Denver, CO 80207
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LocationDenver, CO 80207
Total Registered Aircraft Count63
Individual Registered Count58
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count4
Co-Owned Registered Count1
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N855CP855 Aviation Trainer Llc * 11/15/2011CESSNA 172R199804/09/1998
N12PPAero Verde Llc * 09/12/2001BEECH B-60197502/28/1975
N2960KAndrew Allen * 05/08/2014LUSCOMBE 8E1947--
N335RKDavid Gallant * 10/21/2014KLEVE ROGER A KLEVE KUB201311/01/2013
N4072GDuff J W Dba J W Duff Aircraft Co * 08/01/1994CESSNA O-2A----
N40693Duff J W Dba J W Duff Aircraft Co * 08/01/1994CESSNA O-2A----
N4067NDuff J W Dba J W Duff Aircraft Co * 08/01/1994CESSNA O-2A----
N7589PGary Mitchell * 06/07/1983PIPER PA-24-250196108/08/1961
N8348JJ Duff * 05/30/1996VARGA AIRCRAFT CORP. 2150A197910/18/1979
N87609J Duff * 06/07/1994STINSON 108194507/02/1956
N8664EJ Duff * 11/15/1990NAVION NAVION A194808/26/1960
N9132EJ Duff * 04/19/1994AERONCA 11AC194603/26/1956
N96HJ Duff * 03/11/1992DOUGLAS DC3C-S1C3G194308/10/1955
N947MGJ Duff * 09/01/1998PIPER / DUKE PA-11199107/18/1994
N74344J Duff * 05/11/1994BELLANCA 14-13-2194709/04/1955
N7326CJ Duff * 02/06/1991BEECH AT-11195710/16/1957
N72287J Duff * 06/07/1994CESSNA 140194606/29/1955
N81040J Duff * 04/21/1993CESSNA 120194612/22/1955
N77966J Duff * 03/05/1991BEECH E50----
N52183J Duff * 11/15/1990SCHWEIZER TG3A194206/14/1956
N5256GJ Duff * 12/02/1993CESSNA 305A195101/18/1973
N5077BJ Duff * 04/09/1991CESSNA 310----
N5543J Duff * 07/29/1985BEECH T-34B----
N5580VJ Duff * 06/30/2000PIPER PA-18-125----
N566LDJ Duff * 04/27/2006MOONEY M20E196504/23/1965
N5765EJ Duff * 03/16/2001PIPER PA-16----
N6159CJ Duff * 08/17/1994CALLAIR A-4195701/03/1957
N60552J Duff * 01/28/1998CESSNA O-2A----
N6063DJ Duff * 03/06/1999PIPER PA-18-125----
N6265UJ Duff * 08/12/1996BEECH E50----
N6263XJ Duff * 08/12/1996BEECH E50----
N6530SJ Duff * 12/12/1990CESSNA O-2A----
N65783J Duff * 01/30/1991CHAMPION AERONCA 7BCM----
N63802J Duff * 05/14/1999BEECH AT-11----
N68845J Duff * 06/22/1992CONSOLIDATED VULTEE/HOPS L-13A195302/13/1957
N6895J Duff * 07/19/1996CESSNA 305A195108/11/1972
N66210J Duff * 04/27/2006MOONEY M20E----
N6641BJ Duff * 01/02/1991CESSNA 310B195807/15/1958
N710BKJ Duff * 06/21/2000LOCKHEED 18-08194110/08/1955
N41151J Duff * 05/30/1996RYAN NAVION194811/28/1956
N44965J Duff * 11/30/2000NAVAL AIRCRAFT FACTORY N3N-31941--
N44969J Duff * 06/22/1992NAVAL AIRCRAFT FACTORY N3N-3194102/13/1959
N44079J Duff * 05/10/1996TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194605/07/1956
N334VJ Duff * 11/20/2002BEECH E18S----
N38007J Duff * 05/08/1991HILLER H-23D1972--
N38008J Duff * 05/08/1991HILLER H-23D1972--
N29835J Duff * 07/18/1994TAYLORCRAFT BC12-65194110/02/1962
N3018TJ Duff * 03/21/2002CESSNA O-2A----
N1343QJ Duff * 10/02/1995CESSNA A185F197711/07/1977
N138USJ Duff * 11/15/1990BELL UH-1L196701/21/1988
N1037ZJ Duff * 07/06/1998CANADIAN CAR & FOUNDRY NORSEMAN MARK V194502/12/1980
N1718MJ Duff * 01/30/1991STINSON L-5194207/25/1977
N17415J Duff * 11/29/2000BEECH C-45H--04/23/1959
N2814BJ Duff * 09/28/1993BELL 47G195606/23/1961
N2496VJ Duff * 05/14/1998CESSNA 140194803/08/1957
N2208XJ Duff * 01/30/1991CESSNA 3371965--
N44623J W Duff Aircraft Co * 03/09/1995BEECH D18S194506/29/1956
N78812J W Duff Aircraft Co * 07/24/1990PIPER PA-11194707/16/1956
N8063HJ W Duff Aircraft Co * 02/25/1991CESSNA 195----
N3693GJw Duff * 04/23/1991BEECH C-45H--04/19/1960
N59867Keith Cooper * 06/08/2012PIPER PA-31-325197605/17/1976
N2678ZKing Canyon Buffalo Inc * 04/04/2005BELLANCA 17-30A199009/07/1990
N9324UStar Aviation Corp * 06/11/1976CESSNA 150M1976--