Oklahoma County Oklahoma
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LocationOklahoma County
Oklahoma (OK)
Number of Zip Codes in this County88
Total Registered Aircraft Count1,557
Individual Registered Count500
Partnership Registered Count18
Corporation Registered Count544
Co-Owned Registered Count436
Government Registered Count50
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count6
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count3
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this County to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N621CDAlliance Air Parts Inc * --CESSNA 560199207/28/1997
N567JKAlliance Air Parts Inc * --MITSUBISHI MU-300198110/20/1982
N55FAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A197710/20/1977
N56BNAlliance Air Parts Inc * --ISRAEL AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES 1124197911/01/1979
N56JAAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A198003/08/1995
N575MAlliance Air Parts Inc * --CESSNA 550200003/13/2000
N52GAAlliance Air Parts Inc * --HAWKER SIDDELEY HS.125 SERIES 700A198001/31/2006
N5462GAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH E-90197307/20/1981
N636SEAlliance Air Parts Inc * --LEARJET INC 31A199306/04/1993
N653MFAlliance Air Parts Inc * --DASSAULT-BREGUET FALCON 20197902/19/1993
N6VGAlliance Air Parts Inc * --DASSAULT-BREGUET FALCON 10197501/06/1976
N700SJAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A197610/11/1976
N701ASAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEAR JET 35197601/15/2004
N711RDAlliance Air Parts Inc * --PIPER PA-31T197906/18/1979
N71DHAlliance Air Parts Inc * --PIPER PA 46-350P199610/30/1997
N7DJAlliance Air Parts Inc * --ISRAEL AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES 1124197901/14/1980
N799CSAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH A100197408/24/1984
N794AAAlliance Air Parts Inc * --LEARJET INC 60--10/27/1993
N8001VAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH C90A199011/13/1990
N8040AAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEAR JET 35----
N7781Alliance Air Parts Inc * --DASSAULT-BREGUET FALCON 10197902/07/1980
N813ASAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A197802/25/1978
N72JFAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A197601/11/1994
N751JAlliance Air Parts Inc * --SOCATA TBM 700--01/07/1992
N911RLAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH 100196905/31/1991
N900JCAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEAR JET 35----
N89TMAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH C90197411/11/2013
N8KTAlliance Air Parts Inc * --SWEARINGEN SA-26AT196908/26/1975
N879WCAlliance Air Parts Inc * 05/04/2007RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY HAWKER 800XP199812/21/1998
N860SAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A197610/08/1976
N859CCAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH 200--07/13/1978
N845SCAlliance Air Parts Inc * --LEARJET INC 45----
N824LAAlliance Air Parts Inc * --DASSAULT-BREGUET FALCON 10197510/22/2007
N821DAAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH B90196809/21/1968
N83GAAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH 200197905/09/1995
N831CWAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A----
N998AQAlliance Air Parts Inc * 05/12/2010LEARJET INC 45200505/20/2005
N98LCAlliance Air Parts Inc * --GATES LEARJET CORP. 35A197601/26/1998
N928TTAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH C90A199212/21/2005
N919CLAlliance Air Parts Inc * --BEECH C90198705/05/1999
N976MAlliance Air Parts Inc * --DASSAULT-BREGUET FALCON 10197508/27/1996
N951DBAlliance Air Parts Inc * --ISRAEL AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES 1124197607/12/1997
N337RGAllied Asset Management Llc * 08/22/2012CESSNA T337G197202/10/1973
N33VSAlpine Aviation Llc * 05/14/2013BEECH V35B197710/10/1975
N6847RAlpine Aviation Llc * 05/07/1997CESSNA T210G196702/10/1967
