
N302TAMidwest Flying Service Llc * 08/29/2011PIPER PA-31T198002/27/1980
N21351Midwest Flying Service Llc * 11/16/2004CESSNA 172M197409/23/1971
N277RKMidwest Jet Charter Inc * 03/12/2014ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II201402/04/2014
N163RKMidwest Jet Charter Inc * 08/17/2006ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200602/28/2006
N168RKMidwest Jet Charter Inc * 02/04/2015ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II----
N61RKMidwest Jet Charter Inc * 06/19/2012EUROCOPTER AS 350 BA199801/05/1999
N207MAMidwestjetcorp Llc * 05/21/2004PIPER PA-32-300197004/10/1970
N20739Migs Of Delaware Llc * 02/20/2013MIKOYAN GUREVICH MIG 21 UM--07/13/2004
N2940VMike Koller Enterprises Inc * 09/14/1989PIPER PA-28-236197907/01/1979
N676CMMike Mike Llc * 08/11/2014CESSNA 550198009/17/1980
N47563Mike Mooney Construction Llc * 05/30/2013CESSNA 152197902/21/1979
N44MMMike Moser Inc * 07/25/2000MITSUBISHI MU-300198407/19/1984
N75538Mike Moser Inc * 09/03/1996CESSNA 172N1976--
N2990VMikeric Aviation Corp * 04/14/2008CESSNA 150M197411/12/1974
N455MMMiklus Enterprises Llc * 02/08/2000PIPER PA-31T198005/30/1995
N56PZMild Air Llc * 01/02/2014CESSNA 510201010/28/2010
N318TRMile Hi Inc * 09/25/2009S.N.I.A.S. SA 318C ALOUETTE AST197009/09/1970
N50898Mile High 337 Llc * 07/30/2013CESSNA 150J--09/27/1968
N51WMMile High 337 Llc * 01/25/2012CESSNA 337D--05/28/1979
N714PWMile High 337 Llc * 07/30/2013CESSNA 150M197703/01/1977
N7193SMile High 337 Llc * 07/30/2013CESSNA 150H196711/25/1967
N8821GMile High 337 Llc * 07/30/2013CESSNA 150F196601/29/1966
N8442XMile High 337 Llc * 03/12/2013CESSNA 172C1961--
N21TAMile High Aviation Llc * 10/22/2008PIPER PA-28-236----
N146TSMile-High Enterprises Llc * 03/05/2010DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA 40200807/14/2008
N107WWMile-High Enterprises Llc * 01/23/2006FLIGHT DESIGN GMBH CTSW200509/28/2005
N5511GMill Creek Farms Inc * 10/07/2002MAULE M-7-260200107/30/2001
N1834SMillan Personal Aircraft Inc * 12/16/2004BEECH A36198108/06/1981
N474DMillard S Drexler Inc * 08/13/2013GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE GV-SP (G550)200502/08/2006
N841WSMillburn World Travel Services Five Inc Trustee * 01/18/2011GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE GIV-X (G450)200709/28/2007
N418WSMillburn World Travel Services Two Inc Trustee * 06/29/2009HAWKER BEECHCRAFT CORP G58200812/30/2008
N47TKMillenium Helicopters I Inc * 06/27/2005BELL H13G195207/08/2003
N778EMillennium Enterprise Llc * 11/16/2005SMITH AEROSTAR 601P197707/12/1977
N360RAMillennium Flight Leasing Inc * 11/01/2011MITSUBISHI MU-2B-60----
N20098Millennium Transactions Llc * 03/08/2011MOONEY AIRCRAFT CORP. M20S199907/23/1999
N96JLMillfore Aviation Inc Trustee * 03/05/2014CESSNA 421C197801/19/1979
N414TMillstreet Software Inc * 01/16/2015CESSNA 414197412/16/1974
N364MMMilner Air Inc * 08/15/2008BEECH B36TC198204/06/1982
N9191VMilville Aviation Llc * 08/19/2010PIPER PA-32R-301198911/17/1989
N673VMims Medical Group Inc * 06/07/2006BEECH M35196012/29/1978
N201CQMincuse Inc * 05/05/2009MOONEY M20J197612/20/1976
N850KDMinka-Air Inc * 11/12/2013SOCATA TBM 700201211/05/2012
