Chilton County Alabama
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County Information
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LocationChilton County
Alabama (AL)
Number of Zip Codes in this County7
Total Registered Aircraft Count36
Individual Registered Count24
Partnership Registered Count1
Corporation Registered Count3
Co-Owned Registered Count4
Government Registered Count4
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this County to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N6902DBilly Singleton * 08/18/2008PIPER PA-22-150195701/21/1957
N129EEBrandon Knox * 11/10/2014BEECH F33A197701/07/1977
N60473Charles Bates * 01/14/1997CESSNA 150J196902/19/1969
N514SDChilton County Sheriffs Office * 03/20/2014BELL OH-58C----
N5203FChilton County Sheriffs Office * 11/07/2012CESSNA 172F196504/16/1965
N714SDChilton County Sheriffs Office * 03/24/2014BELL OH-58C----
N262SDChilton County Sheriffs Office * 11/07/2012HUGHES MH-6C----
N78623Clement Clapp * 08/29/2000CESSNA 172K196811/04/1968
N2427LDouglas Cleckler * 12/03/2009CESSNA 172H196602/24/1967
N3311UDouglas Cleckler * 07/21/2011CESSNA 182F1963--
N84458Edwin Petty * 01/06/2003AERONCA 7AC194603/27/1995
N2003DGary Ernest * 12/19/2007BEECH C35195208/09/1956
N6544LGlenn Pencoe * 04/01/1988GRUMMAN AMERICAN AVN. CORP. AA-1B197401/31/1974
N8104NJames Odaniel * 12/02/2014PIPER J3C-65----
N60665Jeremy Smith * 08/28/2009PEGASUS AVIATION QUANTUM 15199912/14/2007
N3247LKathy Wright * 09/10/1999CESSNA 172H196705/06/1967
N8574SKeith Collins * 01/16/2015CESSNA 182H196510/28/1965
N74823Kenneth Gilliland * 01/27/2014BELL 47D1195304/18/1966
N55LHL H Aviation Llc * 09/27/2011CESSNA 170B195506/15/1956
N1648ELanis Jackson * 03/31/2011AERONCA 7AC1946--
N1133MLanis Robinson * 08/17/2011CESSNA 150K197005/13/1970
N5518UMike Moates * 04/27/1999PIPER PA-28-1401969--
N71491Mike Reynolds * 03/13/1987CESSNA 182M196910/24/1969
N8789XNancy Gilliland * 03/19/2007CESSNA 182D196104/28/1961
N9137GNancy Gilliland * 12/30/2010CESSNA 182N197106/21/1971
N72050Petty Line Const Co Inc * 03/05/1983CESSNA U206D196902/17/1969
N4RKRichard Meyer * 02/15/1994CESSNA 172E196409/18/1991
N108RMRichard Meyer * 11/13/1985STINSON 108-3194810/24/1986
N32107Richard Meyer * 10/27/1988WACO UPF-7194105/06/1965
N100WWRoy Lindsey * 12/15/2014PIPER PA-28-140196708/16/1967
N3177ZSamuel Carpenter * 04/08/2004PIPER PA-22-150195911/30/1959
N1420GShor-Line Constrction Inc * 10/31/2012BEECH 95-A55196201/19/1962
N694SPTrabert Todd * 11/30/2011CESSNA 172S199902/18/1999
N965STTracy Thetford * 09/11/2013PRICE JOHN W CHALLENGER II200109/05/2001
N2304LWilliam Hagood * 12/09/2004BEECH 23196312/18/1962
N8130UWillis Teel * 09/06/2002CESSNA 172F196410/07/1964