Tok, AK 99780
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LocationTok, AK 99780
Total Registered Aircraft Count54
Individual Registered Count30
Partnership Registered Count1
Corporation Registered Count13
Co-Owned Registered Count10
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this Zip Code to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N3062MAaron Bloomquist * 09/15/2014PIPER PA-12194706/17/1991
N3KLArron Atchley * 05/20/2010TAYLORCRAFT BCS12-D--08/11/1955
N86567Charles Ireys * 11/06/1998CESSNA A185F197609/24/1976
N635HCharlie Inc * 06/28/1999ENSTROM F-28C1977--
N96970David Barnett * 12/18/2006UNIVERSAL TAYLORCRAFT BCS12D85194604/11/1957
N735HFDavid Hatch * 04/20/2012CESSNA 182Q197707/13/1982
N83394David Parker * 07/27/1989PIPER PA-18-150197607/06/1976
N83536Deb Overly * 01/19/1988PIPER PA-18-150--01/31/1977
N2750CDennis Bishop * 05/24/2007CESSNA 170B195404/20/1956
N9343TDouglas Curtis * 10/24/1995CESSNA 180C1960--
N6724LDuwayne Young * 09/17/2004PIPER PA-18-150197408/22/1974
N714LSHard Luck Aviation Llc * 09/16/2014CESSNA A185F198306/16/1983
N6593AHard Luck Aviation Llc * 09/16/2014PIPER PA-18-150198106/22/2012
N82022Hard Luck Aviation Llc * 09/22/2014PIPER PA-18-150197805/08/1978
N3403DHarry White * 04/13/2009CESSNA 170B195506/20/1956
N3697ZJacob Combs * 06/22/2010PIPER PA-18-1501960--
N3481MJeffrey Gross * 09/01/2010PIPER PA-121947--
N6770BJustin Rodgers * 05/06/1997PIPER PA-18A 150195605/04/1956
N83528Kenneth Thorall * 04/25/2000AERONCA 7CCM1946--
N5425YLeif Wilson * 08/09/2001PIPER PA-18-150196409/11/1998
N1169MMatthew Snyder * 09/20/2002PIPER/SNYDER MATTHEW A PA-18-150----
N1154CMichael Miller * 12/05/1980PIPER PA-18A-135195304/18/1956
N404LPaul Byrd * 10/04/1995PIPER PA-161949--
N9925DPaul Zaczkowski * 06/20/1988PIPER PA-18-150195905/25/1959
N4389ZPaul Zaczkowski * 11/08/1994PIPER PA-18-150196807/29/1968
N74LJPaul Zaczkowski * 05/02/2005CESSNA 180H196607/05/1966
N8588WRex Goolsby * 07/26/2013PIPER PA-28-235196310/14/1963
N5637Richard Davis * 07/19/2010SCHLEICHER RHONLERCHE II195505/31/1973
N70656Robert Rawliuk * 05/24/1989PIPER J3C-65194607/05/1961
N43698Robert Rawliuk * 04/13/2006TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D194608/08/1955
N82918Ronald Sakalaskas * 10/30/1997PIPER PA-18-150197705/30/1978
N7879HRussell Landers * 03/08/2012PIPER PA-12194610/13/1955
N8597DRwr Air Inc * 08/24/1999PIPER PA-18-150195712/30/2002
N87TSRwr Air Inc * 04/10/2002PIPER PA-31-310197310/06/1983
N734GWRwr Air Inc * 06/28/1999CESSNA U206G197811/24/2004
N679RKRwr Air Inc * 08/16/2004PIPER PA-18A 150195611/24/2004
N5200XRwr Air Inc * 07/31/2012CESSNA U206G198002/19/1980
N4978CRwr Air Inc * 01/13/2003CESSNA U206G197706/08/1977
N4493XRwr Air Inc * 02/04/2014ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY R44 II201005/18/2010
N1541FRwr Air Inc * 09/11/2000CESSNA 185D196611/24/2004
N207DGRwr Air Inc * 06/28/1999CESSNA T207196908/20/1993
N83395Spike Jorgensen * 10/13/2005PIPER PA-18-150197607/06/1976
N41CTSpike Jorgensen * 09/17/2012CUB CRAFTERS INC CC11-100200712/15/2010
N3483DSpike Jorgensen * 12/29/1999CESSNA 170B195503/23/1956
N8075ASpike Jorgensen * 07/25/1991CESSNA 170B195205/17/1956
N3649PTerrence Overly * 04/09/2009PIPER PA-22-150195511/15/1955
N1493MTerry Overly * 04/13/1989CESSNA U206E197004/22/1970
N771XTTerry Overly * 11/09/1991OVERLY TERRY HIGH WING MONO CUBBY----
N9809YVernon Fiehler * 07/30/2014CHAMPION 7GCB196010/13/1960
N7516FVernon Fiehler * 07/30/2014CHAMPION 7GCBC196909/24/1969
N5157XVernon Fiehler * 07/30/2014CHAMPION 7GCBC196903/20/1969
N1199QVernon Fiehler * 03/14/2013CESSNA A185F1977--
N22970William Albaugh * 03/26/1996CESSNA 150H196803/29/1968
N338WTWilliam Albaugh * 12/21/2001ALBAUGH W L/ALBAUGH T S ZENITH STOL CH701----