Shelby County Tennessee
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County Information
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LocationShelby County
Tennessee (TN)
Number of Zip Codes in this County81
Total Registered Aircraft Count1,290
Individual Registered Count347
Partnership Registered Count14
Corporation Registered Count856
Co-Owned Registered Count64
Government Registered Count8
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count1
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this County to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N819FXFederal Express Corp * 01/11/2006AEROSPATIALE ATR 72-212199306/08/2009
N821FXFederal Express Corp * 12/19/2006AEROSPATIALE/ATR ATR 72 202199102/18/1994
N820FXFederal Express Corp * 01/10/2007AEROSPATIALE ATR 72-212199103/07/1994
N988FDFederal Express Corp * 04/30/2012BOEING 757-222199306/11/1993
N988FXFederal Express Corp * 10/19/2012CESSNA 208B201209/26/2012
N987FDFederal Express Corp * 06/21/2013BOEING 757-231199703/06/2014
N987FXFederal Express Corp * 09/04/2012CESSNA 208B201208/17/2012
N985FXFederal Express Corp * 06/14/2012CESSNA 208B201205/31/2012
N986FDFederal Express Corp * 02/25/2013BOEING 757-231199712/27/2013
N986FXFederal Express Corp * 07/12/2012CESSNA 208B201206/26/2012
N985FDFederal Express Corp * 09/04/2012BOEING 757-230ER199012/20/2013
N991FDFederal Express Corp * 12/15/2010BOEING 757-2321986--
N991FXFederal Express Corp * 07/26/2011CESSNA 208B201105/27/2011
N990FDFederal Express Corp * 02/08/2011BOEING 757-2321986--
N990FXFederal Express Corp * 06/29/2011CESSNA 208B201105/27/2011
N989FDFederal Express Corp * 05/05/2011BOEING 757-231199706/14/2012
N989FXFederal Express Corp * 11/13/2012CESSNA 208B201210/23/2012
N996FDFederal Express Corp * 01/06/2011BOEING 757-2Q8199311/09/2011
N995FDFederal Express Corp * 01/06/2011BOEING 757-2Q8199212/19/2011
N993FXFederal Express Corp * 09/23/2011CESSNA 208B201108/01/2011
N993FDFederal Express Corp * 11/19/2009BOEING 757-2Q8199202/19/2011
N994FXFederal Express Corp * 12/01/2011CESSNA 208B201111/03/2011
N994FDFederal Express Corp * 05/22/2008BOEING 757-23A----
N992FXFederal Express Corp * 08/25/2011CESSNA 208B201107/23/2011
N992FDFederal Express Corp * 02/04/2011BOEING 757-232198612/01/1986
N967FDFederal Express Corp * 06/26/2012BOEING 757-28A199405/23/2013
N966FDFederal Express Corp * 05/24/2012BOEING 757-204199304/26/2013
N965FDFederal Express Corp * 11/07/2011BOEING 757-258199703/07/2013
N965FEFederal Express Corp * 04/26/1988CESSNA 208B198804/08/1988
N963FDFederal Express Corp * 10/23/2012BOEING 757-28A198905/09/2014
N963FEFederal Express Corp * 04/11/1988CESSNA 208B198803/23/1988
N964FDFederal Express Corp * 09/01/2011BOEING 757-258199011/12/2012
N964FEFederal Express Corp * 04/26/1988CESSNA 208B198803/30/1988
N968FDFederal Express Corp * 04/10/2013BOEING 757-28A199512/04/2013
N969FDFederal Express Corp * 04/25/2013BOEING 757-28A199701/08/2014
N970FDFederal Express Corp * 10/24/2012BOEING 757-28A199706/05/2013
N976FDFederal Express Corp * 05/07/2013BOEING 757-2B7199302/18/2014
N977FDFederal Express Corp * 12/20/2013BOEING 757-236198811/11/2013
N978FDFederal Express Corp * 06/20/2012BOEING 757-236198811/21/2013
N979FDFederal Express Corp * 10/04/2012BOEING 757-236199211/30/2008
N971FDFederal Express Corp * 04/26/2012BOEING 757-28A199501/27/1995
N972FDFederal Express Corp * 11/13/2012BOEING 757-28A199807/17/2013
N973FDFederal Express Corp * 10/11/2011BOEING 757-2Y0199202/28/2013
N974FDFederal Express Corp * 12/12/2012BOEING 757-2Y0199307/31/2013
N975FDFederal Express Corp * 05/13/2013BOEING 757-2B7199306/02/2014
N950FDFederal Express Corp * 01/12/2011BOEING 757-236199408/26/2011
N950FEFederal Express Corp * 12/11/1987CESSNA 208B198711/21/1987
N948FDFederal Express Corp * 08/13/2010BOEING 757-236199106/11/2011
N949FDFederal Express Corp * 10/21/2010BOEING 757-236199107/16/2011
N954FDFederal Express Corp * 12/02/2011BOEING 757-236199710/05/2012
