Peachtree City, Georgia
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City Information
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LocationPeachtree City, GA
Number of Zip Codes in this City3
Total Registered Aircraft Count137
Individual Registered Count71
Partnership Registered Count1
Corporation Registered Count57
Co-Owned Registered Count8
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N179LAPrime Industries Inc * 06/18/2013AEROSPATIALE AS 355 F ECUREUIL198205/09/1985
N621HLPrime Industries Inc * 07/26/2013AEROSPATIALE AS 365 N2----
N629DSPtcwilder Llc * 07/23/2007DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA 40200603/29/2006
N29788Registration Pending * --BELLANCA 7GCAA198003/26/1980
N9999AReid Murphy * 12/12/2001PIPER PA-22-150195504/07/1956
N52207Release Industries Inc * 07/15/1992CESSNA 182P197310/10/1973
N8711BRichard Olive * 03/13/2014CESSNA 172195711/18/1957
N55376Richard Thompson * 10/01/1982BOEING A75N1(PT17)194003/08/1957
N94279Robert Braddy * 04/09/2007SABRE 447200710/10/2007
N94435Robert Gibler * 02/04/2003PIPER PA-28-140197205/24/2002
N599CRobin Maiden * 09/24/2012MAIDEN ROBIN L AIRCAM201210/07/2012
N1662Ron Alexander * 04/25/2007CURTISS JN4D201311/05/2013
N763RSRussell Solsvig * 11/20/2009SOLSVIG RUSSELL T AIR CAM201002/27/2010
N334ATSale Reported * --BOEING 767-300----
N353DCScc Aviation Holdings Llc * 11/17/2006DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA20-C1200512/22/2005
N83739Sharon Harper * 11/28/2011AERONCA 7AC194611/16/1956
N380SMStephen Mcdonald * 12/18/2006MCDONALD STEPHEN E VANS RV-8A200806/11/2008
N3XDSteven Hammer * 01/11/2012WHEELER K/WHEELER C WHEELER FOUR199605/04/1996
N73SHSteven Hammer * 03/03/1989HAMMER STEVEN L GLASAIR SH-2199107/21/2000
N56134Sylvia Catinella * 08/11/2011PIPER PA-28-140197306/29/1973
N9444KThomas Young * 04/25/1998STINSON 108-21947--
N357RDTimothy Baily * 09/01/2010BAILY TIMOTHY B TIMS GLASAIR 1RG201104/08/2011
N352DCTlc Aviation Holdings Llc * 11/17/2006DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA20-C1200512/10/2005
N36583Tower Aviation Inc * 10/14/2004PIPER PA-28-161197806/15/1978
N9422LTrue Resources Llc * 04/02/2009AMERICAN AVIATION AA-1A197109/16/1971
N56KDTs Aviation Llc * 11/21/2014DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA 42200709/18/2007
N84UNUlf Petersson * 12/14/2007PETERSSON ULF RV 8A200712/22/2007
N62PFVan Thaxton * 06/13/2012ERCOUPE 415-D194608/15/1955
N680VVern Darley * 05/25/2005DARLEY VERN VANS RV-6A200512/08/2005
N2423KVernon Darley * 12/28/2009LUSCOMBE 8E194707/10/1956
N200WSW & S Aviators Llc * 01/25/2013PIPER PA-34-200197402/07/1974
N487MAW & S Aviators Llc * 11/14/2007DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA20-C1200506/07/2005
N435PLWilliam Bulger * 01/24/2011LUSCOMBE 8E----
N224NWWorld Airways Inc * 09/05/2008MCDONNELL-DOUGLAS DC-10-30197509/03/1991
N706TZWorld Airways Inc * 09/05/2008MCDONNELL-DOUGLAS DC-10-30197501/05/2006
N705TZWorld Airways Inc * 09/05/2008MCDONNELL-DOUGLAS DC-10-30197511/20/1997
N702TZWorld Airways Inc * 09/05/2008MCDONNELL-DOUGLAS DC-10-30199707/10/1997