Watsonville, California
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LocationWatsonville, CA
Number of Zip Codes in this City2
Total Registered Aircraft Count91
Individual Registered Count45
Partnership Registered Count6
Corporation Registered Count24
Co-Owned Registered Count16
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N489CBAir Giant Llc * 05/09/2008CESSNA 525200206/20/2002
N92069Alibi Flying Club * 04/17/1973CESSNA 182M196910/15/1969
N4960DArthur Winterling * 06/13/1979CESSNA 182A1958--
N9436CB&E Aviation Llc * 10/19/2009PIPER PA-28R-201197803/09/1978
N6755PCarl Hensler * 11/16/1998PIPER PA-24-180196002/26/1960
N4130NCentral Irrigation Supply Co * 08/24/2009PIPER PA-28-181199809/19/1998
N2087PCharles Feemster * 10/26/2000IAR SA BRASOV IAR 823197705/02/2000
N626BCherokee Family Limited Partnership * 01/19/1994PIPER PA-28-180196412/29/1964
N831CLChristopher Laws * 11/01/2010LAWS CHRISTOPHER S-12 AIRAILE----
N28003David Goldman * 07/03/2012GULFSTREAM AMERICAN CORP AA-5B197809/27/1978
N591DKDavid Kashtan * 12/18/2001CESSNA 560200112/05/2001
N900GMDavid Kashtan * 03/28/2001CESSNA T310R197708/18/1994
N921ACDavid Saylor * 10/27/2008SAYLOR RV-10200711/05/2007
N8458JDouglas Anderson * 03/14/2005CESSNA 150G196704/12/1967
N7408UDouglas Anerson * 08/08/2014BALLOON WORKS FIREFLY 7--03/02/1987
N5954BDouglas Glass * 12/09/1996CESSNA 182A195612/11/1956
N37172Driscoll Strawberry Associates Inc * 11/29/2011RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY B300----
N83025E Boyman * 01/16/1967AERONCA 7AC1946--
N1190XFlying Founders Inc * 01/02/1998AMERICAN GENERAL ACFT CORP AG5B199101/02/1991
N711LUFrank Shelton * 02/06/2014COLUMBIA AIRCRAFT MFG LC41-550FG200707/19/2007
N72285Fred Willoughby * 06/16/1997CESSNA U206D196906/18/1969
N4319MG & M Leasing Llc * 01/08/1990PIPER PA-46-310P198311/29/1983
N7559EGaile Jennings * 09/08/2003CHAMPION 7FC195801/23/1959
N342CBGary Manning * 02/24/1992BEECH P35196301/17/1963
N958GCGilc Inc * 07/18/2007CESSNA 550200202/13/2002
N1277EHeaven Express Llc * 06/04/2002CESSNA 525A200205/24/2002
N700NJHenry Wempe * 05/17/2011PIPER AEROSTAR 601P197903/14/1979
N72173Howard Mcginnis * 08/28/2004CESSNA 120194608/01/1955
N6747HHoward Mcginnis * 08/28/2000CESSNA 172M197507/03/1975
N8912VJeff Roper * 08/15/2012CESSNA 172M197411/08/1974
N377CPJeffrey Hodgson * 02/14/2014MAY CHARLES R SR RV7A201009/27/2010
N2804ZJen Delp-Mallet Llc * 02/03/2014BELLANCA 8KCAB197803/07/1978
N752WWJerry King * 10/24/1996NORTH AMERICAN T-28B195405/28/1997
N8711WJoe Matus * 06/17/2005PIPER PA-28-235196401/20/1964
N111VFJohn Cottle * 06/17/1993CESSNA T210N198007/23/1993
N7870ZJohn Gibson * 05/11/1994CESSNA 150C196306/07/1963
N174LJoyce Ross * 07/20/2012CESSNA 195195004/16/1956
N3089PJoyce Ross * 06/07/2012PIPER PA-23195704/23/1957
N2924DJoyce Ross * 04/17/2014CESSNA 170B195508/06/1956
N3100MKeith Jenkins * 05/02/2000PIPER PA-12194706/20/1956
N6DEKeith Jenkins * 07/13/2006CESSNA T210M--07/21/1978
N4454EKenneth Lockepaddon * 06/10/2013ANTARES MA-32200109/10/2008
N7894KKenneth Lockepaddon * 08/06/2007LOCKEPADDON KENNETH APACHE200701/15/2010
N28329Kevin Brown * 08/16/2012INTERSTATE S-1A1941--