N953FDFederal Express Corp * 08/10/2011BOEING 757-236199708/15/2012
N952FDFederal Express Corp * 05/31/2011BOEING 757-236199705/15/2012
N951FDFederal Express Corp * 04/15/2011BOEING 757-236199711/28/2011
N960FDFederal Express Corp * 01/21/2011BOEING 757-236199205/07/2012
N961FDFederal Express Corp * 10/28/2011BOEING 757-2Y0199112/14/2012
N962FDFederal Express Corp * 09/22/2011BOEING 757-2G5198807/24/2012
N962FEFederal Express Corp * 04/11/1988CESSNA 208B198803/11/1988
N955FDFederal Express Corp * 01/06/2012BOEING 757-236198912/07/2012
N955FEFederal Express Corp * 01/19/1988CESSNA 208B198712/18/1987
N956FDFederal Express Corp * 02/14/2012BOEING 757-236199803/02/2013
N957FDFederal Express Corp * 11/05/2010BOEING 757-21B199010/17/2007
N958FDFederal Express Corp * 10/27/2011BOEING 757-236198910/22/2012
N959FDFederal Express Corp * 01/04/2011BOEING 757-236199102/02/2000
N939FDFederal Express Corp * 12/06/2010BOEING 757-23A----
N937FDFederal Express Corp * 06/17/2009BOEING 757-2T7198708/21/1999
N937FEFederal Express Corp * 08/28/1987CESSNA 208B198708/05/1987
N936FDFederal Express Corp * 12/02/2008BOEING 757-2T7198504/05/2010
N936FEFederal Express Corp * 08/27/1987CESSNA 208B198708/03/1987
N938FDFederal Express Corp * 07/25/2012BOEING 757-23A198904/19/2013
N935FDFederal Express Corp * 02/24/2009BOEING 757-2T7----
N934FDFederal Express Corp * 09/12/2008BOEING 757-21B198812/07/2009
N933FDFederal Express Corp * 07/18/2008BOEING 757-21B----
N944FDFederal Express Corp * 06/15/2010BOEING 757-2G5198912/12/2010
N946FDFederal Express Corp * 06/07/2010BOEING 757-236----
N946FEFederal Express Corp * 11/12/1987CESSNA 208B198710/14/1987
N947FDFederal Express Corp * 06/30/2010BOEING 757-236----
N947FEFederal Express Corp * 11/12/1987CESSNA 208B198710/19/1987
N943FDFederal Express Corp * 06/08/2010BOEING 757-2G5198702/03/2004
N942FDFederal Express Corp * 09/24/2009BOEING 757-225198605/29/2012
N940FDFederal Express Corp * 09/21/2010BOEING 757-236199001/30/2012
N940FEFederal Express Corp * 10/01/1987CESSNA 208B198708/31/1987
N941FDFederal Express Corp * 07/16/2009BOEING 757-225198702/27/2012
N999FDFederal Express Corp * 08/24/2010BOEING 757-230199006/17/2011
N999FEFederal Express Corp * 10/12/1990CESSNA 208B199009/17/1990
N998FDFederal Express Corp * 12/05/2011BOEING 757-230199012/28/2012
N997FDFederal Express Corp * 07/28/2010BOEING 757-200 SERIES----
N285FEFederal Express Corp Attn A Garcia * 02/12/1992BOEING 727-233198202/13/1992
N304FEFederal Express Corporation * 07/02/1984MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-30F197803/28/2007
N302FEFederal Express Corporation * 05/01/1984MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-30F197301/27/2006
N303FEFederal Express Corporation * 04/03/1984MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-30F197304/04/2002
N312FEFederal Express Corporation * 10/23/1987MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-30F198703/23/2001
N385FEFederal Express Corporation * 09/26/1997MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197307/21/2004
N373FEFederal Express Corporation * 01/08/1998MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197205/03/2007
N372FEFederal Express Corporation * 10/08/1998MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197210/24/2002
N374FEFederal Express Corporation * 06/16/1998MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197212/29/2004
N375FEFederal Express Corporation * 04/16/1998MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197204/04/2005
N377FEFederal Express Corporation * 10/25/1997MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197207/11/1998
N369FEFederal Express Corporation * 10/25/1997MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197201/23/2008
N371FEFederal Express Corporation * 01/23/1998MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197212/19/2007
N370FEFederal Express Corporation * 10/25/1997MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-10-10F197211/02/2003