Pierre, SD 57501
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LocationPierre, SD 57501
Total Registered Aircraft Count67
Individual Registered Count30
Partnership Registered Count2
Corporation Registered Count22
Co-Owned Registered Count6
Government Registered Count7
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N57183201 L L C * 06/29/1994MOONEY M20J198312/14/1983
N48009A Bastien * --AERONCA 0-58B1942--
N9638KAircraft Unlimited Inc * 02/02/1990PIPER PA-34-200T197604/22/1976
N984PAAircraft Unlimited Inc * 01/28/1999PIPER PA-31-350197308/30/1973
N406TAAircraft Unlimited Inc * 02/02/2015CESSNA 172S200307/29/2003
N305SKAircraft Unlimited Inc * 06/28/1996PIPER PA-31-350197511/20/1975
N300VFAircraft Unlimited Inc * 02/11/1997PIPER PA-31-350197702/07/1978
N717DCAircraft Unlimited Inc * 02/21/2006BEECH B200----
N766CFAircraft Unlimited Inc * 09/06/2005PIPER PA-31-350197308/30/1973
N75156Aircraft Unlimited Inc * 02/02/1990PIPER PA-32R-300197605/06/1976
N8017CAircraft Unlimited Inc * 03/23/1998PIPER PA-34-220T198107/07/1981
N777ZMAircraft Unlimited Inc * 02/02/1990PIPER PA-31-350198008/15/1980
N699RAAlliance Aircraft Sales * 11/15/2004BOEING E75N1194312/14/1982
N6597FAlliance Aircraft Sales Inc * 10/24/2014PIPER PA-34-200T197612/28/1979
N8180GAlliance Aircraft Sales Inc * 10/24/2014PIPER PA-34-200T198003/17/1980
N9456PCecil Ice * 08/19/1974PIPER PA-24-260197011/05/1970
N78475Cecil Ice * 04/23/1987PIPER PA-12194706/14/1956
N90659Charles Thompson * 05/07/1993BEECH V35B197304/28/1979
N3954ZCharles Thompson * 05/30/2002PIPER PA-18-150196206/01/1962
N8205BChris Pfeifer * 06/29/2012CESSNA 172195706/22/1957
N5096YCone Ag Aviation Llc * 08/03/2011AIR TRACTOR INC AT-602199711/24/1997
N240DLCone Ag Aviation Llc * 06/04/2013AIR TRACTOR INC AT-402B201104/13/2011
N5451WCraig Andre * 05/23/2007PIPER PA-28-160196204/18/1962
N9717PDakota Aircraft Inc * 04/24/2002PIPER PA-18-150197510/06/1975
N55JPDakota Aircraft Inc * 09/05/1997PIPER PA-31T1198007/29/1980
N14JPDakota Aircraft Inc * 05/02/2002BEECH F33C198610/24/1986
N2899KDakota Aircraft Inc * 02/03/2012CESSNA 180K197911/12/1979
N3483ZDavid Nauman * 11/20/2013PIPER PA-18196003/07/1960
N6472QDerrick Dell * 01/24/2013MOONEY M20F196710/10/1967
N17931Harvey Sheehan * 06/03/2005BEECH A361977--
N650DDHelium Aviation Llc * 01/05/2015CESSNA 650198609/23/1986
N4YDJustin Ogan * 09/17/2004EXTRA FLUGZEUGBAU GMBH EA 300/L199709/30/1997
N95214Kenneth Badger * 04/19/2012TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194602/16/1956
N4686MKenneth Badger * 01/17/2013PIPER PA-11194707/11/1956
N9132PLinda Ehrenfelt * 02/27/2003PIPER PA-24-260196610/24/1966
N4027HLinda Ehrenfelt * 02/20/2014PIPER PA-121947--
N2608MLinda Ehrenfelt * 05/16/1998PIPER PA-12194608/23/1955
N1094GMichael Ogan * 03/15/2011RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY 58199609/17/1996
N138CCMike Ogan * 04/19/2012CUB CRAFTERS INC CC18-180201203/16/2012
N2338XMike Ogan Farms * 03/04/2014PIPER PA-36-375198209/24/1982
N547ACMilton Morris * 03/14/2012AIR CREATION USA LLC ARV TANARG201106/15/2011
N4657ENorman Nystrom * 01/29/1965AERONCA 7EC195005/22/1956
N786NSNouman Saleem * 05/08/2014PIPER PA-28R-200197311/20/1973
N4885MPeter Hansen * 10/24/2011PIPER PA-11194705/08/1957
N1504APeter Hansen * 10/24/2011PIPER PA-20195109/09/1955
N8458RRaleigh Leesman * 09/17/2013PIPER PA-28-140196611/30/1966
N8881PRandall Ice * 08/23/2013PIPER PA-24-260196511/15/1965
N44697Randall Ice * 08/23/2013PIPER PA-28-235197409/04/1974
N41530Randall Ice * 08/23/2013PIPER PA-18-150198910/30/1989
N3918QRegistration Pending * --CESSNA 172L1971--
N4811MRegistration Pending * --PIPER PA-11194706/06/1961
N66908Rex Haskins * 01/21/1992PIPER PA-18-150197505/09/1975
N65827Ronald Semmler * 03/29/2007CONDOR SPORT200405/03/2007
N623CCRussell Hollingsworth * 06/25/2009PIPER PA-28-235197606/18/1976
N869MASmart Aviation Adventures Llc * 12/04/2013PIPER PA 46-350P200505/02/2005
N63628South Dakota Department Of Game Fish And Parks * 08/25/1982CESSNA 172P198112/02/1981
N773SDSouth Dakota Department Of Transportation * 04/19/2005BEECH C90A199509/28/1995
N206HPSouth Dakota Highway Patrol * 08/03/1995BELL 206B----
N2118ASouth Dakota Highway Patrol * 09/12/2007CESSNA T206H200410/27/2004
N90SDState Of South Dakota * 11/14/2007RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY C90A199909/03/2004
N89SDState Of South Dakota * 11/21/1981PIPER PA-34-200T197901/18/1980
N611SDState Of South Dakota * 02/23/1994BEECH B200198811/09/1988
N8249PSteve Ogan * 10/27/2011PIPER PA-24-250196310/04/1993
N4476ZSteve Ogan * 02/06/2012PIPER PA-18-150196908/21/1969
N9154LSteven Kost * 08/22/2003BELLANCA 7ACA--10/19/1971
N750BCThomas Bown * 06/29/2006CESSNA L-19E195910/16/1986
N4400HWesley Stein * 08/22/2000PIPER PA-15194809/07/1956