Scioto County Ohio
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LocationScioto County
Ohio (OH)
Number of Zip Codes in this County15
Total Registered Aircraft Count51
Individual Registered Count35
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count14
Co-Owned Registered Count2
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
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FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N79857Aaron Triplett * 09/18/2006MOONEY M20E196412/14/1964
N4317QAj's 17Q Aviation Inc * 11/15/1983CESSNA 172L197111/12/1971
N2469XAlexander Reiser * 11/08/2013CESSNA 182H196506/05/1965
N50400Alva Bostick * 07/16/1975CESSNA 150H196808/23/1968
N63886Alyson Inc * 10/13/1992PIPER PA-23-250197711/23/1977
N421VAAlyson Inc * 07/20/1999CESSNA 421C197701/26/1996
N5952AArnold Blankenship * 06/14/1996CESSNA 172195603/23/1956
N21505Benjamin Bagnall * 07/22/2002PIPER J3C-651938--
N271AFBurke Aircraft Service Co Llc * 12/28/2009CESSNA 182T200301/30/2003
N5211VC H And L Aviation Inc * 11/08/2002CESSNA T206H200207/10/2002
N93895Cecil Fannin * --ERCOUPE 415-C1946--
N95410Claude Wright * 03/06/2014PIPER PA-28-140196905/20/1969
N5099XConnie Scott * 07/25/1990CHAMPION 7KCAB1969--
N4057HDouglas Coleman * 02/22/2013BUCKEYE AVIATION INC HORNET200304/22/2007
N4064KEddie Conley * 01/14/2014BUCKEYE AVIATION INC BREEZE200304/20/2007
N43324Eugene Moore * 02/03/1992TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D----
N1978AEugene Moore * 01/03/1992PIPER PA-22-135195212/19/1955
N84483Eugene Moore * 05/20/1985AERONCA 7AC194605/29/1956
N801AMFision Llc * 03/11/2014DIAMOND AIRCRAFT IND INC DA 40200712/07/2007
N222PTFme Aviation Llc * 07/17/2006PIPER PA-28R-201T197806/28/1978
N6722MFreedom Outdoors Of Southern Ohio Inc * 01/21/2010CESSNA 182P197504/29/1975
N2559TGary Price * 04/19/2007PRICE GARY E MINI-MAX200408/04/2007
N736JAHometown Airplane 0001 Llc * 01/14/2014CESSNA 310R197907/21/1979
N50510Howard Riddlebarger * 01/15/1997CESSNA 150J196808/21/1968
N82133J Reese * --AERONCA 7AC1946--
N8503EJames Fraulini * 02/01/2005PIPER PA-28-181197602/12/1976
N2944YJames Kadel * 10/16/2014PIPER PA-28-236--07/07/1979
N4087AJames Savage * 09/13/2011ATTEBERRY GARY RANS S-12199805/22/1998
N5632YJames Savage * 11/02/2010MOONEY M20J--08/28/1986
N87945Kyle Knore * 06/15/1992PIPER J3C-651946--
N6145ZMerlin Thornton * 03/26/2012BUCKEYE AVIATION INC DREAM MACHINE200010/23/2007
N4069BMerlin Thornton * 06/20/2013PHOENIX AVIATION INC LIBERTY200604/24/2007
N738WCMichael Chasteen * 01/20/2000CESSNA 172N197802/01/1978
N82624Michael Chasteen * 02/29/2012CHAMPION 7AC194612/21/1955
N4048ZMichael Fisher * 08/02/1994FISHER MICHAEL E AVENGER----
N30225Michael Floyd * 01/08/2007CESSNA 177196803/28/1968
N767BHNew Rides Llc * 02/10/2014DYNAMIC AEROSPORT LLC DYNAMIC201205/19/2012
N6116FPhillip Lajoye * 09/15/2007BUCKEYE AVIATION INC DREAM MACHINE199710/22/2007
N4849ZRandy Carroll * 11/21/2013PIPER PA-22-108196104/19/1961
N4ZURegistration Pending * --ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL 114197808/26/1999
N8259CRobert Martin * 10/26/2006BEECH F33A199312/09/1993
N70349Robert Risner * 11/15/2012FLIGHTSTAR INC FLIGHTSTAR II SL199912/18/2007
N4065ZSale Reported * --SIXCHUTER AVIATION INC S-R2199604/24/2007
N84860Scioto Conty Aviation Inc * 10/07/1969AERONCA 7AC1946--
N38285Scioto Flg Club Inc * --PIPER J4A1941--
N9299SSky King Flying Club Inc * 04/25/2014BEECH B24R197501/27/1975
N2178GSolid Rock Construction Development Services Llc * 01/29/2015PIPER PA-32RT-300T--09/10/1979
N4072RStephen Strickland * 03/05/2014PHOENIX AVIATION INC X-TREME200504/21/2007
N4065TThomas Smith * 02/07/2007BUCKEYE AVIATION INC BREEZE LX200404/23/2007
N4066JTony Adkins * 03/14/2007BUCKEYE AVIATION INC DREAM MACHINE199804/23/2007
N37868William Fox * --PORTERFIELD LP-651941--