Harrisonburg City County Virginia
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County Information
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LocationHarrisonburg City County
Virginia (VA)
Number of Zip Codes in this County4
Total Registered Aircraft Count44
Individual Registered Count25
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count17
Co-Owned Registered Count2
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N81556Avlease Exchange Properties Llc * 12/31/2014RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY 1900D199609/20/1996
N81546Avlease Exchange Properties Llc * 12/31/2014BEECH 1900D199512/11/1995
N81535Avlease Exchange Properties Llc * 12/31/2014BEECH 1900D199504/27/1995
N81536Avlease Exchange Properties Llc * 12/31/2014BEECH 1900D199506/03/1995
N87557Avlease Exchange Properties Llc * 12/31/2014RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY 1900D199610/24/1996
N274ABrian Willi * 09/21/2007AIRBORNE WINDSPORTS PTY LTD OUTBACK200301/24/2008
N5624XCherokee Aero Llc * 04/10/2014MOONEY M20J198505/31/1985
N232AWDaniel Kvitko * 11/16/2012BUCKEYE DREAM MACHINE----
N4XNDonald Miller * 10/14/2003PIPER PA-24-260197104/21/1998
N8864YDonald Miller * 09/20/1991PIPER PA-39197002/27/1970
N8AQDonald Miller * 08/09/1988SMITH AEROSTAR 601P197505/12/1975
N70KDynamic Exchange Property Llc * 12/31/2014SIKORSKY S-70----
N15HDynamic Exchange Property Llc * 12/31/2014CESSNA 550197808/09/2004
N10SDynamic Exchange Property Llc * 12/31/2014CESSNA 525199509/17/1995
N2399MEarlys Cycle Center Inc * 07/27/2006PIPER J3C-65--05/19/1955
N3512KEarlys Cycle Center Inc * 11/08/2006PIPER J3C-65194607/12/1956
N3188QFlying Z Llc * 01/03/2012CESSNA 182K196705/08/1967
N887ABFrazair Llc * 07/21/2014EVEKTOR-AEROTECHNIK A S HARMONY LSA201407/23/2014
N7288YGary Simmers * 12/02/2009PIPER PA-30196402/21/1964
N3426QGeorge Roussel * 11/04/2014CESSNA 320E196609/08/1966
N98JFHi-Fly Aviation Llc * 12/22/2005PIPER PA-32R-301T200108/10/2001
N5695DJames Helmuth * 11/09/2007SIX CHUTER INC SKYE RYDER199801/24/2008
N5397WJohn Augsburger * 05/02/2013FISHER MICHAEL E CLASSIC198807/14/1988
N8320TJohn King * 11/24/2014CESSNA 175C196110/24/1961
N4017PJoseph Albert * 08/09/2004PIPER PA-23-160195910/08/1998
N53545K&K Aircraft Exchange Llc * 02/11/2015BEECH 1900D199511/25/1995
N27809Nelson Myers * --PIPER J4A1940--
N4580UNolan Dean * 08/07/1990CESSNA 150D196405/09/1964
N8846JNolan Dean * 03/06/2014PIPER PA-28-180196510/06/1965
N133FCRegistration Pending * --BEECH 35-B33196202/01/1980
N30310Robert Detrich * 05/22/2002CAMERON BALLOONS US N-105199605/06/1996
N38346Robert Shenk * 06/18/2011PIPER J3L-65194105/20/1956
N1243KRobert Shenk * 10/28/2002LUSCOMBE 8E194606/30/1956
N1225KRobert Shenk * 08/09/2005SILVAIRE LUSCOMBE 8A194601/11/1956
N3079USamuel Spicher * 03/09/2011PIPER PA-28-181200403/12/2004
N32019Samuel Spicher * 07/30/2012PIPER PA-28-180197409/17/1974
N27154Sheldon Early * 03/24/1988PIPER J3L-65194009/06/1962
N42261Shenandoah Skies Llc * 05/01/1997CESSNA 182L196804/06/1998
N1167KSteven Cowger * 09/18/2006LUSCOMBE 8A194601/17/1956
N4156JTrobaugh Group Llc * --PIPER PA-28-140196612/23/1966
N8130DWalter Embree * 11/02/2012PIPER PA-22-160195710/17/1957
N9646EWalter Embree * 06/22/2011AERONCA 11AC194601/26/1967
N951WEWalter Embree * 12/03/2008EMBREE WALTER G VANS RV6200812/19/2008
N2251TWilliam Grow * 10/29/2013CESSNA R182197711/07/1977