Sutter Creek, California
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LocationSutter Creek, CA
Number of Zip Codes in this City1
Total Registered Aircraft Count38
Individual Registered Count29
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count0
Co-Owned Registered Count9
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N560SFAdam Allen * 01/24/2006CESSNA 150M197407/22/1974
N428HSB Dedge * 11/29/2000CESSNA 182J196511/24/1965
N426RCChristopher Dahl * 06/14/2011DAHL/LAITURI RV-4198701/09/1988
N26757Christopher Fuller * 04/11/2007GULFSTREAM AMERICAN CORP AA-5A--10/11/1978
N24CMChristopher Mckeage * 12/29/1993MCKEAGE CHRISTOPHER RV-6199401/28/2004
N406DFChristopher Schneider * 04/05/2006GRUMMAN S2F-1 (TS-2A)----
N423DFChristopher Schneider * 05/09/2012GRUMMAN TS-2A----
N420DFChristopher Schneider * 09/05/2006GRUMMAN S2F-1 (TS-2A)195606/05/1975
N5416CColleen Mckeage * 02/08/2007CESSNA 170A1950--
N4166ADavid Istance * 11/08/2013GLASFLUGEL H 301 LIBELLE196710/25/1983
N801DRDavid Richards * 10/19/1982LUSCOMBE 8A194807/20/1955
N168XFred Weaver * 03/03/2006CLEMENT JAMES CLEMENT TAILWIND200106/28/2001
N37291John Allen * 10/09/1967INTERSTATE S-1A1941--
N594WSJohn Allen * 07/25/2005SKYSTAR AIRCRAFT SPEEDSTER199404/07/1994
N81049John Allen * 01/30/1980CESSNA 140194602/18/1956
N82958John Allen * 02/22/2007AERONCA 7AC194610/30/1970
N98912John Allen * 10/24/2012PIPER PA-12194607/12/1956
N20184John Weber * 08/31/2010RANS EMPLOYEE FLYING CLUB RANS S-6S COYOTE II200201/17/2002
N372ZJonathan Luy * 04/06/1994BEECH 35-A331960--
N15EXKenneth Couey * 12/23/2011BARNARD S/STANCIL D L GLASTAR200206/12/2003
N7968PMark Cornell * 01/28/1992PIPER PA-24-250196204/11/1962
N506MMMark Ohlau * 10/12/2007STERN MARK D VAN'S ACFT RV-6199311/24/1993
N7744KMark Ohlau * 01/30/2014PIPER PA-20195008/07/1955
N8518BPhillip Faillers * 10/10/1995CESSNA 172195711/06/1957
N7717TRobert Goerlitz * 01/28/1999CESSNA 172A196002/19/1960
N323BCRonald Hartje * 02/28/2011SMITH EDWARD J KITFOX IV -1050200203/07/2002
N76933Ronald Hartje * 04/08/2014CESSNA 140194608/26/1955
N9074NRuth Sanders * 12/06/2006GRUMMAN G-21A----
N780MASale Reported * --ADAMS M/BARDIN B CHALLENGER I201007/07/2010
N1502ST Richards * 11/07/2001BEECH P35196112/28/1961
N195DRT Richards * 11/07/2001CESSNA 195194905/01/1957
N3749TTed Rosario * 04/08/2013THIESSEN JEROME L. WITTMAN TAILWIND198207/09/1982
N304BLTerence Lowe * 08/24/2010HPH LTD GLASFLUGEL 304CZ200002/22/2002
N6284QTerence Lowe * 10/22/2012AEROMOT AMT-200(SUPR XIMNGO)199709/06/1997
N330ZWayne Vinciguerra * 06/22/2000BEECH 35-A33196012/07/1960
N360SRWilliam Cox * 02/27/2003SEABOURN SCOTT R RV-6199403/31/1994
N2728BWilliam Nelson * 04/05/2004CESSNA 182B195905/24/1982
N727WVWolfgang Voelcker * 12/10/2012VOELCKER WOLFGANG A P VALKYRIE201212/31/2012