Townsend, DE 19734
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LocationTownsend, DE 19734
Total Registered Aircraft Count22
Individual Registered Count16
Partnership Registered Count3
Corporation Registered Count2
Co-Owned Registered Count1
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N220HDAero Enterprises Inc * 06/06/2002CESSNA 310R197501/15/1976
N310JTBlake Arnold * 01/24/2013CESSNA 310195601/11/1957
N10937David Agent * 12/09/2004CESSNA 150L197309/20/1973
N7475TDavid Brenton * 11/08/2006CESSNA 172A195910/27/1959
N2154RDavid Cannavo * 07/31/2014PIPER PA-28-180196907/16/1969
N2473HDavid Cannavo * 08/20/2009ENGINEERING & RESEARCH ERCOUPE 415-C194611/19/1956
N3727LDavid Cannavo * 06/21/2005CESSNA 172G196511/19/1965
N95ENEdson Nichols * 06/20/2012NICHOLS EDSON H III SEAREY199510/02/1995
N118ENEdson Nichols * 03/10/2000NICHOLS EDSON H III KIS-CRUISER TR-4200011/16/2000
N2243VEric Nichols * 03/06/2006PIPER PA-28-161197902/26/1979
N17332Flying M Museum * 09/18/2000DOUGLAS DC3193705/05/1957
N7492WGeorge Grubb * 07/31/1989PIPER PA-28-180196308/06/1963
N7705MJohn Moritz * 11/19/1996MOONEY M22196705/14/1984
N201ZDJohn Moritz * 08/16/1989MOONEY M20J197810/27/1978
N1300YLeonard Mammucari * 08/06/2009CESSNA 172C196110/24/1961
N696PRMichael Deliberty * 02/14/2011CESSNA 210-5A(205A)196402/07/1964
N150KPScott Powell * 10/21/2010CESSNA 150G196612/21/1966
N312SPScott Powell * 11/08/2003CESSNA 182J196609/06/1966
N302SPScott Powell * 07/31/1979CESSNA 140194811/28/1955
N7348RStephen Bulboff * 09/04/2007BEECH 95-B55 (T42A)197410/07/1983
N3468CT Macario * 09/26/2008PZL-MIELEC AN-2196302/07/1999
N14MMT Macario * 11/20/2006MACARIO STARDUSTER SA-300198007/31/1980