Luthersville, Georgia
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City Information
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LocationLuthersville, GA
Number of Zip Codes in this City1
Total Registered Aircraft Count24
Individual Registered Count16
Partnership Registered Count0
Corporation Registered Count1
Co-Owned Registered Count4
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count3
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N5648ECharles Hanna * 08/04/1978CESSNA 150195901/21/1959
N276MLCraig Johnson * 05/21/2014MAULE MXT-7-180199606/04/2005
N4324SDennis Clark * 05/10/2011CLARK DENNIS L QUICKIE199202/16/1993
N9868AGreat Cloud Design Inc * 01/05/2009NORTH AMERICAN T-28D195107/08/2008
N370SDGreat Cloud Design Inc * 11/08/2011CESSNA M337B196911/06/1995
N182JRGreat Cloud Design Inc * 08/20/2009BELL 47G194710/22/1955
N3273ZHenry Plant * 01/22/2002PIPER PA-22-150196012/29/1959
N5915AJackie Feckoury * 05/29/2009CESSNA 172195603/14/1956
N7937ZJames Walters * 02/22/1984CESSNA 150C1963--
N98519Mark Blace * 02/16/2012PIPER J3C-65194607/21/1955
N3833WMark Blace * 04/06/2011PIPER PA-32-260196609/03/1966
N253AMelvin Nall * 06/03/2008PIPER PA-23195612/04/1956
N5361HMelvin Nall * 07/27/2004PIPER PA-16194901/01/1956
N4695GMeriwether County Urgent Care Inc * 05/11/2012PIPER PA-23-250196102/16/1984
N33MZRobert Andrews * 02/25/1999BEECH 35-B33199412/01/1994
N32MZRobert Andrews * 07/12/2013ANDREWS ROBERT E LANCAIR LEGACY201311/16/2013
N5378GRobert Andrews * 07/25/2011HELIO H-295196705/17/1978
N686TSTerence Lee * 12/01/1982GLOBE GC-1B1946--
N72962Tony Huff * 06/21/2012CESSNA 140194606/29/1956
N9175DWayne Dickson * 12/18/2008PIPER PA-22-160195807/09/1958
N9045DWayne Dickson * 03/27/2012PIPER PA-22-160195805/26/1958
N2468XWayne Dickson * 06/25/2013GRIFFITHS JAMES SYDNEY KOKOPELLI SUPERPACER--08/25/2010
N2137KWilber Monturiol * 02/20/1998SILVAIRE LUSCOMBE 8A194703/25/1956
N722BTWilliam Christie * 07/13/1999CHRISTIE WILLIAM E RV-8A----