Park Rapids, Minnesota
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LocationPark Rapids, MN
Number of Zip Codes in this City1
Total Registered Aircraft Count29
Individual Registered Count18
Partnership Registered Count1
Corporation Registered Count9
Co-Owned Registered Count1
Government Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Corporation Registered Count0
Non-Citizen Co-Owned Registered Count0
Download the Aircraft Registrations/Owners for this City to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
FAA N-NumberAircraft Registrant NameRegistered AddressCertificate
Manufacturer & Model
N43057Bogaard Family Partnership * 07/25/1997PIPER PA-28-151197404/16/1974
N52CACharles Allison * 06/03/1992ALLISON CHARLES L RUTAN LONG EZE199305/13/1993
N679CMClifford Peterson * 10/19/1989PETERSON CLIFFORD E RV-6199007/13/1990
N1331ZDavid Burkel * 04/27/2010BEECH 35-A33196106/09/1961
N9874RDonald Douglas * 02/21/1984BEECH M35196005/09/1960
N25333Donovan Guida * 07/11/2013LUSCOMBE 8A194005/29/1956
N29821Jks Enterprises Inc * 06/23/2014CESSNA 182P197204/02/2003
N5459TKeith Crook * 11/21/2013CESSNA 172E196402/28/1964
N2017LLawrence Larson * 11/20/1989LAKE LA-4196611/30/1966
N12026Lawrence Larson * 01/13/2014MAULE M-4196309/24/1963
N2291EPark Rapids Aviation * 05/07/2003CESSNA 172N197808/17/1978
N23312Park Rapids Aviation Inc * 01/07/2014CESSNA 172M197410/10/1974
N9698EPark Rapids Avionics Inc * 08/31/2012CESSNA 182R198411/07/1984
N9578GPark Rapids Avionics Inc * 01/22/2013CESSNA 182P197410/30/1974
N1760FPark Rapids Avionics Inc * 06/12/2006CESSNA 172H196609/16/1966
N32573Patrick Obrien * 04/02/1997PIPER PA-28-151197411/21/1974
N61WYPaul Johanning * 04/04/2012AVIAT AIRCRAFT INC A-1C-180201106/28/2011
N721RTRaymond Locke * 08/20/1998BEECH B23196810/18/1968
N8656ERichard Cranium * 06/22/1998STITS PLAYBOY SA3A196308/09/1979
N74425Richard Cranium * 08/21/2013BELLANCA 14-13-2--08/28/1955
N5884QRichard Cranium * 03/25/1987MOONEY M20C196508/12/1965
N5244Richard Cranium * 04/10/1978STITS SA3A196805/31/1975
N23878Richard Cranium * 03/14/2012TAYLORCRAFT BC1939--
N8427DThomas Cary * 05/08/2014PIPER PA-22-160195711/01/1957
N6849QThomas Hass * 08/03/2004BEECH 95-B55 (T42A)196405/29/1964
N8288CThomas Peterson * 02/21/2012PIPER PA-18-150195505/18/2012
N98656Voigt Aviation Inc * 02/12/2014PIPER J3C-65194605/15/1956
N502SSVoigt Aviation Inc * 08/12/2008CESSNA 182Q198006/25/1996
N1450MVoigt Aviation Inc * 06/07/2012CESSNA U206E197001/26/1995