N14KGMinsink Soaring Association * 08/17/2006SCHEIBE SF-28A TANDEM-FALKE197906/05/2002
N250TPMinster Enterprises Inc Owner Trustee * 12/16/1996BEECH A36198806/05/1992
N36NBMinute Aviation Inc Trustee * 06/28/2006BEECH A36198509/03/1995
N212RVMinuteman 12 Llc * 05/03/2010CESSNA 421C--06/27/1979
N930ZMirage 930 Corp Trustee * 07/31/2012PIPER PA 46-350P199501/11/2002
N5LKMirage Leasing Llc * 10/31/2012CESSNA 500--09/11/1996
N936TMirasol Ventures Llc * 11/26/2007BEECH 35-331960--
N51MNMirmidones-Grati Aviation Corp * 03/14/2012DASSAULT AVIATION FALCON 2000199512/01/1995
N4692WMiss Renee Llc * 05/25/2004ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL 112TCA197806/02/1978
N444BCMission Air Capital Services Llc * 12/17/2013GRUMMAN G-159196212/18/1962
N612DTMission Air Capital Services Llc * 03/02/2000GRUMMAN AMERICAN AVN. CORP. G-159--04/13/1983
N789GMission Air Capital Services Llc * 01/16/2013GRUMMAN G-159196206/18/1962
N8EMission Air Capital Services Llc * 07/23/2011GRUMMAN G-159196202/04/1963
N4178WMistress Two Inc Trustee * 05/07/2003PIPER PA-32R-301T200009/21/2000
N852MMMistwood Holdings Llc * 12/16/2014CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22T201411/17/2014
N55380Misty Aviation Inc * 03/19/2003PIPER PA-28-140197303/29/1973
N8888GMita Trust * 12/16/2009BOMBARDIER INC CL-600-2B16200804/03/2009
N510JSMitchell Smith P E Inc * 05/05/2014C MITCHELL SMITH RV-10201406/30/2014
N32209Mitchellville Flyers Inc * 04/05/1991PIPER PA-28-180197410/11/1974
N842HJMitchlee Llc * 06/29/2007CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22200705/30/2007
N2196JMixed Wing Llc * 08/06/2001BELL 206B198111/11/1981
N550LSMixed Wing Llc * 02/25/2004CESSNA 550197906/23/2004
N355PAMizar (20624) Llc * 10/17/2013BOEING 727-225--05/04/1973
N356PAMizar (20626) Llc * 09/30/2013BOEING 727-225197305/29/1973
N353PAMizar 20622 Llc * 09/30/2013BOEING 727-225197304/05/1973
N60554Mj Hunter Inc Trustee * 08/19/2010CESSNA 182T200608/21/2006
N250CBMjcj Llc * 02/27/2003DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA 40200209/25/2002
N255MMMjf Holdings Inc * 11/03/1995CESSNA 172195606/18/1956
N31143Mjj Aircraft Inc * 03/16/2012BEECH A36198808/31/1988
N82650Mjj Aircraft Inc * 06/22/2011AERONCA 7AC----
N425HMjo Llc * 12/19/2012PIPER PA 46-350P----
N6412MMlm Aviation Ltd * 06/20/2013CESSNA 152198011/03/1980
N54031Mlr Adventures Inc * 03/18/2003CESSNA 172P198104/01/1981
N543CMMm Air Inc * 12/27/2007LEARJET INC 45199910/31/1999
N7645YMmaxx Aviation Service Llc * 09/28/2007PIPER PA-30196604/23/2005
N119HMmc Inc * 05/13/2009NORTH AMERICAN F-51D194412/10/1957
N4871SMmi Aviation Holdings Inc * 07/10/2013PIPER PA-32-260197104/08/1971
N227CMMmkb Inc * 04/29/2002CESSNA 182P197604/26/2002
N816KDMmt Llc * 03/19/2014ECLIPSE AVIATION CORP EA500200603/09/2007
N519EJMmt Llc * 03/25/2014ECLIPSE AVIATION CORP EA500200705/26/2007
N562MJMmt Llc * 08/02/2013ECLIPSE AVIATION CORP EA500200804/01/2011
N561MJMmt Llc * 08/12/2011ECLIPSE AVIATION CORP EA500200802/29/2008
N563MJMmt Llc * 04/06/2012ECLIPSE AVIATION CORP EA500200706/23/2007
N55664Mns Inc * 07/22/2010PIPER PA-28-235197305/14/1973
N5383LMo Landings Llc * 04/22/2014PIPER PA-28-180196802/08/1968