Jamestown, North Dakota
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LocationJamestown, ND
(North Dakota)
Number of Zip Codes in this City3
Total Registered Aircraft Count34
Individual Registered Count22
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count5
Co-Owned Registered Count7
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N4850YAllan Lamp * 10/12/2010PIPER PA-25-235196804/02/1968
N614WTAllan Lamp * 02/09/2012PIPER PA-28-140196812/09/1993
N6261QAngela Neumiller * 05/07/2013CESSNA 172H196703/14/1997
N63248Benjamin Busch * 01/04/2012CESSNA 150M197509/05/1975
N5868VCasey Veil * 07/09/2012PIPER PA-32R-3001977--
N461MBCasey Veil * 02/24/2012PIPER PA-32R-301T200211/17/2002
N364DBCentral Ag Spraying Inc * 01/28/2011BEECH A36196504/19/2000
N270CCentral Ag Spraying Inc * 12/30/2009AVIAT AIRCRAFT INC A-1A200006/01/2000
N4005HDale Fettig * 02/06/2007BUCKEYE BREEZE200405/10/2007
N85668Dale Seckerson * 03/27/2012AERONCA 7AC194610/18/1955
N6015WDarwin Remmick * 03/03/2009AIR TRACTOR INC AT-401199405/12/1994
N133SFDennis Nelson * 10/22/2004PIPER PA-28-140196611/18/1966
N481GSGrant Schmidt * 07/16/1990PIPER PA-28-140197308/02/1973
N7626FGregory Earnest * 03/04/2004PIPER PA-28-151197611/08/1976
N1059EJack Mcdonald * 08/15/1966AERONCA 7AC194609/04/1956
N3159PJarrett Airspray Inc * 04/02/2002AIR TRACTOR INC AT-301198303/01/1983
N113BSJason Hill * 10/03/2012CESSNA 182G196412/30/1963
N9373NLarry Loose * 09/13/2012PIPER PA-28R-200196902/21/1969
N9202XLarry Nohrenberg * 11/22/2004CESSNA 182E196212/07/1961
N6418TLarry Polries * 03/11/2014CESSNA R182198503/27/1985
N616JBLarry Polries * 04/27/2012AIR TRACTOR INC AT-402A199706/27/1997
N11634Leo Ryan * 11/18/2014CESSNA 150L197401/29/1974
N345TJLind Management Co Inc * 12/31/2012CESSNA 182T200411/29/2004
N15649Micky Nenow * 09/13/2002PIPER PA-28-140197211/20/1972
N9530PRandy Wilson * 02/19/2010PIPER PA-25-260197408/09/2011
N1770ERandy Wilson * 11/19/1991AERONCA 7AC194605/12/1970
N9518QRaymond Johnson * 01/30/1987BEECH V35196602/16/1966
N80406Raymond Johnson * 03/09/1965BEECH 35194708/02/1957
N9542SRegistration Pending * --CHAMPION 7ECA196506/16/1965
N2632WRegistration Pending * --MOONEY M20C196601/18/1966
N756WAReuben Liechty * 10/10/1979CESSNA R182197906/27/1979
N850RSRoy Seckerson * 02/28/1995SECKERSON ROY VANS RV-4199511/22/1995
N1934YStoudt Ross Ford Inc * 04/14/1998MOONEY M20E196402/11/1964
N62823William Mcmillan * 11/24/1995PIPER PA-23-250--01/11/1977