Riverton, WY 82501
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LocationRiverton, WY 82501
Total Registered Aircraft Count67
Individual Registered Count39
Partnership Registered Count3
Corporation Registered Count12
Co-Owned Registered Count11
Government Registered Count2
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N9873ZAnita Gurney * 08/11/1995PIPER PA-23195510/26/1955
N3772PArthur Wilson * --PIPER PA-18-1501955--
N7324NBonnie Leonhardt * 10/03/2000CESSNA 182P197405/14/1974
N3382MBoyd Anderson * 06/04/2014PIPER PA-12194707/10/1956
N8614CBruce Kamminga * 10/28/1998PIPER PA-22-135195304/13/1956
N6824PCarriage Corral Inc Dba * 01/22/2008PIPER PA-24-250196008/10/1960
N8015NCarriage Corral Inc Dba * 05/07/2014PIPER PA-28-140196811/27/1968
N1524RCity Of Riverton * 02/01/2012FIREFLY BALLOONS INC FIREFLY 8B-15200201/31/2003
N2570YCity Of Riverton * 02/01/2012BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 8B-15199403/16/1994
N4625MDave's Asphalt Co * 09/28/2009BEECH A36197803/20/1978
N4250Dean Peranteaux * 07/24/1999PIPER PA-24-250195904/01/1959
N3785FDelta Power & Automation Inc * 06/04/2004CESSNA 172H196610/01/1966
N7762PDonald Warfield * 07/10/1995PIPER PA-24-250196201/02/1962
N8813XEdward Finch * 10/05/2007CESSNA 182D196002/01/1961
N1808YEdward Finch * 04/30/2013CESSNA 172C196206/05/1962
N42488George Christensen * 12/14/1976CESSNA 182L196812/17/1968
N1897HGlenn Gurney * 03/16/2001CESSNA 310C195909/18/1959
N19851Glenn Gurney * 11/15/2003CESSNA 172M197208/16/1972
N39453Glenn Gurney * 08/15/2006PIPER PA-34-200T197807/12/1978
N65315Glenn Gurney * 03/15/2011PIPER PA-23-250196505/13/1976
N71341Glenn Gurney * 09/19/2012CESSNA 182M196902/06/1969
N1477NGolden Eagle Investments * 03/17/1987PIPER J3C-65--07/26/1956
N90203Harold Sheppard * 04/11/2013DOUGLAS C-54G--04/10/1979
N8056DHarold Sheppard * 09/06/2007LOCKHEED P2V-7----
N8094Harold Sheppard * 09/06/2007FAIRCHILD C-119G1948--
N8505AHarold Sheppard * 04/30/2007FAIRCHILD C-119F195306/26/1990
N97HBHarold Sheppard * 04/30/2007BOEING KC-97G195203/24/1982
N972HPHarold Sheppard * 04/24/2007BOEING/HAWKINS AND POWERS HP-B-377--07/15/1991
N125HPHarold Sheppard * 03/24/2011LOCKHEED SP-2H----
N255SHarold Sheppard * 10/11/2011MARTIN 404195208/26/1963
N37636Harold Sheppard * 03/30/2007FAIRCHILD C-119L--06/23/1982
N397HPHarold Sheppard * 04/15/2011BOEING KC-97L----
N391WHHarold Sheppard * 02/05/2010PIPER PA-28R-180196809/04/1968
N461MHarold Sheppard * 10/03/2012MARTIN 404195202/25/1965
N4728PHarold Sheppard * 06/04/2008PIPER PA-23-250196007/28/1976
N497HPHarold Sheppard * 06/22/2011BOEING KC-97L----
N234WYJames Hanson * 04/15/2013JAMES L HANSON KITFOX OUTBACK201308/06/2013
N342JSJames Hanson * 05/26/2011JACK DAVE CHRISTAVIA MK 1200404/10/2004
N7562YJames Hanson * 03/07/1995PIPER PA-30196410/28/1964
N7573TJames Steinhoff * 04/07/2004CESSNA 172A195911/14/1962
N2358SJerome Bornhoft * 04/07/2008CESSNA TR182197911/12/1979
N398SCJerry Bornhoft * 12/17/2008PIPER PA-18-150197509/13/1990
N705JJimmy Robinson * 11/16/2010JABIRU USA SPORT AIRCRAFT LLC J230-SP200911/19/2009
N22344K & K Land & Cattle Co * 04/27/1976CESSNA 150H196801/19/1968
N2378VKerry Johnson * 11/04/1975CESSNA 1401948--
N7132PKevin Jordan * 05/03/2012PIPER PA-24-250196102/01/1961
N23037Leonard Zierlein * --LUSCOMBE 8A1939--
N6283PMichael Cunningham * 11/20/2008PIPER PA-24-250195909/29/1959
N2690FMountain States Supply Inc * 02/03/2005CESSNA 182J1965--
N168SPN168Sp Llc * 04/06/2006BEECH B-60198002/16/1986
N42TGPlane Finders Llc * 08/27/2003SOCATA TB21--09/19/1986
N334CBR & N Investments Llc * 01/11/2010AVIAT INC A-1199212/30/1992
N4909YR And N Investments Llc * 02/16/1995CESSNA T210N198005/07/1980
N112WSRandall Edgeington * 03/26/2009PIPER PA-24-250196109/12/1961
N2668GRandy Jevne * 10/25/2007CESSNA 182B195903/27/1959
N5191VRed Stew Llc * 10/27/2008CESSNA T210L197506/30/1975
N712GJRegistration Pending * --BEECH 200----
N5386PRendezvous Air Llc * 04/09/2003PIPER PA-24-250195810/06/1958
N33PMRichard Wecker * 09/26/2007BEECH 58P197703/13/1995
N2908TRichard Wecker * 02/21/2006AERO COMMANDER 200D196605/04/1966
N63128Richard Wecker * 08/04/1997WECKER RICHARD C WECKER ACRO TRAINER199809/30/1998
N7752MRobert Steen * 01/14/1987MOONEY M20E197403/22/1974
N67STStephen Pince * 12/08/2009BEECH 35-C33196701/05/1967
N4055HWayne Lawson * 10/13/2004MOONEY M20J198007/16/1980
N1291NWestern States Liquefied Petroleum Gas Co * 11/07/2012CESSNA AIRCRAFT CO LC41-550FG200901/27/2009
N632BWilliam Chupka * 01/11/2010BEECH J351957--
N758JBWilliam Spencer * 12/12/2012CESSNA R172K197903/13/1979