N96870Kevin Springer * 04/08/2004TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194606/01/1956
N241SFLawrence Lease * 11/06/2001PALMER WILLIAM KITFOX SERIES 5199605/15/1997
N108NBLocke-Paddon Kenneth * 10/31/2013BROOKS NEIL T KITFOX SPEEDSTER199412/12/2000
N7709YLou Pavesi * 04/02/2014PIPER PA-30196504/27/1965
N3006DLouis Branciforte * 01/03/2013CESSNA 310195511/10/1955
N81ESLouis Branciforte * 06/28/2012POWELL TOM VARIEZE198706/07/1988
N93WALouis Branciforte * 09/09/2010PIPER PA-34-200T197709/08/1977
N2538FMarjorie Bachman * 04/03/2013CHAMPION 7ECA1965--
N7017WMatt Long * 08/30/2011PIPER PA-28-180196209/18/1962
N396TAMonterey Bay Aviation Inc * 02/13/2008CESSNA 172S200305/29/2003
N49931Monterey Bay Aviation Inc * 06/20/2007CESSNA 152197802/24/1978
N5347HMonterey Bay Aviation Inc * 03/13/2007CESSNA 172M197505/30/1975
N7002PMonterey Bay Aviation Inc * 01/23/2008PIPER PA-24-250196008/09/1960
N735UMonterey Bay Aviation Inc * 05/19/2009CESSNA 182Q----
N8944MNeil England * 04/16/2011BEECH S35196508/30/1965
N58UPOur 44 Inc * 05/02/2005ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II200504/08/2005
N64048Outer Limit Aviation Llc * 04/09/2012CESSNA 172M197503/22/1975
N1920CPaul Hsei * 03/20/2007MOONEY M20C196406/17/1995
N2987FPeros Enterprises Inc * 01/12/2006CESSNA 182J196604/09/1966
N2045LPeter Strobl * 12/01/1998BEECH C23197606/23/1976
N2532WRegistration Pending * --BEECH B24R197401/23/1974
N160FRobert Hendrickson * 03/09/2012SMITH MINIPLANE196606/09/1977
N7986TRobert Hendrickson * 02/11/1997CESSNA 175A196006/16/1960
N5473NRobert Van Wagenen * 02/14/1986CESSNA 182R198009/23/1980
N5853LSamuel Kennedy * 07/07/2008AMERICAN AA-5197209/15/1980
N8795SScott Ebersole * 06/21/2013CESSNA 150F196510/16/1965
N269SDSean Farrell * 11/01/2012FARRELL SEAN PATRICK VANS AIRCRAFT RV-7A200903/09/2009
N5492WSky Park Cherokees Inc * 07/30/1962PIPER PA-28-150196205/02/1962
N2379XSkydive Surfcity Inc * 06/16/2014CESSNA 182H196504/24/1965
N6261ASkydive Surfcity Inc * 06/11/2014CESSNA 1821956--
N8571VSteven Henderson * 02/14/2013AMERICAN CHAMPION AIRCRAFT 7GCAA197404/26/2001
N9169GSteven Syvertson * 10/23/2013CESSNA 182N197107/21/1971
N2370BStrawberry Aviation Inc * 10/10/1996PIPER PA-38-112197811/07/1978
N32874Strawberry Aviation Inc * 03/23/2005PIPER PA-28-140197412/27/1974
N592WPT T Miyasaka Inc * 09/17/1992CESSNA 500197507/27/1983
N333PGTerence Mckenna * 06/04/2014PIPER PA-28R-201197707/28/1977
N30475Thomas Amrhein * 06/11/2014CESSNA 172M197305/22/2002
N82740Timothy Thomas * 08/13/2003PIPER PA-18-150197709/19/1977
N6876KTravis Smith * 10/03/2006PIPER PA-16194906/22/1956
N37057Tryg Minier * 07/19/1999SILVAIRE LUSCOMBE 8C1941--
N5183TTryg Minier * 02/28/2012CHAMPION 7KCAB196702/07/1967
N72963Tryg Minier * 01/18/2002CESSNA 140194606/30/1956
N7181AVern Looper * 04/22/1976CESSNA 1721956--
N9718LVerne Stucky * 01/06/2014BEECH B19197110/29/1971
N243TAWest Coast Sport Aircraft Inc * --COSTRUZIONI AERONAUTICHE TECNA P92 TAIL DRAGGER201201/31/2013
N454TAWest Coast Sport Aircraft Inc * --COSTRUZIONI AERONAUTICHE TECNA P2002 SIERRA201004/16/2011
N3184GWilliam Griffin * 12/27/1991GRIFFIN WILLIAM JEFFREY COUGAR199205/28/1992