N7585SAlpine Aviation Llc * 01/12/2011CESSNA 182Q197611/11/1976
N308QSAltec Ventures Llc * 08/15/2014CESSNA 680200612/21/2006
N80AEAmerican Energy-Aviation Llc * 04/16/2014LEARJET INC 45200801/28/2014
N627AFAmerican Fidelity Corp * 08/23/2013BOMBARDIER INC CL-600-2B16200201/21/2003
N2333BAmerican Jet Charter Inc * 08/25/2008RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY 58199711/13/1997
N411ABAmerican Time Machine Llc * 09/30/2011CESSNA 414A198007/22/1980
N99RSAmerican Time Machine Llc * 04/16/1998GATES LEAR JET 36A--05/19/1984
N1635WAngel Exploration Llc * 03/08/2013BEECH A36197207/26/1972
N312QSArgosy Aviation Holdings Llc * 09/17/2013EMBRAER S A EMB-505201308/08/2013
N328QSArh Financial Llc * 12/18/2013EMBRAER S A EMB-505201311/22/2013
N262BArt Price * 09/25/1973COLONIAL C-11957--
N72AGAspen Glen Dressage Llc * 07/20/2010CESSNA 510201006/30/2010
N5487RAssociated Aero Service Inc * 05/03/2004CESSNA 172RG197910/19/1979
N956CFBaker 182 Llc * 10/17/2007CESSNA 182T200202/06/2002
N414BBBaker N414Bb Llc * 09/22/2004CESSNA 414A----
N631BLBancfirst * 06/25/2008PILATUS AIRCRAFT LTD PC-12/45200505/19/2005
N389QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 11/26/2014CESSNA 680200706/28/2007
N375QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 05/15/2014CESSNA 680200809/24/2008
N357QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 10/06/2014CESSNA 680200707/31/2007
N160QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 11/29/2012BOMBARDIER INC BD-700-1A10201211/28/2012
N145QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 11/05/2014BOMBARDIER INC BD-700-1A10----
N109QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 07/15/2014BOMBARDIER INC BD-700-1A11201306/19/2014
N277QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 07/14/2014DASSAULT AVIATION FALCON 2000200203/08/2002
N307QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 09/30/2014CESSNA 680200703/27/2007
N341QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 06/04/2014CESSNA 680----
N764QSBank Of Utah Trustee * 11/24/2014BOMBARDIER INC BD-100-1A10----
N6644QBap&H Llc * 06/04/2012CESSNA 414197409/06/1974
N742FBaron Charter Service Llc * 01/04/2011LEARJET INC 45199907/16/1999
N452RJBaron D Llc * 06/19/2006BEECH D55196803/05/1968
N18077Barry Henthorn * 05/08/1989CESSNA 150L197208/29/1972
N6416TBarry Henthorn * 04/10/1989CESSNA 150195912/23/1959
N206SKBarry Latschar * 05/28/2008CESSNA 206196402/06/2002
N71ALBastille Energy Corp * 05/04/2007LEARJET INC 31A199111/17/1991
N3406JBenney Boone * 12/30/1999CESSNA 150G196701/18/1967
N91126Big Cat Aviation Llc * 07/17/2008CESSNA T182T200601/25/2006
N999CXBig Sky Llc * 01/21/2005CESSNA 550199807/27/1998
N4610JBill Hines * 11/16/1998PIPER PA-28R-180196803/04/1968
N726LLBill Hines * 03/09/2012SPANBERGER LT/OHLSSON L SKY BOLT201002/25/2010
N995BABlack Gold Aviation Llc * 04/17/2013CANADAIR LTD CL-600-2B16199107/16/1991
N2767Blue City Holdings Llc * 06/16/2005BOEING 767-238198711/25/2006
N477MLBlue Dolphin Energy Llc * 01/17/2012CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR22T201112/07/2011
N7879LBlue Eagle Aviation Llc * 03/27/2009BEECH V35196610/19/1966
N789HUBmag Management Co Llc * 11/02/2011CESSNA 560XL201109/17/2011
N671MDBmb Aircraft Llc * 04/03/2014CESSNA 680201403/05/2014
N93668Bobby Stine * 10/28/2004BELLANCA 17-31A197305/29/1975
N241XBogie Brothers Llc * 04/23/2012BEECH E18S-9700195910/15/1959
N3376XBogie Brothers Llc * 07/09/2009MOONEY M20C196604/06/1966
N99SBBonanza Service Ltd Co * 03/04/1996BEECH A36197108/26/1971
N4262NBoyce Capps * 11/24/1975CESSNA 120194706/12/1956
N7408KBoyce Capps * 08/09/1966PIPER PA-20195011/11/1955
N89973Bradley Depee * 06/10/2014CESSNA 140194608/23/1955
N5125FBradley Stell * 09/14/2011CESSNA 172F196503/10/1965
N816VBrawler Aviation Llc * 08/22/2006BEECH V35B197105/07/1971
N2783KBrent Elrod * 02/18/2004SILVAIRE LUSCOMBE 8E194705/24/1956
N29393Brent Elrod * 03/20/2014SUPERIOR CULVER LCA194002/17/1956