Holdrege, NE 68949
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LocationHoldrege, NE 68949
Total Registered Aircraft Count33
Individual Registered Count11
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count20
Co-Owned Registered Count2
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N286SHAir 37 Llc * 02/17/2012ENSTROM 280FX200601/11/2006
N501ABAllmand Bros Inc * 03/26/2012CESSNA 501197803/15/1995
N8171DClyde Lueking * 02/06/2013PIPER PA-18A 150195709/25/1957
N100HUDave Wells * 05/01/2014AVIAT AIRCRAFT INC A-1199607/15/1996
N8578NDavid Wells * 01/20/1996PIPER PA-28-235197103/19/1971
N4365David Wells * 03/15/1976WELLS PITTS SPECIAL--04/07/1987
N5893ZDennis Kugler * 11/29/1977PIPER PA-22-108196311/12/1963
N5155KDonald Streeter * 01/27/2010CESSNA 172N198004/04/1980
N5732UFloor Dude Inc * 06/05/2013PIPER PA-28-140196910/28/1969
N94WRGalaxy Enterprises Llc * 03/25/2014ROSE WAYNE E RV-4----
N2298QGalaxy Enterprises Llc * 12/27/2010PIPER PA-34-200T197703/10/1977
N126MGarlynson Airways Llc * 07/12/2013ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL CORP 695198009/20/1980
N5173PJed Johnson * 10/23/2014PIPER PA-24195806/10/1958
N4742UKayton Enterprises Inc * 08/25/1999CESSNA T210N198307/15/1983
N4631MLanny Lambrecht * 06/29/2006PIPER PA-11194712/03/1981
N2592EMark Schultz * 09/24/2007KOLB MARK 3199510/14/2007
N8764SPioneer Agviation 2 Llc * 09/29/2014AIR TRACTOR INC AT-301197903/21/1979
N1238RProtocol Enterprises Llc * 07/01/2014CESSNA 340A197710/12/1981
N7QFQuail Aviation Llc * 01/29/2015CESSNA 510----
N3067WRegistration Pending * --AIR TRACTOR INC AT-502B201405/30/2014
N4052NStreeter Associates Inc * 05/06/2011CESSNA 1401947--
N4182RTim Schmidt * 09/08/2014PIPER PA-32-300196810/22/1968
N39425Timothy Freeburg * 05/09/2013CARLSON DAVID QUICKIE Q2198301/10/1984
N2239BWells Flying Service Inc * 03/05/2014AYRES CORPORATION S2R-T34199607/22/1996
N791SFWells Flying Service Inc * 05/30/2014AYRES CORPORATION S2R-T34199104/04/1991
N82688Wells Flying Service Inc * 10/17/1990PIPER PA-36-300197709/21/1978
N6018TWells Flying Service Inc * 03/27/2014AYRES CORPORATION S2R-T34----
N5002JWesterlin Harrington Flying Service Inc * 06/24/1998AIR TRACTOR INC AT-502B199804/29/1998
N5007GWesterlin Harrington Flying Service Inc * 06/23/1998AIR TRACTOR INC AT-502B199703/26/1997
N759KKWesterlin Harrington Flying Service Inc * 02/02/2010CESSNA 182Q197711/07/1977
N4904QWesterlin Harrington Flying Service Inc * 12/06/2007CESSNA A188B197605/14/1976
N5410YWesterlin-Harrington Flying Service Inc * 07/18/2008PIPER PA-18-150196409/14/1964
N60153Westerlin-Harrington Flying Service Inc * 07/16/2010AIR TRACTOR INC AT-502B201006/24/2010